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Finally the Freaking Fantastic Fridailies! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I think I'm going to run at the track near school today since I won't be able to go home until late tonight.  I'm planning on at least six, but more would be great.


    NRR:  Tonight is the junior prom and I am chaperoning.  I actually planned it last year, so its nice to just be able to show up, help set up and then chaperone.  So I have work, my run, then I'll shower at the Y, then go help set up.  This will be a busy day as I probably won't get home until after midnight.  Yesterday I planned my epic grading session at Starbucks, but I forgot the tests in my classroom.  Oops!  So, I got a fancy coffee anyway and went home and relaxed.


    FR:  I don't know, prom food, whatever that will be.




    SJP:  Have you thought about having your foot checked out by a doctor?  I hope it resolves itself soon!


    OU:  Oh, there are tons of essays to grade.  About 115 tests, all have an essay component.  How many more semesters of school do you have left?


    Java:  Sorry to hear about Big B’s meltdown.  Hopefully he’ll be better about it next time!


    MIA:  They probably just sent you the wrong software.  I can’t imagine they don’t have the same program compatible to macs because so many people use them.  Your trip is going to be amazing!


    Seattle:  A waterfront walk sounds heavenly.  That’s awesome that you were able to see seals!


    Foco:  Nice job waking up early to run yesterday!   I contemplate doing that sometimes.  Yesterday I thought how nice it would be if I woke up at 5:00 to get a run in before work.  This morning I was roused awake when DF got up to use the bathroom shortly after 5:00 and I realized there was no way in he!! I would ever want to willingly wake up that early.


    Snowden:  You’re so speedy!  Did you play a lot of sports growing up?  Also, nice job on the mileage!  What makes your boss suck so bad?


      Good morning!


      RR: I'll go out for a few miles this afternoon. Yoga last night was pretty great. The place I go is focusing on one pose per day for 30 days and last night was side plank. I'm feeling it today!


      NRR: Date night with my boys tonight! DH has a BBQ for his small business group that is boys only, so me and my boys will be ordering in food and watching movies. Once they go to bed, I have a phone date with a good friend who lives in Denver and a bottle of wine. Tomorrow is yoga and Big B's last soccer game (I'm so ready for this to be over!!), and then church and dinner out. Sunday is going to be a longer run and probably go down to our local Arts Festival.


      FR: nothing exciting



      B: 1 scrambled egg, grapefruit, coffee w/ ff 1/2 and 1/2 (have some I need to use up) and truvia

      S: 2 quinoa bites, hot tea

      L: 1/2 leftover turkey burger and oven fried green beans

      D: ???



      rtr - Have fun at prom! I remember when you were planning last year and it seemed that it took a lot of your time. Glad you just get to show up and enjoy this year!



        ou-yes i did have a foot issue a few years ago, i have such high arches that the minute my shoes get pounded/old, i feel it in my legs. have fun at the expo, that is great you volunteer. i did last year at our local expo and it was so fun!

        java-aw, that is too bad you couldn't fit in  your run during karate. hopefully today! i don't think i'll go to the dr. doubt it will do much.

        mia-woohoo packing!! that will be so much fun! haha funny about DBF, i feel like boys have less sticker shock about food than women. i am with dbf and i'm always like 'eeek name brand!???!!!' no way, haha.

        seattle-taper madness yet?

        MC-I do like the elliptical and this forces me into some x-training. we'll see how i feel in a week.

        snowed-ugh, sorry work stuff is still not going well for you. that must be so terrible. poor management makes going to work so difficult. we had some beer from alaska recently actually, can't remember the brewery though...

        RR: short run + elliptical. i am thinking about trying KT tape. anyone used it?

        NRR: weekend! time for some real packing and stacking. and not sure what else. weather looks good for the move though.

        FR: was out of carrots, had to stop last night to get some, it was obviously a crisis!


          Hi all,


          RR: Going to do my last long run tomorrow in prep for my second half marathon, which comes up May 5. So I think I'll either do an easy 3 miles tonight or skip. My back is really bugging me so hoping to get into the chiro on Monday for a quick adjustment.


