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    Morning all!  I'm so ready for the weekend!!!!  I'm feeling much more in control then yesterday - got a lot done, so hopefully my email didn't blow up over night!

    rr: did 4x600m repeats last night.  averaged 3:15 for all 4, so very consistent.  Not a super fast time, but it was sooo hot and I still don't have everything back from taking time off working out.  Room to grow!


    nrr: Just another day.  Hoping it goes fast and that I don't get swamped.


    fr: was really good yesterday until that slice of buttered Texas Toast jumped in my mouth at dinner!


    rtr: I went to Colorado for a week - it was so glorious (and cool!) hiked and relaxed.  Just plain boring!  I really loved Fall of Giants so excited about the new book.  I don't really like paperbooks - I prefer ebooks because it is so much easier to carry around.  I'm not great with books on tape either. My mind wanders too easy!!!



      ou-hope the end of your week is a little less crazy!

      snowed-make sure you recover! if you run, go easy, i know its hard not to run after a big race...but don't want to get injured!

      rtr-nope, no marathon, just halfs this fall. i contemplated but its so tough to train when i'm busy every weekend. and getting up at 4 to run 20 miles before work just takes the fun out of it. great! a townhouse will be awesome.

      RR: 10 miles, it poured at mile 5 and i got soaked. then it was just breezy, so i ran soaking wet and finally dried a little bit when it started raining for the last mile. haha. oh well. jumped into the shower immediately.

      NRR: forgot socks today. haha. i luckily keep an extra pair in my desk at work. not used to wearing shoes in summer, but its raining so not wearing sandals today.

      FR: meeting friends for happy hour/dinner tonight. haven't seen them in a while, so should be fun!




        OU: Glad you had a productive day yesterday, that always feels nice.

        sjp: Has it been raining a lot there lately?


        RR: Not sure about today.  Heading to Bend midday - it's about a 5 hour drive. Might get a little run in this evening with my friend.

        NRR: DD seem lots better which means she need to rest to get rid of the mono.  She has some trips planned starting next week so very important that she rests.  I got my work done for the week as long as when I get my grades all my papers are good, etc.  I started new classes this week so different teachers.  My old housemate is in the area for her sister's wedding so I stopped by to see her last night.  She seems well.  She is 31 or maybe 32 and said she's dating a guy that just turned 21.  That kind of fits because she is very immature. LOL

        FR: Okay, probably too much ice cream since I have it around for DD.  My stomach has been acting weird though  I've been getting the cramps again at weird times.  Not sure if it's something I'm eating or what.  UGH!



          Hi all,


          RR: Not sure what happened to yesterday, but did not get my 3 miles in ... thinking about doing 6 tonight.


          NRR: Work is just crushing me -- that's what I get for traveling so much in July, I guess. Tried to organize photos last night -- I have hundreds, so it's taking forever to get everything uploaded.


          OU: Hope your weekend is really relaxing. Those repeats sound tough. I really, really need to do some speedwork. Thinking about checking out the local running club; I'm sure they do some organized speed workouts.


          SJP: That is a wet run! I have just one half coming up in September and don't have very high expectations for time.You must like the P90X videos because you're pretty consistent-- have you tried others and this is your favorite? Have fun at happy hour!


          Mia: Wow, that is a nasty infection your daughter is fighting off! I really hope that mono doesn't drag her down for a long time. Yes, I love having DD closer -- it has been so much fun!


          Snow: How was the HazMat class? Did you get a run in yesterday?


          RTR: Your spare time sounds lovely ... I'm sure it will go by fast. I also like Deborah Madison's "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" -- or something like that. Can't remember the title exactly but it is a great cookbook; I use it lots.