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    Morning! its -3 right now!

    ofs-i'm sure you'll get faster as you run more--it gets easier! you are doing so well with the diet and exercise. its really impressive.

    mia-for this race dbf and i stuck together. we only don't run together if we are trying to race it or go for a time--which he typically picks 1 race in october for 'fast' time. i just kind of see how i feel. haha.

    MC-yay! glad you get some time off and have your kids home for the holidays. that will be great. i don't count calories that much but kind of keep a tab in my head and i know that the after dinner snack is what kills me so i have tried to cut it out and just have something small or hot chocolate. i feel better running when i don't have food sitting in my stomach from the night before also.

    RR: 8 easy miles then 20 min elliptical. dbf and i are going to lift tonight. its chest/shoulders/tris which is the hardest workout. it works though.

    NRR: had my xmas party last night--we bowl against the architects we share an office with. it was fun. i got wine/chocolate in the yankee swap so that is a win i think.

    FR: pizza last night, not the best but oh well.

      Wine and Chocolate is a win!  My son would eat the chocolate, though.


      RR, not sure what I'll do today.  Usually is a rest day for me (soccer game last night), but since I have a 5k race on Saturday, I should move my rest day to Friday this week.  I'll have to clear snow from my driveway when I get home.  Maybe just some calisthenics indoors afterwards.


      FR, DW made great eggplant and sausage lasagna last night.  We aren't doing pasta or bread, so the eggplant served as the pasta replacement Smile


        Hi all,


        RR: Planning to get on the treadmill at work for 3 today in between meetings.


        NRR: DS home -- yay! That's about all I can say. So fun to have him home ... he's so appreciative of everything: his dogs, his bed, the very simple black bean chili I made. DD and her DBF came over for a bit last night. DH ate quickly, then had to drive to Grand Junction for meetings, so he was bummed to have to leave. :-(


        FR: Tracking food is so educational! I think others have mentioned this, but the evening time is really where the wheels come off, isn't it?


        SJP: I like your method of just keeping tab in your head. It's so much easier to do that when you don't eat anything with multiple ingredients, which isn't a bad way to go anyway. I like to bowl at office parties -- it's so fun because no one typically (at my office) is very good. :-)


        OFS: Interesting to use eggplant instead of pasta! Sounds yummy. Thanks for your thoughts on avoiding bad food and focusing on the positive activity of running/exercise instead of the negative of avoiding food. Good thinking! It's great to see your continued progress!