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    rtr-i think it was boiler that started the fire, or was boiler/electrical somehow. happy birthday to DH! are you enjoying have a house, or do you miss living closer to work? i'm sure it'll feel more like home once its done.

    seattle-haha i agree, i do nothing most weeknights. i am always just tired and want to hang out with dbf and talk about our days. i can only struggle/drage through so many days before i'm like, well i want to be 80.

    RR: 10 miles this morning. 8 outside, then 2 inside to warm up on the treadmill. been cold out and i can't quite get my temp back so tried this. its not ideal but i'd rather not be chilled all day.

    NRR: think i'm getting a cold...throat is a little thick. hopefully not though. pumping vitamin C, sleep and relaxing this week!

    FR: made some pb/oatmeal/choc chip bars from Sally's Baking Addicition blog, they are good, easy and only makes a small pan! Also, they are vegan, which i don't care but its nice to snag some dough!


      Morning!  Back from my whirlwind trip but what an amazing experience.

      RR: Grand Canyon hike on Sunday - started at 5 AM, was finished at 5:15 PM with about 2 to 2.5 hours of resting in there.  Wow, it was tough!  So much harder than a marathon.  The women who had trained for iron men events did the best.  It was beautiful though, hard to describe. Monday walked the LV strip a couple of times with hurting legs.  They felt good moving but if we stopped at all for any length of time it was painful to get started again.  Soreness getting better daily. MIght walk today depends on how my school work is going.

      NRR: What a fun weekend with 30 women.  I recommend Jenny Hadfield's trips to everyone because she is organized.  They are fast paced but she knows what she's doing.  She is already planning 2014 Grand Canyon trip as well as a Inca Marathon trip and others.  My friend(s) and I spent Monday night in LV which I could've personally done without.  Really LV is not my thing - too much sensory overload.

      Got home yesterday about 3.  Was planning to start some school work but DD had used the printer over the weekend and it's not broken. ARGH!  I do have another printer but it was out of ink so had to get ink.  DD had also planned a trivia night for us with a friend and her mom, was fun but I was tired and preoccupied so probably not the best company.

      I took DD to the airport at 4:30 this morning and she is now off on her travels until early December.  Quiet house again.

      FR: Seriously going to work on dropping my extra weight.  Not happy with how I feel and look.


      RTR: Happy b'day to your DH.  How are the floors looking?

      SJP: Sounds like an interesting weekend with DBF's mom.  Explains why you went for all the runs.  Glad your office wasn't damaged with the fire.  Are you all back up and working again?

      Seattle: Glad you had good weather for your camping.  DD really enjoyed the Olympic Peninsula although she did say it was wet.



        Good morning!  Back to school traffic seems to have doubled my morning commute... grr.  May start trying to come in a bit earlier and either run before work or get some reading done in the AM or something.


        RR- Had a good tempo run and lifting session yesterday - I always wear myself out fast when I lift by myself since I am too impatient to rest as long as I should in between sets.  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run and then yoga DVD after work.  I wanted to swim, but realized I left my goggles at DBF's and he's out of town until tomorrow.


        NRR- Had a busy busy day at work yesterday again (and probably the rest of the week).  It's making the days go by quickly anyways!  Had a nice night yesterday - cooked dinner, got some reading done for class, got some relaxing done, and went to bed early.  Tonight will probably be more of the same, plus doing laundry.  It's gloomy and rainy here this morning, makes me want to still be snuggled up in bed!


        FR- Perfect night for grilled cheese and sweet potato fries!  (not that any night isn't great for that... hah!).


        Back in a bit for shouts!


          sjp - those bars sound delicious, I will have to check them out!  sounds sort of like my mom's no bake cookie recipe which has peanut butter, oats, and cocoa powder...  those are like crack to me Smile  good call on finishing your run on the TM - I hate that cold to the bone feeling when you just can't get warm unless you sit in a hot tub for 10 minutes or something.  Hope that you and rtr are feeling better soon!


          Mia - welcome back!  Glad you had an awesome trip - I am so glad I'm not the only one who finds hiking harder than running.  DBF always tells me hiking is easier and it should be cake for me since I run... but not at all.  I struggle hard hiking sometimes. I don't really have any desire to go to Vegas... I'm sure it could/would be fun but there are so many other places I'd rather go!  Glad DD had a nice trip - we totally lucked out with the weather when we went but the coast is really hit or miss.


            Hi all,


            RR: Ran 3 yesterday and 3 today at lunch! Very exciting to string two days of running together in a row. Following our torrential rains, it's gotten fairly warm again. But I don't have any travel on the horizon, so I'm really looking forward to keeping up the lunch runs, at least on most days, and I'm committed to go to yoga/sculpt at least 2 times a week, ideally 3.


            NRR: Been really busy at work and spent the weekend engulfed in our friend's wedding, so just trying to get back into a routine. Had a work dinner last night, meeting a former coworker tonight for dinner with DH.


            SJP: I get so excited when I have an evening with nothing on the agenda. DH and I are planning a trip to see DS for a long weekend in October, hoping to stay someplace close to Baxter State Park and maybe do a Katahdin hike: any recommendations on which trails we should do? Really hope you keep the cold at bay.


            Mia: Wow, the GC hike sounds tremendous! I bet that did leave you sore--everyone I know who has done that came back fairly humbled by the experience. I didn't realize Jenny Hadfield organized that sort of thing. Are you looking forward to the quiet house? I agree about LV, just hate it and it seems nearly every work conference I go to is there.


            Seattle: Our traffic is terrible these days, too, and we're a fairly small town. The floods have left so many roads out of commission, and I don't think Fort Collins was quite finished with summer construction anyway. Good to be busy at work, I can relate to that!