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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on running ten after work today.  Yesterday was a rest day, which felt glorious.


    NRR:  Busy day here today.  Work, run, then we have to take our cat out to the suburbs for a vet appointment.  We've been taking her to a place in the city, but it's a lot more expensive to have her spayed here.  The weekend was really nice.  Saturday DF and I hung out all day and yesterday I met up with a couple of friends for coffee.


    FR:  Chipotle for dinner tonight.  I love there veggie burrito bowls.

    Have a great day!


      rtr: love the bowls from chipotle....so addicting!  


      rr: lets see had a really nice 5 miler on Friday, went out for 3 and just kept going.  weather was gorgeous.  Yesterday meet up with some friends on a river trail and ran 6.  It was 70+ degrees and super sunny.  ended up giving me a terrible headache and a touch of heatstroke or dehydration or something.  felt terrible the rest of the day.  Still have a hangover headache this morning.  Need to fit my arm workout in tonight.  Not sure how much running I'll do this week...


      nrr: spent all day saturday doing homework.  moved from my chair once to hit up sonic for a coke.  got a lot done though, and didn't end up doing much yesterday - headache kept me from studying...


      fr: found cranberry orange oatmeal at Target yesterday...ohmygoshsogood!!!!!!


        rr.  Yesterday we hiked for a bit and took a nice walk to look at the lights.  Tonight I'm planning on another 4.


        nrr.  Yesterday was pretty much a big relaxing day at home.  Smile  I'm wondering if M's other molar is coming in because she woke up at 11:00 crying (went right back to sleep) and 4:00.  I gave her a little tylenol at 4:00 and some snuggles.  She's still down but I'll have to wake her up soon so we get to daycare and work on time.  Ugh.


        fr.  I made tuna noodle casserole from skinnytaste.com yesterday.  It was really good!  Tonight will probably be pizza.


        Hope to make it back for shouts later!



          Simon-glad you and DH got out for some fun this weekend. how is the t-mill in the garage? working out so far?

          rtr-good luck with you cat, its tough to get them in carriers! enjoy the 10 miler and chipotle. yum.

          ou-ouch, sorry about the heat, hard when the temps flux so much.

          seattle-that is great you are talking about moving in with DBF!

          RR: 12 on the t-mill saturday, it was 25* and windy/snowy. yesterday was 7 in the misty fog. and this morning i got to run outside, it warmed up to 40 which was sweet!

          NRR: not much going on tonight, dbf is traveling for work tue-thurs so packing him up tonight. otherwise just relaxing at home, online xmas shopping probably!

          FR: went over to friends for football, had lots of snacks and probably too many chips. oh well, they were salty and delicious!


            Good morning!


            RR: Hoping for a few miles after work. As long as DH isn't working too late I should be able to fit them in.


            NRR: Big B's party was a huge success this weekend! He says I'm the coolest mom ever Smile


            FR: Totally off track this weekend - need to get back to it!



            B: Smoothie w/ oj, greek yogurt, frozen berries, spinach, oats, and honey; coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

            S: mini luna, coffee

            L: lentil soup w/ kale, leeks, tomatoes, carrots and celery

            D: turkey sandwich and more soup



            rtr - glad you enjoyed your weekend and rest day!


            ou - so sorry about the headache. I'm loving the weather, but thinking this wind is going to make my run tonight totally suck.


              Good Morning!  

              RR: Might go for a run this afternoon, but I know I'm definitely walking stairs with a co-worker this evening.

              NRR: I was so tired yesterday that my brain wasn't even functioning by the afternoon.  I should have done some work but I just vegged. 

              FR: Due to being tired I probably ate a little more snacky than I should have.  All healthy snacks but too many.  


              MRNamtor: You only watch horror movies when your wife is gone?  Funny.


              RTR: Sounds like a nice weekend.


              OU: Sorry about the headache.  Good job on getting all that studying in.


              Simon: Those molars must be painful when they come in.  Poor M and poor you.


              SJP: Do you do most of your shopping online?  I need to get some shopping done, I've been procrastinating.


              Java: Glad the party went well.  I've been thinking about your gift for your IL's - how about a soup mix in a canning jar?  They have lots of ideas on pinterest.  Or homemade hummus.





                RR - 6 mi run yesterday, 3 mi lunch break run + upper body lifting at the gym with DBF today. It's been pouring here again... only the beginning of December and I already want summer back!

                NRR - Dinner party was really fun - we had delicious dinner, played board games, and drank coffee and wine. Always fun to have some new people to hang out with! DBF and I had a nice "moving in together" talk, which I think was really helpful. We went to look at a really nice apartment on Sat, it was a little small for the price but it was fun to take that first step in looking together! Tonight is just finishing up some hw and studying for my final - last night of class is tomorrow!

                FR - Chicken parmesan (from skinnytaste) + salad for dinner tonight. I can't believe I never used to eat salads growing up... they can be so delicious.


