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    Good morning!


    RR:  None of this happened over the weekend with the move and all the work we're doing on the house, but I plan on getting out for a few miles this afternoon.


    NRR:  Today is the first day back to work.  It's a teacher only day, so I have a lot of time to set up my classroom and I have a few meetings to go to.  This weekend was super busy with moving, painting, unpacking, etc.  We didn't do much besides work on the house.  There's still a bit to do, but we're making progress.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts later today!



      rtr-good luck at your first day! moving is a big job, but kind of fun to put stuff away, have it really clean. did it go okay?

      RR: 14 saturday, then golf. 8 sunday. 7 monday--the last 3 were in a t-storm which i hate so i sprinted it home. did p90x last night. 8 this morning, its cutback/taper before race on sunday.

      NRR: has a relaxed weekend. played golf with friends saturday, sunday went out to the lake with my friends (they just got engaged!) and yesterday we did errands and hung out at home because it poured all day.

      FR: bbq's over the weekend. soaking up the last bit of summer.




        RR: Ran 6.5 both Saturday and yesterday.  Sunday went for a hike with DBF.

        NRR: Nice weekend.  Was at DBF's from Friday night until yesterday morning.  Friday we had dinner and then went to watch some bike races at a velodrome near his place. Pretty cool to watch.  Saturday we got coffee, I ran while he went for a bike ride and then we went to a party at one of his cousin's house.  Went back to his house and watched a movie.  Sunday we drove by a car show after getting coffee, so stopped and walked around a bit.  Then we did some stuff around his place and went for a hike.  Came back made dinner and listened to music.  Very laid back weekend.  Yesterday he decided to do a bike event in Seattle so I headed home and ran with my friend.

        FR: I think I'm getting back on track.  Was really sick of myself this weekend and how I've been feeling so I'm going to really work on less now.


        RTR: How did it feel to go back to school today?  Did the summer seem short with your wedding and buying the house?  Did you get everything moved?


        SJP: I always feel like a sloth when I read all your mileage and activities.  We've had some pretty good rain around here also.  My running friends lower level flooded the other day so he's working on getting that cleaned up and taken care of.





          RR: Had plans to run this morning, but I didn't sleep well last night and really needed the extra hour of sleep. Maybe after work.


          NRR: Had a nice weekend. Had DH's crew over Saturday for a bbq and to watch the first OU game. I think they enjoyed it. DH randomly decided to take the boys to his parents' lake house on Sunday around noon, so I was all by myself until late last night. it's amazing how quickly I get things done without small children around! I even watched some mindless tv for once!


          FR: Weekends are always a little rough. Back on track today.



          rtr - sounds like you had a productive weekend!! Hope you have a nice first day back.!


          sjp - glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend! What race are you doing Sunday?


          Mia - Thank you for your words of wisdom Friday. It's really hard to balance letting Big B be 5 while also reminding him he is just different from other kids and can't be as rough.  Sounds like you and DBF had a really nice weekend together!