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    mia-i'm sure things are fine with dbf, but i understand your worry. hopefully you guys can talk soon and resolve it. do you any more races coming up?

    mc-yes, portland has tons of good restaurants. i'm sure you'll find something fun to do while you are visiting. ugh i hate forgetting something for a run, i keep extras in my car for that reason, socks, bra, underwear, extra work clothes, etc.

    seattle-hope you get organized/caught up while its slow. days drag when its not busy though...totally hear you there

    RR: 6 easy miles this morning and then elliptical and stretching. i think we may lift tonight.

    NRR: feeling better, still blowing my nose but not super congested anymore. supposed to be near 80 here today which is awesome for october. race weather looks good this weekend, which is great bc it rained the last 2 years for this race.

    FR: i think grilling tonight


      Good morning!  It's only Wednesday but feels like it should be Friday.

      RR: I'll try to get out and do something even if it's just a walk today. Yesterday I didn't have time with everything I had to get done.

      NRR: Had the job test yesterday, which seemed to go well.  It is for various "projects" for the November elections.  It sounded very positive when I left - I did well on the test.  I'm going to babysit again on Friday starting at 6 AM - yikes! Tomorrow DBF wants to "meet" for dinner.  We never "meet",  I usually go to his place or he comes here (not as common).  I feel like he wants to be in neutral/public place for some reason.  Do I sound neurotic?  I guess I'm preparing myself for the worst but sad about it.  They had skiing up at Crystal MT. where my friend and I hiked just a little over 2 weeks ago and it was beautiful and sunny.  This is the earliest they've had skiing there.  It's going to be a long winter I'm afraid.  One last test for the week and then I'm done with my school work this week.  I can start reading for next week so whenI'm working I won't get behind.

      FR: Made rice and beans and some chicken last night.  I'll have that to eat for the next couple of days.


      SJP: What distance is this weekends race?  Hope your cold is totally gone by then.





        Good morning!


        RR- Had good run and good lifting session yesterday.  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run - I've really lucked out on weather this week but it looks pretty steady rain so not sure if that will hold today.  Wanted to swim after work but I forgot my goggles!


        NRR- Poor DBF was really sick with the stomach flu yesterday. I brought him dinner after the gym but he threw most of it up and was just lying on the couch looking miserable most of the night.  He seems to be feeling a little better this morning so hopefully that lasts!  Tonight will just be a rainy evening in getting as much homework and reading done as I can.  I am pretty sleepy this morning so I'd like to go to bed at a reasonable hour if I can!


        FR- Had chicken salad and french bread last night, was pretty good.  Thinking either grilled cheese or broccoli cheddar soup tonight.  I have been going at the fall comfort food a lot lately, but reasonable portions so I suppose it's ok!


        sjp - wow, 80 degrees!  That is fantastic.  It almost hit 90 in mid-Sept here and I loved it, but it seems like we are in fall mode for good now.  Supposed to be sunny and 50s/60s some days next week so I am really looking forward to that.  Perfect running weather for sure!  Glad you are feeling a little better, enjoy the grilling and great weather!


        Mia - I agree, it feels much later in the week than Wednesday... ugh.  I know what you mean about preparing yourself for the worst... I've tried to get out of that habit but it's hard not to sometimes!  I just try to catch myself when I start getting super paranoid about things and think more positively instead.  Have you and DBF not been getting along lately or is it just a weird feeling?  Either way, I hope that it turns out to be a fun awesome dinner out and that everything is groovy!  Smile


          Seattle: Hope DBF feels better and you don't catch what he has.  DBF and I have been getting along fine when we see each other, haven't actually seen him now for 3 weeks and I just get a feeling he is pulling away.  Dinner on Thursday is weird because I would think we would get together this weekend, but I have a feeling he is going to not want to get together over the weekend.



            Hi all,


            RR: Run went great yesterday, will do the lunch thing again today.


            NRR: Not much exciting ... our band plays this Friday, so we'll practice tomorrow night. DH and I went to a jam with some friends at one of our favorite pubs last night. I've been trying not to drink beer because it makes me gain weight, but they have such terrific microbrews on tap I couldn't help but drink a couple. Looking forward to the weekend: Going to see my younger sister in Denver on Saturday and catch up on movies.


            FR: I bought hummus with curry on a whim, and I love it. I usually don't like weird hummus, but this rocks.


            SJP: Weather sounds beautiful there ... I'm sure that will help clear up your cold, too.


            Mia: Hmmm, I hope it goes better with DBF than you're expecting ... even if he just needs to pull away for a bit, I hope it's done with care. On the food note, I am a huge fan of rice and beans. Great that you might get some interim work in November!


            Seattle: Don't you hate it when you forget key pieces of gear? DBF's stomach flu sounds terrible: Hope you don't catch it. I vote for broccoli cheddar soup!


              Mia - I will keep my fingers crossed that things with DBF turn out better than you are expecting!  It's so hard not to overthink things sometimes, but try to keep busy until then!


              MC - good craft beer is definitely one of my weaknesses!  Pyramid (not sure if it's national or not) makes a fantastic winter warmer beer that I love love love, but it's 225 cals per bottle...  so imagine how quickly that adds up when sharing a few pitchers with friends!  Sometimes it's totally worth it though Smile  your weekend sounds awesome!  I haven't even started to think that far ahead yet, just trying to make it through the week!


              Had a nice 4 mile run over lunch, it felt good but dang it was cold!  windy and drizzly but not too terrible yet!