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Sleepy Tuesdailies! (Read 9 times)


    I had a rough time getting out of bed this morning!


    RR – 4 mi fartlek run over lunch today and then lifting and/or climbing with DBF at the gym tonight.


    NRR – This is the only thing I really dislike about my accounting job – this week is going to be super slow, and then the next two will be busy, and then back to super slow again.  I have pretty much nothing to work on today except any emails that come in… fingers crossed for lots of them.  Got my exams done last night so I am happy with that, anyways.  Also, both of my projects for my Excel class so far have been shown to the class as an example of “best formatting”! Probably just relaxing and watching a movie or something with DBF after the gym tonight.


    FR – I was hungry yesterday despite eating plenty over the weekend, but kept it pretty healthy and didn’t overeat too much!  Actually think I should have eaten more…  sometimes it’s a challenge to listen to my body and distinguish that from me just wanting to eat more!


      Morning.  It's been so tough waking up today for some reason.

      RR: Probably 5 or 6 miles today at some point, as long as my stomach cooperates.

      NRR: Got lots of schoolwork done yesterday.  I don't know why I feel compelled to get it done early in the week when I have until Sunday night to get it completed.  Usually I like to get it all done by Wednesday night though, except for the discussion board.  Stomach started acting weird during my run yesterday and is still feeling really off.  I didn't eat anything weird but it's just churning and churning.  I'm also super tired today which made it hard to force myself out of bed.

      FR: Really not much yesterday.  I had oatmeal in the morning and some fruit and then veggies and some pasta with sauce last night.


      Seattle: you seem to be exercising ALOT so it's no wonder you are feeling hungry.  It seems like when I really up my exercise my appetite goes through the roof, way more than I can make up exercising.  I have decided to just do both in moderation, exercise and eat, it seems to work out pretty well.  Are you allowed to do any of your schoolwork at work when you aren't busy?




        seattle-the views looked awesome on your hike, fun to have snow but not freeze while hiking i suppose! ugh i hate the boring days at work too.

        mia-relationships are tough, but it sounds like you and dbf had a good conversation and figured it out. DBF and i did not run together at the race, he is faster than me and was trying to PR so we said goodbye at the start line! hope you aren't getting sick, i hate when my stomach is upset, its the absolute worst.

        MC-haha yep DBF like to race too, he like to do just a couple a year though, 1 'goal' race in the fall. we actually don't run together that much because he runs with a group at lunch and i run in the morning. we run sometimes together on weekends depending on distance. sounds like a great weekend! mexican food is just the best.

        RR: 9 miles outside this morning, then about a mile on the elliptical when i got inside to warm up. legs were a little tight and tired, so i'll probably to more elliptical tomorrow. i have been stretching and rolling a lot, i'm not that sore from the race really, just my interior hamstrings were tight before i tapered so can still feel them.

        NRR: watched the red sox last night with dbf. tonight more of the same. need to run errands/get my nephew a bday gift some night this week, not sure when we'll do that.

        FR: free bagel day at the gym.


          I am hoping to not get struck by lightning on my run in a few minutes...  it looks pretty stormy out but I haven't heard any thunder in a while so hopefully it's ok!


          Mia - definitely hard to wake up this morning, especially since it's still so gloomy!  Glad you got lots done yesterday - I like to get mine done ahead of time as well so I can relax a little more over the weekend.  Hope your stomach feels better soon!  I am sadly not allowed to work on homework at work...  I had thought I was but then got the "you need to be doing work related things at work" (even though my homework is accounting and my job is accounting" so oh well...


          sjp - I'm impressed that you can do the elliptical... every time I've tried it I've only lasted a few minutes before I get bored and am done.  and yet somehow the treadmill is ok... hah.  free bagel day at the gym sounds awesome!  I haven't had a bagel in a long time and it sounds really good right now!