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Whoa its Wednesdaily... (Read 8 times)


    Morning! its wednesday....

    MC-hope there aren't too many revisions, can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?! have you been to austin? it sounds warm Smile

    mia-wow, we can't even see lawn here! i think dbf's parents knew we were headed to my parents bc it was my nieces bday, and it came up when we were trying to schedule weekends with them way back. not sure if that makes them mad, however, we haven't talked to them to find out....no rescheduling of 'their' weekend yet.

    seattle-do you start another class? or have spring break? i know my sister is in grad school and she has a week then starts different classes...doesn't have 1 class the whole sememster.

    snowed-how big is your EMT class?

    RR: 10 windy miles outside today. the first mile was tough but once i got in neighborhoods it was bearable and the sun even peeked out! my shoes are toast...started to get some shin pain. need to buy new inserts.

    NRR: not sure if anything is going on. i lifted last night instead of running errands so may do a target trip tonight. have to exchange some clothes i got for my niece. we'll see, supposed to get snowy/rainy, in which case, i'm going to hibernate! anyone else watch nashville? i am so hooked on that show!

    FR: had to stop at trader joes on the way to work this morning for some snacks to get me through a few days....




      RR - 4 mi tempo run over lunch, then possibly climbing or hiking at the gym w/DBF - not sure what the plan is.

      NRR - Managed to keep busy enough so far at work and with homework this week, so that's good. I am just craving some sunshine and outside time... hopefully spring will hurry up and get here! Looking forward to spending time w/DBF this evening - I really wish we could have more time together. I just have to be patient I suppose. His parents found out that the seller of the short sale waited 3 weeks after accepting their offer to turn the paperwork into the bank, so it is delayed even more... oh well.

      FR - Made baked chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes last night, I felt like a little kid and it was awesome haha. Also made brownies for DBF - not gluten free but oh well, I think we both need a little treat to get us out of the winter gloom.



      sjp - I am taking my classes at a quarter school, so we have two weeks off at the end of March (the end of winter quarter) and then I will be starting the next class the first week of April to start off spring quarter (which goes until June, etc).  Yuck on the wind/snow/rain - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have any of that for my half this weekend!  Hope you can get some errands done tonight and still get to sleep at a decent time!


        Good Morning!


        RR- Yesterday I ran a bit over 9 miles and then took the dog for a 3 mile walk. The sun was out so I tried to spend as much time as possible outside before work. Today I'm not sure what I'll get in but probably something along the lines of yesterday.


        FR- Finally starting to think I might be getting a handle on eating control on the days I work out. It takes a lot of mind/will power. I don't remember who said it yesterday..MC?.. but I too am not as hungry on the days I get a decent workout in. My days off I have a hard time cutting back so much on food. I think my days off I'm going to try to transition into maintenance calories so it's not such a big drop. And then the days of my long run I am ravenous, but it's okay because I have the calories for it. That would leave me with about 5 days a week with a calorie deficit.


        NRR- Day off work today. Coffee is brewing. Sun is out.


        sjp- The EMT class is about 15 people. It's free with the idea that everyone will be a volunteer with the department afterwards. But I get the idea from years past that people who weren't already a volunteer don't normally stick around. Which is sad.


        Seattle- You totally deserved those brownies! Have a nice day at work and workout. I hope the weather we're getting is the beginning of spring.  Maybe the sunshine will come down to you soon!


        MC- I haven't actually ran the trails at night. But I am very interested in it. I enjoy the trails so much more than the sidewalks. I'm debating if the trails by myself at night would be safer than the streets by myself at night. On the streets are weirdos and on the trails its secluded. But on the trails I would bring my hydration pack with food and water and first aid and my cell phone. I have a petzel tikka 2(??) headlamp that has worked really well for me with hiking and such.


          Quiet here today.

          SJP: do you pack your lunch most days or go out with people at work? I LOVE TJ's!

          Seattle: Do you think you'll do an online course next quarter or go to a physical class?

          Snowden: Your NRR was perfect.  sounds like a good way to start the day.


          RR: Ran/walked for 5 miles with TP - both of us were tired out today so we took some walking breaks.  We both have a lot going on in our personal lives which I think is exhausting us.

          NRR: I am getting a little bummed with the job search thing, not knowing what exactly it is I'd like to do, etc.  Trying to be pro-active but some days it's hard to keep the spirits up.  Usually I see TLC on Tuesday but I really can't afford to spend $ on gas to get to his house so often and it's too hard for him to commute from my house so we'll still to the weekend this week.  He is taking Friday off again and we have a planned "date" Friday night to go to see a jazz group we like. Looking forward to the weekend.

          FR: Part of the reason I'm feeling lousy mentally is because I'm not taking care of myself physically.  Need to start treating my body better foodwise - I know this, why don't I do it?



            Had an awesome tempo run this afternoon, I wound up running my usual 4 mi route 7 minutes faster than I normally do, I think that's the fastest I've run that route by far!  Really looking forward to the half on Saturday Smile


            snowden - hooray for sunshine!  It rained pretty hard on my run today but I think it is supposed to be decent weather for this weekend...  I hope so!  It's amazing how much difference the sun makes when you don't see it very often.  Way to go on your running and getting outside yesterday!  I am weird with eating and long runs, I usually don't have much of an appetite after, it seems to kick in either later that night or the next day I'll be super hungry.  I do become a bit of a lightweight though as I found out last weekend, haha!


            Mia - I know what you mean about the eating well/taking care of yourself physically thing...  I still have a hard time with wanting to eat junk food when I'm stressed or upset and then I feel even worse, but it's a tough habit to break.  I'm sure eventually we can get there though!  Job hunting and stressing about money really really sucks, keep your chin up and keep at it and hopefully you will find something awesome ASAP!  I think I am going to take most of the classes online - they aren't self-paced so they won't let you get too far behind really, and it's just a lot easier for me to fit them in my schedule that way!  In person ones are great if you have a good professor but I just don't want to overload myself too much.