Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  After work today I'm going to stop by my old running trail for a three mile run.  Sometimes after work I feel too tired to run, but today I shouldn't have that problem since I don't have to deal with any students, just a bunch of meetings.  By three mile run, I mean it might be two miles of running and one mile of walking, but still, it'll be nice to be outside moving.


    NRR:  One more day of meetings at work.  We're getting trained on this new framework for how we'll be observed.  After work and working out, I think DH and I are going out with his family tonight, but I'm not sure yet.


    FR:  Leftover chilli for lunch today, which I'm quite excited about.


    SJP:  Training for a marathon with DBF sounds like a lot of fun!  Will you run the race together, or at your own pace?


    Seattle:  Nice job on the speedy run!  The gnocchi was disappointing for sure, but apparently you can poison yourself from ingesting styrafoam after microwaving it, which would be awful.


    Have a great day!

      Does anyone ever wonder how it can only be Wednesday????? (rhetorical I know the answer to that one!)

      rr: not so much of that.  Mon-Wednesday is bad for me and working out so I usually don't get much in those days.  Every once in a while I get to the gym on Tuesday morning.  Got some fun running in last weekend though, so that was nice.


      nrr: Went out of town last weekend to the NASCAR race, and have been paying for it since trying to catch up.  We stayed at this cool hotel in Dallas and had a great time which is always nice to get away.  I'm just counting down the days to Thanksgiving because the semester is virtually over when I hit that point!  I'm just having a really hard time keeping my head above water right now for some reason - I'm not taking more hours, but my schedule is screwy and I've been really busy at work.  I'm on vacation or out of the office almost the entire month of December, so I am really looking forward to that!


      fr: so looked at my eating a few days ago and discovered that I hadn't really eaten veggies in about 3 weeks, so I am overhauling my diet this week and making myself eat healthier.  So far so good!


      sjp: I really am loving crossfit. I didn't think I would this much, but it is nice to have the group encouragement when doing the work outs, a different work out to do every day, and some direction in how to do it.


      rtr: what type of framework are you switching to?  We are all working on the Common Core stuff and changing the way we teach to reflect that, and it has apparently been a PITA.


        Hi all,


        RR: I did indeed get up and go to the 7 a.m. swimming class last Saturday, and it was absolutely fantastic. Everyone was really nice, and the coach just put me in my own lane and had me swim, and he just came over and gave me tips every time I finished a lap. I could feel myself improving with every lap. So they get together Mon-Wed-Thur-Sat. and I'm going to try to go at least 3x/week. Also, I did a good yoga/sculpt session on Sunday with 8-lb weights (up from 5-lb). I'm planning to do 3 miles on the treadmill today. (I was traveling Mon-Tues for meetings and didn't get anything in on those days).


        NRR: Just back from meetings in Houston and didn't do anything exercise-wise Mon or Tues, so will make up for it the rest of this week. My younger sis is coming this weekend because her DD has soccer games in town, and DH will be hunting pheasant, so it'll be a girl weekend, probably a movie or two in there somewhere.


        RTR: CONGRATS! You must be so excited! So happy for you. Walking/running sounds like the perfect thing to do right now.


        SJP: Hope work gets under control for you soon, you sound so busy! I've been going to bed before 10 p.m since the time change, and I have to say I kinda like it! I'm sure it won't last long because I'm a natural night owl.


        Seattle: I bet that was fun to go fast in your speedwork! I hardly ever do that, but I know I should. Maybe I'll try to speed up a little on the treadmill today. Are you in a busy or non-busy week at work?


        OU: NASCAR weekend sounds great -- sometime you just have to live a little, even though I'm sure it put you behind. I think it's great that CrossFit is working out so well for you! Good luck with the veggies ... when I'm in a veggie deficit, I always start by tossing some carrots and broccoli with olive oil and throwing it in the oven on a cookie sheet. Yum.


          Good morning!  Definitely a coffee day, especially since the red cups are at Starbucks now!


          RR- Had a good lifting session with DBF yesterday.  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run.


          NRR- Not much exciting here, just rolling along towards the weekend.  Some of my coworkers are going to happy hour tonight but not sure if I want to go or if I just want to get home and buckle down on some more homework.  I like always being caught up or a little ahead, it's less stressful that way!  Need to get groceries and do some laundry as well.  If I am more productive during the week I can relax more when the weekend gets here!


          FR- Thinking of making jerk pork with mango salsa in the crockpot tomorrow, need to see if I can wrangle all the ingredients together tonight.



          rtr - that's great that you are continuing to stay active and keep running when you can!  Chili is a perfect winter lunch...  I have a really good recipe for turkey chili that I haven't made in a while, might have to bust it out.  It seems that every year when daylight savings comes around I just want to eat all the comforting cheesy carbs, so chili is a nice alternative to that!


          ou - I know what you mean, it's been a dragging week here so far!  I am also really looking forward to Thanksgiving, after that it's pretty much only finals and then I get a nice month long break before the next quarter starts.  Where are you going on vacation in Dec?  Eating more veggies is one of my goals as well!


          MC - woohoo for the swim class being awesome, and for all your great workouts you've been getting in!  I bet that feels really good.  girl weekend sounds great!  This is definitely a slow week at work, but I have a three day weekend coming up so I am looking forward to that!  My company gives paid bonus days off every month (that don't come out of vacation or anything, which is so nice) and I am taking mine on Monday!


            Morning! still crazy busy at work.

            seattle-speedwork is fun to throw into the mix. i love stuff out of the crockpot, its so easy and tasty.

            rtr-yikes all day meetings are tough. hope it goes by quickly. yes dbf and i will run the race together i think. i am going to try and BQ, or at least PR and that will be about the pace dbf wants to run for his first one so that he can finish it. he had to drop out at mile 18 from under training and injury so just wants to get that medal!

            ou-whew, you are busy. did you like the nascar race? i don't think i could get into that type of thing. yay, are you going anywhere on vacation in december?

            MC-girls weekend sounds fun! does you sister come to town a lot? so happy that the swim thing is working out for you!

            RR: 8 easy miles this morning and foam rolling. cutback week is halfway over. haha, no i do like it sometimes.

            NRR: still busy, after today i think it should calm down a little bit. otherwise, my sister/bro/kids might be coming this weekend which would be really fun.

            FR: finally grocery shopped last night, i've been craving salad!


              Had a great lunch break run, now am falling asleep at my desk since it's so slow and quiet...  I know I need to get used to it (and should be by now) but I always feel guilty for not working even when I have no work to do!


              sjp - I am in the midst of a cutback week as well, I kinda like them because my tired legs start feeling all springy and happy and strong again.  it's almost like you need to rest occasionally to get the benefits of your hard work or something... it can be tough though haha.  hope you can get some good family time this weekend, that sounds nice!  Do you have a website or a book that you go to for crockpot recipes or do you just google/make up your own?