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    Good morinng!


    RR:  I ran three miles in the state park near my house last night and it felt great!  It's nice to run when it's a bit cooler.  Today I'm going for a swim at the Y, probably just 1200 yards.


    NRR:  Work has been busy, it always is at the beginning of the year.  Today is just work, a swim, then I'll cook for DH and after dinner I think we need to work on the house.  The floors are getting replaced next Tuesday and Wednesday, so we need to paint the trim and the entrance area and we need to rip up the laminate floors.  We found out we would save about $400 if we did that ourselves, so wish me luck!


    FR:  I bought sweet potato soup last night and it was delicious!  I had never had it before.


    No time for shouts now, but I'll try to make it back later!  Have a great day!


      Good morning!


      RR- Just finished an 8 mile run this morning - wanted to get it done since DBF and I are going backpacking/camping tomorrow morning.  It was absolutely gorgeous - watched the moon set and the sun rise over the water and perfect running weather!


      NRR- Should be a fairly busy day at work again, and then backing for trip, baking cookies, finishing up DBF's birthday gift, etc.  It's been a hectic week so I am glad to have a weekend away to just relax a bit!  Think we will head over to eastern WA where the weather is looking a little sunnier/warmer.


      FR- Philly cheese steak and brussels sprouts tonight.


      Back for shouts in a bit!


        Good Morning!

        RR: Today is lawn mowing day as long as it's dry enough out there.  Probably some other must do yard work as well.

        NRR: I have to pack today and it's also my older DD's birthday so a couple of her friends are coming for dinner.  I'm getting really nervous about the hike on Sunday.  I hope I'm prepared enough.  Egads what was I thinking!  Woke up at 3 am with a horrible headache, took some meds and finally got back to sleep about 5 am.  SLept until the kids at the bus stop woke me up.  They are so dang loud in the morning.  I wanted to be an old lady and head outside and tell them to quiet down but I refrained from doing that. LOL

        FR: Still doing okay.  Today I"m making Salmon, Greek salad and then chocolate cake with ice cream.  Two of dd's friends and DS is coming over for dinner.


        RTR: Have fun with the house renovations.  Do you ever watch those shows on TV?  I love watching how they transform the houses.  Are you going with dark wood or light wood floors?  ARe you going to put up pics?  I'd love to see some.


        Seattle: Good for you getting out early for that run!  Have a great time backpacking/hiking this weekend!  Seems like everyone is trying to get in end of summer trips this weekend.  Remember that it's move in day at Central and some other colleges this weekend so that might up the traffic in certain areas.  I think my DD is going camping/hiking in the Olympic Peninsula with friends this weekend although she has been feeling icky so she may not go.



          rtr - I definitely hear you on the cooler running weather... it was mid-upper 50s when I started running this morning and it felt so nice!  I love the sunshine, but for running I am a cool weather girl.  Good luck with the painting and flooring!  I bet it will look great.  I've never had sweet potato soup before either, but I've wanted to try making it for a while now (especially as fall approaches) - did it have anything else in it?


          Mia - lol on the old lady bit, I get super grumpy if my sleep is interrupted also!  I'm sure you'll do great on the hike - just remember to fuel well and drink lots of water!  I always get a little nervous before tough hikes.  Grand Canyon sounds fantastic, I'm sure you'll be super distracted by the scenery as well!  happy birthday to DD!  Good point on the colleges starting up, hopefully we will find somewhere that is off the beaten path a little bit more (Wenatchee maybe?).  We went camping on the Olympic peninsula over 4th of July and it was seriously one of the most amazing backpacking trips ever, hopefully she will get to go!