Weight Loss Dailies


Finally the Fridailies! (Read 131 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  Nothing for me today, no time.  I did make it out for a nice 4.4 mile run after work yesterday.  It felt really good and it was nice to catch up with my friend, who I hadn't seen since before Christmas.


    NRR:  Work today, then tonight DF and I are leaving for our ski weekend.  It's supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow when we go skiing, which sounds great, but I don't know how it will affect the snow.


    FR:  I've been doing well sticking to MFP, which feels great.


    Have a great day!


      rr: did 4 miles with a friend last night.  calf muscles were super tight which was a hinderance, but it appears we were keeping a sub 10 min pace anyways.  Rest day today - a little sad because I have done some type of workout every day this year, but I'm tired and going to be busy all day - and a 5K in the morning. Hoping to have a decent race for the 5K, not sure if I will PR, but I would like to come close.


      nrr: taking care in for maintenance after work, have to go return non-needed loan money to the school so that it's not in my care, then chilling.  My friends and I are trying to decide if we want to see the new gangster movie tonight or on sunday.


      fr: little bit of a reward cheat this morning for two solid good weeks.  got a skinny vanilla latte and a piece of chocolate cinnamon bread from starbucks.


        Good morning!  this week has seemed to take forever!


        RR - 5 mi run over lunch today, 10 mi hilly trail run tomorrow. The weather this next week is supposed to be cold (high of 40) but mostly sunny, so that will be lovely!

        NRR - Hoping for a productive day today - drop car off at shop for repairs, work, run, do some laundry, paint my nails, clean out my car, etc. So looking forward to a weekend away with DBF! I haven't been to Orcas Island since I went camping there as a kid, so that will be fun too. And, go Seahawks!!

        FR - Made baked chicken nuggets from skinnytaste last night and I was a bit surprised... they were incredibly delicious. Probably some of the best chicken I have ever cooked/eaten! I used chicken coating mix instead of bread crumbs, and added garlic powder, italian seasonings, and paprika to the mix and they were so tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside, and flavorful... yum. If you want a simple comfort food recipe that is only 165 cals per serving... highly recommend.


        I'll try to make it back for shouts later this afternoon!




          RR- Considering taking another day off running, but we'll see. It's really icy out so I'd stick to the same trail behind the house. I may just take the dog for a really good walk.


          FR- Sweets are my really week point right now. Got to work on that. Maybe I'll give MFP a try again. It helped me not eat all the random food that's always around.


          NRR- Nothing new here.


          rtr- Enjoy skiing!


          OU- Have a good race. You deserve that reward treat, you've been doing really good!


            Hi all,

            RR: As predicted, it's snowing hard here, so I might do a quick run on the treadmill before I leave work. Or I might take a rest day today.


            WR: Weird: I've dropped 4 pounds since Sunday. Not sure it's all because of clean living since I did have the wine incident on Wednesday. But I certainly got more running in this week than I have in ages, so I will chalk it up to the magical powers of running!


            NRR: DH got home late last night from his meetings and was really restless all night--getting up to do more work, etc. -- so I'm really tired today.


            RTR: Have fun skiing!


            Ou: Have fun at the 5K in the morning -- that sounds like a great jump start to the year for races!


            Seattle: The chicken recipe sounds wonderful. Did you get your "happy light" yet?


            Snow: Walking with dogs sounds terrific right now.


              Wound up taking a personal day since they said it would take 2-3 hours in the morning to fix my brakes.  $600 later...  cars are a pain sometimes.  On the bright side, it is a gorgeous (cold) sunny day, and I decided to do my hilly 10 mi trail run today instead of tomorrow.  It was great!  Running in the sunshine felt so good after all the dark gloomy weather I've run in the past few months.  Now I just have a 5 miler to do tomorrow morning, which gives DBF and I the flexibility to leave for Orcas a little earlier if we want.


              MC - way to go on the running, clean eating, and dropping the lbs!  It's fun to see things like that pay off Smile  Bummer about DH getting a rough night sleep - it's always tough to sleep soundly when the other person isn't!  I think the happy light is supposed to be here this weekend - I will definitely need it after this lovely sunshine goes away!


              snowden - yikes on icy - that would definitely make me nervous to run in.  Hope you enjoy getting out for some fresh air either way!


              ou - wow, sounds like you've gotten your new year off to an awesome start!  You definitely deserve a treat and a rest day!  Good luck on your 5K tomorrow - a pr would be so exciting.  I will send you speedy vibes!


              rtr - great job on the MFP!  always nice to start a new yer off on a good note like that.  Have a great ski weekend!