Weight Loss Dailies


Happy Fridailies! (Read 11 times)


    I must be the only one up early this morning!  I didn't make it back for shouts yesterday but hopefully will today, if anyone is around.


    RR- Did abs/legs at the gym yesterday, haven't done legs day in a while - my quads are sore!  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run, and then planning on 10 mi run and/or a hike over the weekend depending on the weather.


    NRR- Hoping that I will manage to keep busy at work today... yesterday was pretty slow!  I have a good chunk of homework that I need to get done tonight so I will be going straight home after work and getting started on that.  Rockin Friday night!  Not sure of other weekend plans, probably watching lots of football and possibly some pizza and beer with the family on Sunday.  I'm going to need the cals if I'm hiking 8-10 miles and running 10 miles over the weekend, I think!


    FR- Gonna have to go with some grilled cheese and sweet potato fries last night.  This is the first morning I've been cold going out to my car, fall is definitely here!




      seattle-i get so sore after i do a legs workout, which is why i avoid them, but i know they are so good for you, its a vicious cycle! enjoy grilled cheese and sweet potato fries. do you make your own?


      RR: 5 easy miles this morning and some elliptical and stretching. race on sunday, looks like possible rain/drizzle, i'm hoping it holds off, racing in the rain is annoying.


      NRR: friday! relaxing tonight at home, hopefully sleeping in tomorrow and then heading to my sisters. the race is the next town over from her and we have to get to the race early bc of the parking situation/road closures.


      FR: need to grocery shop, i have nothing in the fridge/cupboards


        HI all,


        RR: Cold and rainy here -- may or may not run, depending on how much time I have. Really need to go to yoga/sculpt tomorrow morning.


        NRR: Was on early-morning conference call and it hasn't let us since. Going to be a busy day. Band plays tonight, which will be super-fun. We should have a good crowd!


        Seattle: Ugh, I need to get more consistent with yoga. I've fallen off in the last few days, so haven't done any weight training and it will be a shock to the system. Hope you can keep busy ... it must be really frustrating to have such uneven workflow. Pizza and beer sounds tremendous, especially when you earn it with hiking/running. I need to stock up on more sweet potatoes, it's been a few weeks since I've fixed those.


        SJP: Good luck on the Sunday race! Cool weather sounds conducive to speed, but hope the rain holds off. Which race are you doing? Is your sister running too?


          sjp - yep, I love making my own sweet potato fries... they're pretty easy and so yummy!  I don't like legs day either but DBF is good about making me do it, haha.  have fun at the race and your sister's place this weekend, hope the rain will hold off for you!  It's finally sunny here and I am so looking forward to running in it.


          MC - yeah, I guess that is one of the downsides of accounting... super slow half the month and super busy the other half!  I am getting more used to it by now though.  I need to start doing yoga... along with all the other things I need to start doing, hah.  I am always super tight and inflexible!  I hope you have a great weekend with the band and hanging out with your sister, it sounds great!


          Mia - hope everything went well with DBF yesterday and that you are feeling better now!


            Happy Friday, I think.

            RR: ran yesterday, walked today.  Looks like the weather should be nice for a couple of days.

            NRR: babysitting today, started at 6 am. Got an email about the temp job, it will start oct 22 and end about nov 15. So that will work well with starting my  other job. Yes, he said he wanted to call it quits last night because I was hurt and then felt uncomfortable so he left.  He texted today and wants to talk tonight when I'm home.  Sounds like he wants to come over again. So not sure what exactly he wants. 

            FR:not feeling overly hungry. 


            SJP. Hope you have an awesom race. 

            MC: I'm thinking I could use some yoga also. My hamstrings are always tight. 

            SEATTLE  Hope you get lots of homework done tonight so you have a relaxing weekend. 



              mia - bummer on the DBF situation...  I know that sucks and it also sucks being up in the air and not really sure what the other person is thinking.  hopefully you guys can get it resolved soon either way!  Also, fantastic that you have jobs lined up - that must be a great relief, and will give you something else to focus on!  Enjoy the nice weather this weekend - something about getting out and walking and running in this weather just soothes the soul.  My lunch break run felt so good!  Hopefully it can do the same for you Smile