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    Morning! how were your weekends?!

    mia-i raced a half--my favorite! i pretty much don't really sign up for other distances, 10 miles i would, but those races are hard to come by.

    RR: race yesterday, ran a 1:41 which isn't super fast but it was so hilly no one else ran fast either, got 3rd in my age group and 11th overall female. def happy with that. today i ran 9 easy miles, it was really cold this morning, legs are okay, hip flexors a little tight but have been for the past couple weeks. need to stretch more.

    NRR: saturday i slept late, dbf and i both ran and then we played golf.  ran some errands and grilled dinner. yesterday was race, at an apple orchard (awesome) and then went to friends to watch football. tired today.

    FR: got marinated chicken from a butcher shop/meat house place, it was amazing.


      Good morning!


      RR:  I got one good run in this weekend and a really nice hike as well, so it was good!  Today I won't have time to run, but I'm going to make it a priority tomorrow.


      NRR:  First day with the students today.  Back to the grind, for real.  DH and I had a nice, relaxing weekend.  We didn't get nearly enough done on the house, but oh well, we plan on doing a lot during the week and next weekend.  On Saturday we went into the city and went to our favorite brunch spot, then to a movie, so it was a really nice day.  Yesterday was a day of cooking and errands.  Still nice, just a bit busier.


      FR:  Nothing too exciting here.  I made spaghetti last night, DH is picking up Chipotle for dinner tonight.


      SJP:  Nice job on the race!  That sounds like quite a speedy time to me!  That's really cool that the race was at an orchard!


      Have a great day!  Now that school is back in full swing, I'm sure I'll be around a lot more.



        RR: Ran yesterday, Saturday DD and I did some walking around in Seattle but no "Planned" activity.

        NRR: Went to DBFs Friday night.  We made dinner and than watched Django Unchained on Pay per view.  I was so tired I started falling asleep before it was over so never got to the end.  Saturday we got up and went for a car ride to a b'fast place about 45 minutes away.  I had to leave at noon for a hair appt.  Then DD and I went to a lame-oh moon festival and night market in China town in Seattle, for the evening.

        Sunday did some yard work after running and also went to Costco to load up on fruit and other essentials.

        Sleeping with windows open now and the darn dog next door is up early and outside barking - so it's been waking me up.  Not happy about that.

        FR:  Been pretty good.  Back to not too much "trigger" stuff in the house.  I got LOTS of fruit and veggies now so I will load up on those.


        SJP: GREAT JOB on  your 1/2!!!  Sounds like a great run for you.  Did DBF also run?

        RTR: Happy first day with students!  When is your flooring going in?



          Good morning!  I have still been a little busy/scattered lately but I will try to keep popping in when I can!


          RR- Ran 4 mi on Friday and a hilly 6 mile trail run on Saturday, that felt great.  My knee feels a little wonky today so I'm taking an extra rest day just in case.  It always amazes me how much taking one little week off can throw things.  Probably doing some lifting at the gym with DBF tonight - now that he is mostly all moved and settled in we want to start getting back in the routine!


          NRR- Had a nice relaxing weekend.  Watched a movie with DBF on Saturday, cheered my mom on in her first 10K yesterday morning (!!), watched the end of the Seahawks game, relaxed and swam at the beach, and had dinner with my uncle.  It's supposed to be in the high 80s here this week, crazy but I love it!


          FR- Last day of Whole30 is tomorrow, thank goodness!  It's been an interesting experiment but I do much better with variety and less restriction!


            sjp - your half time definitely sounds super speedy to me!  congrats on your placing, that's awesome!  your weekend sounds lovely, there were some great games on yesterday!


            rtr - woohoo on the run and hike over the weekend!  my mom starts back at school with the kiddos today, I'm sure you both are going to be tired by the end of the week.  glad that you could have a relaxing weekend beforehand!  I saw a few weeks ago that you were going to try rock climbing, did you like it?


            Mia - sounds like you have been busy!  did you start your new job yet?  I need to keep stocking up on fruits and veggies as well, it guilts me into eating them instead of other things because I don't want to spend the $ only to have them go bad!