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    Hello!!!! Happy New Year!

    ou-I think if you want to do the trip to Italy and you can make it work, you should. your friends will understand I'm sure. that is exciting. and woohoo for heading a marathon training group--maybe you'll meet a nice running boy Smile

    seattle-yay for the move, hopefully you enjoy your new spot. walking to work sounds amazing. is it closer to dbf or no? how was your camping? i can't imagine winter camping, i love winter hiking but jeez, i like my bed. haha.

    RR: still lots. ran all 365 days last year and over 3100 miles. i'm happy with that. otherwise, just gearing up for marathon training.

    NRR: ugh, more drama from dbf's parents. its really tough and lots of stress after being there for xmas. we are going to have a sit down face to face conversation with them in a week or 2, so anxiously awaiting that i guess. otherwise, going to my parents this weekend to do xmas with them and see my monsters!

    FR: um, havne't been doing great--been so exhausted from dbf's parents i have been falling asleep at like 5 pm and not eating dinner  on a couple days last week. i am trying to make sure i get good food so i can fuel my runs!


      Hi sjp!  seems it has been pretty quiet around here lately... maybe everyone will jump back in as the holidays are winding down!  The new place isn't closer to DBF's, but I pretty much go to his place from my work usually so it will not change that too much!  It was so nice, I rolled out of bed 20 min before work started this morning and was still on time!  Camping was fun - we had a big bonfire and some beer so not too cold!  holy cow on the running mileage - that is awesome!  I was hoping to make it to 1200 but didn't quite get there... maybe next year.  I hope you can have a good productive conversation with DBF's parents soon so you don't have to stress as much about it - that's such a bummer!