                I overslept a bit so must head out, but will try to make it back for shouts at work!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: My alarm didn't go off this morning, which is troubling because it was set correctly. So I missed my weight workout.  I think I'll flip weights and running this week and doing running on MWF and weights on T-TH. So I'll run 6 at lunch. It will be a windy one! I was happy to get to 21 miles last week with 3 weight workouts and a yoga class. Shooting for 24 miles running this week. The yoga was much needed and long overdue.


                  FR: Continuing to focus on lean protein, lots of veggies, a few pieces of fruit each day. I waiting for a weight loss "whoosh" to come any day now! :-)


                  NRR: DH gone all week for work meetings, so I'm going to try to knock out some Christmas stuff. I love to send cards, so I'm going to focus on those.


                  OU: Sorry about your headache! I rarely have those so they're very disruptive when I do. I don't do well running in the heat at all, so I struggled through the summer. Frustrating when it happens in December!


                  RTR: Good you had a relaxing weekend. Keep going on your 10s--that's so cool!


                  Simon: Hikes sounds fun, hope M's molars come in quickly. 


                  SJP: Salty snacks are hard to resist. Sometimes I get those Terra sweet potato chips and eat too many with guac. Yum.


                  Java: Your lentil soup sounds delicious!


                  Mia: Sounds like you needed some rest yesterday! Good to lay low sometimes.


                  Seattle: So fun to think about apartment shopping and moving in together! 


                    Simon - little b just got one of his molars and is working on another. I swear those are the worst!


                    sjp - I do all my x-mas shopping online. It's so convenient!


                    mia - thank you so much for the advice! I really want to give them something that will keep them on track for their goals since it is so difficult this time of year. I really like the soup idea - I will check pinterest out!


                    seattle - So excited for your and your DBF - you guys have had quite a few changes this year. Seems like a good time for the next step!


                    MC - strange that your alarm didn't go off. I'd be worried too! May be time or a new one.


                      RR- I think I'm going to take it easy today. My body is telling me to rest. I'll get in a good walk with the dog in the snow though.


                      NRR- My mom gets into town for a visit tomorrow. I'm really excited! I always tell her to come visit in the summer when the days are longer and there is a chance of the sun popping out. But she comes in the winter with the short days and cold weather. It's like she knows when I'm homesick and best for her to come regardless of the weather.


                      FR- Nothing exciting. Nothing super healthy but not doing to badly I don't think. I see my meal sizes getting a bit smaller as the days go on. I've been addicted to peanut butter and honey on toast for my breakfast lately.


                      rtr- I've been craving Chipotle lately. The veggie burrito bowl is my go to also. It's always the meal I want on the way home from the airport as the nearest one is a 300+ mile plane flight away. Most people where I live don't even know what Chipotle is and I just feel sad for them.


                      ou- I would have a hard time running in 70* weather too! 


                      Simon- Poor M : (


                      sjp- enjoy your alone time/ xmas shopping.


                      Java- Your food for the day sounds good!


                      Mia- Are you still enjoying the stair climbs? What stair climb are you training for?


                      Seattle- Yum, chicken parm. I need to check out skinny taste.


                      MC- Awesome job on your workouts! Keep it up.


                        java-that is awesome Big B loved his bday party. i bet it was a lot of fun.

                        mia-I probably do about half my shopping online, depends on what i am buying peole or if online is cheaper. i barely started shopping but mostly perusing for ideas and such.

                        seattle-i checked out skinnytaste, that site has lots of delicious recipes!

                        mc-weight loss will come, just takes your body a while to agree to it! yes, sweet potato chips are the best food ever.

                        snowed-that is fun your mom is coming to visit! have anything fun planned?


                          Hello again!


                          Running didn't happen today.  I've had a sore throat all day so I decided to take an unscheduled rest day.  I'll run Tuesday and Thursday this week instead.  It works out since I wasn't going to be able to run on Wednesday anyway because we have conferences.


                          Also, it means DF and I can have a dinner date before taking the cat to the vet.  Ethiopian instead of Chipotle tonight. 


                          OU:  Nice job on the longer than planned run!  Yuck, I hate the dehydration headache that sometimes comes with running in the heat. I hope you feel better!


                          Simon:  Ooh, I love looking at Christmas lights.  There aren't too many up around here (big city), so I'm excited to go on a Christmas light run when I go back to SD in a few weeks.


                          SJP:  Nice job running twelve on the mill!  That's hard to do.  My cat frieakin loves the carrier.  We leave it out and a lot of the time she'll jump in it and just hang out.


                          Java:  Your smoothie sounds delicious!  Do you just put oats in there uncooked?


                          MIA:  The new WW rollout sounds stressful.  Do you like the new program?


                          Seattle:  That's so exciting that you are looking at apartments with DBF.  Is moving in together something that is happening or are you just kind of looking around to see what's out there?


                          Foco:  Yikes, I'm always afraid of my alarm not going off.  Were you late for work?


                          Snowden:  I feel so sad for those people too!  How large of a town do you live in?  That's awesome that your mom is coming for a visit.


                          Have a great night!