          NRR: Crazy at work today, just back-to-back meetings all day. Nothing planned tonight. DH is playing fiddle with another band so I might go heard them ... or I might just hole up and watch a movie. I have been going like a dervish for a couple of weeks now.


          RTR: Yes, I bet your prom experience is completely different this year from last! Epic grading session still to come, then? Yeah, I'm not sure the morning running will ever be for me. I can say that it was really cool to drive home from work last night and realize that I already had my run done!


          Java: Ordering food in and watching movies sounds so fun!! Your yoga place sounds really cool. I could use some time with slide planks.


          SJP: I am carrot dependent as well. I love them raw with hummus and grilled with sweet potatoes. You'd think my eyesight would be better, I eat so many. Have fun packing ... that will feel good to take some steps toward the transition. Hope you figure the foot thing out. I haven't used KT tape. Really I've only had this random toe numbness and very occasional Achilles pain in my right foot, which I seem to keep at bay with yoga.


            Morning Everyone!


            Rain, rain, rain and lot's more rain.


            RR- Yesterday I hit the gym for strength training. Woo Hoo! Two weeks in a row. I'm feeling it some today. Hoping I get out for a run but the rain has been really coming down.


            FR- Chili, corn bread and beer last night. Yummy! One serving was filling, why did I go back for seconds?


            NRR- Back to work today. Will try to start out with a positive attitude.


            rtr- I played soccer mostly growing up, playing on the parks and rec teams(the cheaper, non-competitive teams). Then my first year in high school I sampled different sports but never stuck with any of them. Well, work is a small company and the owner is good, but hates confrontation and doesn't ever help resolve a problem, just hopes it magically goes away. The Director of Maintenance, who I work under is very under qualified, extremely lazy, thinks he's the king of the world, makes inappropriate comments on a regular basis. I could go on and on. But it's been a problem for over a year and that's not okay. The company has already had one mechanic quit because of him. And I am nearing the end of my rope.


            Java- A friend and I randomly have skype-wine dates. So much fun, a great way to catch up! Enjoy your date with your boys!


            sjp- I just bought carrots last night too, I like to munch on them with hummus. Hope packing, moving and unpacking goes as smoothly as possible.


            MC- Hopefully your back is better for your long run tomorrow. Is your next HM a goal race?


              Snow: This coming HM was a goal race until I had such a bad run last weekend, so now I'm not sure. Confidence is blown a bit. But maybe by returning to my old favorite shoes, getting back adjusted a couple of times and getting a good long run in this weekend it'll go OK! Really hope you can resolve things at work. Sounds like your frustration is shared by others ... always a sign that something is truly amiss.

                wow I am super late to the party today!

                sjp: I am thinking of getting my knees taped at the expo next weekend with KT tape.  My chiro said it is good at increasing blood flow and providing support so I figure it cant hurt.  And my right knee has been spazing out around mile 15 on long runs so I want to give it some extra support for race day.


                snow: wow speedy! that's awesome that you just went out there and ran 13 miles in 1:45ish!!!  Is there another job you can get in town and get out of the one you are in? Sounds like a crummy way to go day to day!


                rtr: whoops on the tests - i had a morning like that, it happens but atleast you got coffee still!


                mia: you don't get too warm running in capris for a marathon do you? I have a pair of light ones I'm going to run in, I'm just so worried that I'm going to be frying at the end... better then the chaffed inner thighs though.


                rr: 4 miles when I get home from work today.  was going to get up this morning but opted to run in daylight instead.  Hoping that they have a special on Brooks shoes at the expo tomorrow.  Wanna get a pair of Pure Cadence and would love to get a good deal, and that is so much better then buying in Ohio and have to get them home!


                nrr: so went to buy donuts for work this morning.  Get there go to pay and discover I left my wallet at home. I start apologizing profusely to the lady and promising I would be back in like 20 minutes to pick them up when I lady walked in and said not to worry about it, she would pay for them! such a blessing!!!


                fr: okay so I had a donut this morning - it was delicious!!!