Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  Rest day for me today.  I am super congested,  not sure if its from allergies or a cold or what, but it sucks.  Yesterday I ran 4.3 miles and walked another 3 or so.  The run kind of sucked, so hopefully I got my bad run out of the way for the week and my race will be awesome on Sunday.


    NRR:  After work tonight DF and I are going to look at a few houses.  Here's hoping there's something good out there!  After that we're going to one of our favorite restaurants out there.  It should be a nice night.


    FR:  So far I've been sticking to my tracking.  Exercise days are great, but I think on rest days I get discouraged with the low amount, so my goal is not to go over what the maintenance calories would be on a rest day.



    OU:  Are you done with classes after this week?  That’ll be nice to have a break!


    Java:  Were you able to get a run in at karate last night?  I’m with you on being strict for the next ten weeks!


    Seattle:  DF runs a bit, but he’s more of a gym guy.  He will be running the race on Sunday as well, which he’ll probably beat me in as he’s just naturally faster.  Nice job getting all your end of the month stuff done!


    Snowden:  I like running alone and with a friend, I don’t really prefer one over another.  I am more likely to stick to my running plans though if I’m meeting someone.  How long are you going to Colorado for?


    Mia:  Have a great trip!

      rtr: yep last week of classes (actually last night now!).  That's exciting - a house!!!  Hopefully you guys can find something.


      mc: I have gotten massages before - but not really in my budget so they are splurges.  I did read yesterday that there will be a massage booth at the end of the marathon - really pumped about that!!!


      rr: went out and did my last 2 mile run last night before the weather turned sour.  Felt great.  a little tightness in my calves but that was it.  Just nice to get out and enjoy myself.  Did it at tempo pace to get my legs moving.


      nrr: last test tonight and I need to post an assignment then it's over!  So ready for the break.  I have a great list of things I want to do!


      fr: I've been really good this week on keeping my eating healthy.  Today I am starting to up the carbs - especially since tomorrow is a travel day and I"m not sure how the food will work out.  Going to pack some snacks for the plane ride so I have things that are healthier choices.


        Good morning!


        RR: Hot yoga this afternoon!


        NRR: Cold and rainy here - boo. After yoga my plan is to go home and make dinner and then sit on the couch. Think I'll even make DH do the dishes.


        FR: Did really well yesterday, although I did have some frozen yogurt with a few m&ms and straberries after dinner. At least the frozen yogurt was FF right??



        B: overnight oats w/ skim milk, apple, cinnamon, and a few TBSs of PB, coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

        S: a peach and some tea

        L: salad w/ lettuce, tomato, carrots, two hard-boiled eggs, balsalmic dressing

        D: pasta primavera w/ veggie pasta, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, black olives, garlic, olive oil, and some fresh mozzarella



        rtr - I actually ran at lunch yesterday, so I was able to watch karate. How do you track (MFP??). I've never been one to track calories, I just try to make good choices and not over-eat, but I may need more of a plan to get me to the weight I want to be by July 11 (my 35th birthday and two days before we leave for vacation). I'd love some tips


        OU - what happened to our boys?! I guess we will have to stay up one more time. Have fun carb-loading!


          Good morning!


          RR- Had a great 4 mi tempo run after work yesterday.  My stomach kind of hurt but my legs felt speedy.  I looked at the course on google streetview last night and it looks like there should be a decent amount of shade, especially in the morning - only part that looks like it might be rough if it gets hot is the last 7 mi have no shade!  but they are along the waterfront, so maybe a nice little breeze?  Can't wait!  Today is a 3 mi run after work (supposed to be 70 by then).


          NRR- Hmm, not much to report here... probably just cooking dinner and then doing some laundry/cleaning/homework after my run tonight.  DBF and I are planning on taking the intertubes out with some beers and floating in the lake after the race on Sunday... sounds awesome!


          FR- I've been pretty good about pre-hydrating this week... now time to start upping the carbs!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Morning All


            RR- Hopped on the dreadmill for 5 miles yesterday while over an inch of rain fell. Today is just "normal" rain so I'll get outside.


            FR- ... Goals, need to remember my goals.


            NRR- DBF and I have a hot date planned to clean the carpets. I'm hoping he forgets.


            rtr- I try to keep the same plan with calories. I always go over my calories on rest day. It's frustrating seeing that red negative calories but if I try to stay under I end up going way over when I'm starving. I'll be in Colorado one week. Not long enough. I've got so much planned already.


            OU- Your marathon will be your celebration for all the hard training and getting through the semester!


            Java- I love your evening plans!


            Seattle- Tubing on the river with beers sounds awesome! And a great way to end up a marathon cycle.


              It's hard to be inside when it's so nice out!  Can't wait to lounge out in the grass on my lunch break and then run after work!  These 3 mi runs feel so short!  ALSO NEWS!  DBF's parents got approval from the bank on the house they are buying so they are hoping to close sometime towards the end of June!!  They have a lot of renovating to do so I will probably move in with DBF sometime in the fall.



              rtr - boo on the congestion, I hope you can get it cleared up soon... that is so annoying!  I think it's always good luck to have a bad run before a race, definitely get it out of the way!  Looking at houses, so exciting!  I like the maintenance calories on rest day idea a lot.  I haven't been restricting myself much lately with the marathon coming up but need to get back on it after!  My DBF would prefer to lift (or bike) than run too, and yep he is still way faster than me haha.


              ou - woohoo for being done with class!  It will be so nice to have some free time to catch up once the marathon is over.  I am getting to the point where I am having a hard time focusing on anything else right now!  Just really looking forward to it.  I know the training plan says today should be our last run but I am going to sneak in a 2 miler on Saturday...  I've been running 5 days/week this whole training plan and I don't want my legs to feel weird and sluggish from taking an extra day off!


              Java - hot yoga sounds like the perfect thing to do on a rainy day!  Hope DH can help you around the house and let you put your feet up a bit.  Your food always sounds so healthy and delicious, I totally admire it!


              snowden - yikes on the inch of rain yesterday!  Glad you will be able to get outside today and enjoy it.  lol about wanting DBF to forget about cleaning carpets... that doesn't sound like such a fun chore!