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    Good morning!


    RR:  I didn't run over the weekend, but DH and I spent Saturday and Sunday painting, which turned out to be hard work.  Today will be a running rest day as well, but I'm meeting up with a friend tonight to try indoor rock climbing for the first time!  I've wanted to try it for awhile, so I'm pretty excited about it!


    NRR:  Owning a home is a lot of work!  We spent the weekend stripping wallpaper and painting and we're no where near finished!  I've only painted one room in my life and DH hasn't painted in awhile, so we didn't really realize it would take so long.  It's been fun so far though.  We're replacing the floors so we want to get the painting done before we do that, but it turns out there's no rush on that since the floors can't be changed until mid-September.  So now we're just going to enjoy our last couple of weeks in our apartment and finish painting once we move out there at the end of the month.  Not much going on today.  I woke up at 5:00 and couldn't get back to sleep so I guess I'll get an early start to the day.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting here.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back later for shouts!


      Morning! Whew was out of the office/super busy last week so never checked in.

      rtr-congrats on the house! good to not have to rush on painting. it will look so great when you have fresh paint/new flooring. that is fantastic. when does school start?

      mia-YAY!!! congrats on the job, that is so great, very happy for you. is the commute long? glad DD is feeling better.

      mc-wow, eaves would not be fun to paint. its only fun to paint when you don't have to worry, i feel like outside, there is all this junk in the air that gets stuck in the paint, like bugs, and pollen and small leaf/branch/needles. haha. maybe not though!

      snowed-are you required to take those classes to stay certified? how are your legs feeling?

      RR: 10 thursday, site visit all day crawling around under a building with tons of mummified spiders and webs, it was gross. 16 on friday morning before our company outing (at a lake, so super relaxing) and then 3 saturday before our 14.2 mile hike. 7 yesterday w/p90x and then 10 today, whew, sounds busy when i write it out!

      NRR: weekend was great. the hike was awesome and it was gorgeous outside. we had minimal views as the peaks were in the woods--weird, but we did 3 peaks total. ALSO-- its wedding week! getting all the 'stuff' i have to bring home in our spare room. making a photo memory book thing also.

      FR: beer and pub food after the hike was amazing. got homemade veggie burger w/sweet potato fries and it was worth every bite.



        RR: Hmmm, ran Friday, but didn't do much of any exercise this weekend.

        NRR: Friday afternoon DBF and I drove across the state.  We talked a lot in the car which was nice.  He got us a room in a historic hotel in the downtown area, which was really cool but super noisy because of street noise and the train nearby.  We were up early on Saturday since it was so noisy, so we went to a really nice park and walked around for an hour or so, then DBF showed me areas he had lived and where he grew up.  We went back to the room and took a short nap and then headed to the party.  Such a nice party.  His friends, whom I've met before, are very nice and welcoming.  They told us that DBF was like another son and now they have another daughter.  I'm hoping that didn't embarrass DBF too much.  He was worried because he hadn't seen many of the other guests for a long time and was afraid they would ask about his ex or think I was his ex.  Ended up being fine.  After the party we went to a nice dinner and then watched some TV.  Yesterday we got up fairly early and drove home, stopped for b'fast on the way back.  We made salmon dinner last night and had a nice quiet evening, went to bed early in a quiet comfortable bed.  An extremely nice weekend.

        FR: Not bad but also not great.  Back on track today.


        RTR: Congrats on the house!  It is a lot of work but it's YOURS so it's so worth it and just so much more satisfying.  What colors have you picked out for the various rooms?  Do you have all the furniture you need for it?


        SJP: Where is your sister"s wedding?  ARe you taking off time from work for it?  You are really getting in lots of running!



          Good Morning!


          RR- Planning on running today for the first time in ... a week?? My knees are very slowly starting to feel better.


          NRR- My dad and brother get into today later today. Neither have been up here yet so I'm pretty excited! I most likely won't do much running this coming week, but should get in some good hikes.


          FR- Came to the conclusion last night after a fire call that I need to get back at it again. The fire call kicked my butt.


          rtr- Enjoy rock climbing!


          sjp- I'm not required to take these classes but it's a great opportunity to. It's all free and at the end I'll get a state certification which I could easily then test for another state if I happened to move. I'm hoping that sometime in the future to have a career change to a fire department, and in that instance these classes would be required to apply. You stayed busy this weekend!


          Mia- Sounds like a great weekend! It can be stressful meeting people from your significant other's life. Glad it all went well!