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    seattle-i'm sure you rocked your finals! i got the sweet potato chili on the eating well website--its super easy. if you google it, should pop right up. hope your xmas party was fun!

    mia-yay! glad the training is going well. i am sure you'll establish a routine soon and then get back into running. it is hard with so much new stuff going on right now. how many are new hires?


    oldfatslow-that is great dw likes to cook so much!!!

    RR: 7 yesterday, 6 today and elliptical. dbf and i did legs/back workout last night and i am sore but not that bad today! must be getting stronger. looks really cold for the race this weekend, and potential snow, so not sure if it'll happen or not.

    NRR: ugh, all day concrete seminar yesterday. it wouldn't have been bad as the material was fairly interesting but jeez, making me sit in a hotel conference room for 8 hours is BRUTAL. not much going on this week, the rest of my xmas shopping shipped and we've been wrapping them. i just need a couple more things and i'll be all done.

    FR: i think i drank a gallon of coffee yesterday...haha


      Happy hump day!

      RR: not sure, but needing it because I'm not sleeping as well at night.

      NRR: I have one more test and an assignment to complete for school this week and then the posts on the discussion boards for class.  Hopefully I can knock those out tonight.  It's hard hearing lectures and doing self study training all day on the computer for training and then coming home and doing more of it.  My eyes are killing me.

      FR: DD made dinner for us last night - fried rice - was really good since I didn't have to cook.  There is a cafeteria at work which offers some healthy choices - a big salad bar and some soups.  They also have a starbucks coffee station (of course).  Not sure I want to spend the $ just yet.  They also have plenty of microwaves and refrigerators for us to store our own food.


      sjp: I am going to be sitting in a conference style room for the next 10 weeks.  We do get Christmas and the day after off and also NY day.  They said we could use a vacation day for the Friday after Christmas as well, but I don't think I will.  I have 5 days until June 1st and then I'll get 10 more.  I kinda want to save them for when I want to take a vacay.  There are 200 of us who started Monday in my training.  They just opened the facility, grand opening on Monday and lots of State Farm employees have transferred to the area to be managers and higher ups.  This is a whole new type of claims rep they are introducing, so I'm kind of getting into the start of new things at State Farm.  Seems like they are really good about promoting within.  I'm pretty excited.


        I hate conferences and training Smile


        WR, I tightened my belt another notch this morning.  Not sure what that means, as far as my weigh-in coming up on Sunday, but I haven't needed to losen my belt yet today.


        RR, tonight I will run. It will be cold, couple inches of snow on the ground.  Not sure how far, but at least 30 minutes of effort.  Maybe 45 minutes.  We'll see.


        FR, what's to say?  I love food.  Already ate my chicken and spinach sandwich.  Saving the homemade oatmea raisen cookies till after noon.  Come on noon!  But at least I'm staying with the diet, not eating stuff I'm not supposed to.  Just very, very, very much look forward to each meal Smile


          Good morning!  so sleepy!


          RR- 3-4 mi easy run over lunch and possibly some climbing after work depending on my energy level.


          NRR- Christmas party last night was really fun, but we drank a bunch and didn't get home until after 11, so I am pretty tired this morning.  Luckily I think everyone else will be too...  there is only one other person here at the office so far haha!  Today will probably be a slow day at work but hopefully not too bad.  Have some errands to run after work but am thinking it will be an early bedtime!


          FR- The food at the party last night was delicious, plus it was an open bar so I had a few Manhattans... yum.  Looked at some of the pictures that were taken and realized that I have gained some weight over the last year and was cringing a bit.  Seriously need to rein it in, just because I am busy with work and school does not mean that I need to get chubby!  Ugh.


          Back in a bit for shouts!