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    RR - Getting to work a little early so I can squeeze in 6 mi over lunch. Aiming to run 12-16 mi tomorrow morning so we shall see how that goes.

    NRR - DBF is going home again for the weekend to hang out with his buddy who is in town, so I'm on my own. It's fine because I have a lot of stuff I need to catch up on, but I feel like we've been spending a lot of weekends separately lately! Hopefully we can do something fun for Memorial Day weekend (especially since Memorial Day is also my b-day this year!). Finally feeling halfway caught up at work after working my *** off this week, so that's nice! Going to have dinner w/my mom tonight and then looking forward to relaxing with a glass of wine for sure.

    FR - Spaghetti and french bread tonight.


      Good morning!

      RR: Not sure if I'll get this in today since we are heading to Portland this morning.  I have a feeling I won't get much running in with my mom here and daughter's graduation.

      NRR: DBF came down for dinner last night to meet my mom.  It was nice of him to come all the way here (he lives about 50 min away with NO traffic) because traffic is awful on a weeknight.  He didn't stay too long, just for dinner and a little while after and then headed home.  : (  Heading to DD's graduation today, she graduates tomorrow.  It will be an exciting weekend, hoping the OUTLAWS don't cause too much stress - they are already in Portland and expecting DD to spend all kinds of time with them.  She has lots of stuff to do and was texting me how overwhelmed she felt with them there.

      FR: Working really hard on being good in this area since I'm not exercising as much.


      Seattle: DBF and I haven't been spending as much time together as usual either.  This is a super busy month for me but I'm really missing our time together.  I hope he is also and not thinking "I like all this 'free' time."  I am feeling just a little insecure I think.  UGH!  Good for you getting that long run in again.  More power to you.  I did that when I ran Wenatchee and a month later ran NODM.  I did much better at NODM.



        Mia - funny that us west coasters are the first ones up and posting this morning!  I know what you mean about getting insecure sometimes - I really like having me time and time to catch up on stuff, and I know DBF does too, but I also hope he misses me a little!  He is good about saying that he does though Smile  Bummer that DD is feeling so pressured...  it really sucks when relatives do that to kids.  that is not really the way to get them excited to spend time with family!  How did you train in between Wenatchee and NODM?  I'm not really sure what I'm doing haha.  I didn't do much last week, thinking maybe 12-16 tomorrow depending on how I feel and then 10-12 next Saturday?


          seattle:  I kind of added Wenatchee in and NODM was my goal race.  I just continued with the training I had been doing and used Wenatchee as a long run.  Remember Wenatchee?  From snowing and freezing to 60 degrees in a matter of 4 hours.  UGH!!  That was when we met IRL the first time.  We need to do another run together soon.



            Oh boy, do I remember Wenatchee...  in a way I am kind of glad that I DNF'd my first marathon, got it out of the way nice and early.  hah.  I'm glad I stuck with it and tried again!  that was a crazy weather day for sure!  Yes, we should plan a race soon!  I want to do some more trail running over summer and fall... there are tons of trail races around here!


              Just wanted to check in and say hi! Had new kindergartener orientation this AM for Big B. Kind of a waste of time since it was all about registration and car pool - since we are in the all-day pre-k program I already know this stuff. I didn't even get to see him or meet his teacher and now I've got an hour to do everything I need to do at work. Oh well.


              I hope you ladies are doing well and have a wonderful weekend.


                Good Morning!


                RR- Got the dog out for a good uphill hike yesterday. Then before dinner I got in 3.3 for a run. I've learned 3 times in a row that I should not eat an apple before I run. It makes my stomach go CRAZY. But for some reason I keep doing it...


                FR- Veggie stir fry and brown rice last night. So easy and so yummy.


                NRR- Back to work today. I came back from CO and it was my work weekend which was really nice.


                seattle- Enjoy your 6! On the plane flights was the most time DBF and I have spent together in a long time. We've lived together a year now and it seemed to happen so quick since we don't get to spend to much time together. At least were not sick of each other!


                Mia- Hope your weekend goes well. What's DD's major?


                  Hi all,


                  RR: No run yesterday but had fun throwing balls for the dogs in the green, green grass. Someone needs to mow our lawn! I knew we were going to miss DS when he went to college. :-) Back still sore but getting better ... should be back in business for a little run by tomorrow.


                  NRR: So glad to be home and have a weekend to do pretty much what I want. Lots of chores I could do. Going to a Miranda Lambert concert with my younger sis in Denver Saturday night. Not too much scheduled otherwise.


                  Seattle: So great that you're caught up on work and can enjoy the weekend -- I love that well-earned time off feeling!


                  Mia: Have fun at DD's graduation -- it's such a momentous occasion. I found myself kinda misty-eyed a couple of times. Did you mom seem to like DBF? Good luck with the outlaws (love that expression) ... hope they don't bring the event down for you.


                  Java: Have a great weekend! I'm going to yoga at some point this weekend, you've made me really miss it this week. (And I think my back misses it.)


                  Snow: I've been on a brown rice binge this week, too. Mainly with sweet potatoes. So good.


                    Had a great lunch break run - I came into work even earlier than I had planned so I had plenty of time to get my 6 in and it felt great.  Hoping tomorrow's long run goes well and isn't too rainy!


                    Java - bummer on the orientation! it seems like they should have been aware that you'd already know all that stuff and have made you aware of what was going to be involved.  hope you can get lots of work knocked out this afternoon and have a great weekend!


                    snowden - way to go on the run and hike yesterday!  I feel the same way about apples, for some reason I always wind up burping/acid reflux if I try to run after I eat them.  weird!  brown rice and veggie stir fry sounds delicious.  do you and DBF just have opposing work schedules?  any chance you'll get to spend time together more consistently in the future?  It always seems like kind of a balancing act between too much and not enough!


                    MC - glad your back is starting to feel better!  I feel the same way about this weekend... I'm a little bummed that DBF is gone but this is the first weekend in a while that I haven't really had anything planned other than cleaning/homework/catching up on all that stuff and relaxing!  Miranda Lambert concert sounds super fun, I love her!