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    oldfatslow-that is so great you and dw are exercising and eating well together. support system is really important. good for you for getting out there in the cold.

    mia-good luck today!!!!!! thinking of you. i'm sure you'll be great.

    seattle-how did the finals go?

    RR: 10 inside saturday with elliptical and then walking aroudn boston all afternoon. were on our feet from 12:45 to 4:30 about. yesterday ran 7 and this morning 8. going to cut way back the end of the week as we have a race this saturday.

    NRR: bodyworld was aweosme. if you have the change/it comes to a city near you, should check it out. its very health oriented and really amazing to see how everything fits in the human body. otherwise, watched football yesterday and wrapped christmas presents.

    FR: made sweet potato chili yesterday finally--did it in the crockpot (rtr!) and it was really easy and delicious.


      Good morning!  Need lots of coffee...!


      RR – 3 mi easy run over lunch today, yoga after work.  Ran a 10K on Saturday in <20 degree temps, brr!  I was hoping to just run strong and ended up running only 30 sec slower than my 10K pr.  Argh, I feel like I am so close to a pile of PRs!


      NRR – Finished my finals over the weekend!  It was a rough 24 hour or so, especially with the screaming fight my roommate threw with her bf at 2:30 AM on Saturday… ugh.  Enjoyed going out to Mexican food and margaritas and then to see Hunger Games with my brother after the final though!  Not sure what happened with the Hawks yesterday, that was a bummer way to end a weekend…


      FR – Made maple barbecue beef in the crockpot, think I’ll have that with some rice and veggies tonight.

        sjp, DW and I often go into hobbies together.  Not all of them, but many.  Especially the expensive ones, that way it doubles the price.  Why buy 1 pair of expensive high end running shoes, when you can buy 2 pair!


        RR, tonight I have a soccer game so that will be my running.  Yesterday's 3.107 miles felt good.


          sjp - finals went ok, some of the questions on my open book one seemed kind of vague but hopefully I did ok on it anyways.  I am so glad to be done!  woohoo!  although I immediately got a few text messages saying "so when can we hang out now that you're done??" sheesh, let a girl chill for a minute haha!  glad you guys had a nice weekend!  Do you have a recipe for the sweet potato chili or did you just kind of wing it?  that sounds delicious!


          ofs - I love it when you can share hobbies with your SO, it always makes things so much more fun!  I keep trying to get my DBF into running, but he'd rather lift weights, bike, hike, etc.  I got him to run a half marathon with me once but that's about it!  maybe someday he will be more interested in trying it out!  enjoy the soccer game tonight!  I played from the time I was 3 up through high school and I definitely miss it.  still enjoy playing whenever I get a chance!

            Seattle, I bet there is some indoor co-ed soccer league near you! If you need the motivation for exercise, getting exhausted in a game will do it. That's one of the things that got me going, anyway. That and my son, a 3rd grader, exhausting me 1 on 1 in backyard soccer Smile Now I have to also keep up with my DW in the 5k too! Better than just sitting on the couch drinking beer, eating chips, and only getting fatter Smile