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    Another Monday...  seems like the weekend just started then bam it's over!


    rr: had some great runs this weekend.  saturday morning did a 6 mile tempo run.  Was suppose to be 40 minutes at 10 min pace.  For some reason when running with the group I did I run faster - ended up with 40 minutes at 9:30 pace, so guess I need to adjust my tempo run paces! (since next week I'm suppose to do 25 min at 9:30, seems under achieving).  Yesterday I went out for a short 6 mile LR in 60* temps, it was so beautiful!!!  Miss spring running!


    nrr: Had a great time at the GEorge STrait concert.  Jekyll and Hyde was alright at the theater last night, not my favorite play.  Besides that tried to keep it low key this weekend.  Did a lot of reading for classes.


    fr: Wasn't horrible this weekend.  Only ate 2 meals each day so they were a little more calorie dense then my normal meals would be.


    wr: my pants feel loser, that's a plus to me!



      RR: 10 miles this morning despite only sleep for 6 hours. that'll hurt later. i still woke up at my normal time without an alarm, just know its going to make me extra sleepy at 2 pm.

      NRR: had less sleep bc I watched the Pats games with friends, that was fun, but the game was awful. the pats were terrible. i just wish it was a better game to watch. oh well. had a good weekend, dbf and I went shopping yesterday at the outlets, got some awesome deals, including 6.99 puffy vest from the gap and $31 running shoes at the nike outlet. sweet!

      FR: made honey beer bread from pinterest, it was so easy and delicious, we also made crockpot pulled chicken w/marinara for the game. was delicious and not super unhealthy.

      ou- i hear you, not ready for another week, boo.


      more shouts later!

        sjp: sorry about the game last night - I didn't get to watch it...  amazing you still woke up at the same time, I snoozed twice because I was so tired!


          Morning!  Add me to the sleepy list...  and one of the few (it seems) who doesn't have the day off for MLK day!


          RR - 3 mi lunch break run, then lifting chest/tris/abs at the gym w/DBF tonight.

          NRR - Had a nice weekend! DBF and I looked at the house his parents have the offer in on, and I think it's pretty nice - it needs some cosmetic stuff but I think it has a lot of potential and that would be fun. After that we went rock climbing and tried some new routes (there is a climbing wall not far from his house). Haven't gone up too high but it's been fun learning the basics - and good for me because I'm scared of heights, so hopefully I'll get a little more comfortable with them! Sad basketball weekend for WA state, but it was nice relaxing and spending time with DBF. Also had a girl's night last night and watched Magic Mike... Channing Tatum was quite nice in that movie, I must say!

          FR - Making skinnytaste baked mac n cheese tonight... good comfort food for these cold foggy icy weather days!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Good morning!

            RR: Rest day. Had a good run Saturday (better than I've felt in a while) and a great hot yoga class last night and my legs sure are feeling it today. Happy for the rest!


            NRR: Busy as always! Work has been so crazy lately I may have to break-down and tell them we might need to hire another attorney. I just feel so swamped all the time it may be nice to have someone to help out.


            FR: Getting back to normal - FINALLY



            B: a piece of leftover veggie pizza, coffee w/ ff creamer

            S: clif's bar, coffee

            L: lean cuisine

            D: chicken in crockpot, rice-a-roni (per Big B's request), peas



            OU - it was so nice this weekend I'm glad you took advantage and got in some good runs!


            sjp - that honey beer bread sounds so good! I'm going to have to do a pinterest search. Sorry about the game....


            seattle - let me know how the skinnytaste mac & cheese comes out. I have been thinking of  trying it for a while, but mac & cheese is Big B's favorite food and he's pretty stuck on the box stuff. I would love to find a healthier version for him since I never let him have it unless we go out or he has it with a grandparent (not because I'm such a great, healthy mom or anything but because I know I will eat it all if I make it at home). Sounds like you had a great weekend - I didn't mind watching Channing Tatum in Magic Mike either!




              RR- I'm thinking of taking a rest day today. I got a good run in Saturday and hiked yesterday. I slept in today and 2 cups of coffee are calling my name.


              FR- I've been really really bad lately. Snacking a TON and eating too much at meals. Ice cream... Does it ever just "click". I know eating right takes a lot of hard work, but is there a point where it just gets easier and isn't always a constant battle? This past week I got to the point where snacking was just a habit, something I didn't think about and I know its going to show up in a few days! Part of it may be that I started TOM and that hasn't happened in months. But I don't want to blame it on that because I fall into this eating routine too frequently.


              NRR- I'm looking forward to my work weekend starting tomorrow. The house is filthy and I want to get another long run in.


              ou- Loose pants is always a plus! way to go!


              sjp- Honey beer bread sounds great. I love baking bread, but haven't in about a month.


              seattle- I really enjoy rock climbing. I kind of have a thing about heights too. Sometime they don't bother me and other times they do. It really helps having someone you trust belay you.


              Java- What kind of attorney work do you do?




                RR:  I made it out for a nice 5.8 mile run this afternoon.  It was chilly, but didn't feel so bad once I got started.  I took Satruday and Sunday off, but Friday after work a friend and i made it out for a nice 10 mile run, which was a great self-confidence booster.


                NRR:  Today I have the day off for MLK day, which is fantastic.  I went to Barnes and Noble to read for a bit, then DF and I met up for lunch at Chipotle followed by a visit to a travel agent to discuss honeymoon options.  We're thinking Bora Bora, which makes me incredibly excited.  We also went to a wedding this weekend, which was really fun, especially since we're planning our own wedding.  Overall, it was a very nice weekend.

                FR:  I'm making Spaghetti and caprese salad for dinner tonight.


                OU:  That's awesome that your pants are loose!  Clearly you're doing something right!


                SJP:  Nice job waking up to run even though you are short on sleep.  Hopefully you can catch up on some sleep tonight.


                Seattle:  I would love to try out a rock climbing wall.  I enjoyed Magic Mike quite a bit myself.  Personally, I'm surprised it's not nominated for any Academy Awards!  Smile


                Java:  Nice job on your workouts this weekend!  Do you think your company will hire someone else if you ask them to?


                Snowden:  I hear you on your fr.  Sometimes it feels like it clicks for me, then I get off track and have a really hard time getting back at it.  I've found that tracking helps (I use MFP most of the time), but even then I sometimes find myself starting out with good intentions, then not following through. How far are you hoping to run for your long run?


                Have a great night!


                  Hello everyone! Late post for me. Getting back to reality after a really wonderful 4 day weekend. Ugh. Reality bites.


                  RR: Got some great running in during my time off! Back to back LRs on my favorite trail in the whole world on Friday and Saturday... Friday was 24mi solo, Saturday I did 12mi solo then picked up my mom for the last 10mi to make 22mi total. Whew. I thought my legs would be totally wiped after that, but I knocked out a really fantastic and fast 14mi Sunday in the super hilly town where DBF lives. It was so nice to be off the TM and back outside after 3 days straight on it. Things are looking good for the Spring racing season! Next 50k is in less than 3 weeks. I'm also working on those back to back LRs and high mileage in hopes of running a 50 miler sometime in 2014.


                  NRR: Drove up to my parents' on Thursday afternoon and stayed there until Saturday afternoon. Mom and I went out to lunch, got our first ever manicures together, spent some quality time on the couch, went running, and just had a really great two days together. I wish I lived closer I miss her a lot. Saturday I drove out to DBF's... we ordered pizza and went to bed early since we were both exhausted. Sunday we visited his parents at their new house, ran some errands, and did some cleaning/laundry before spending the evening eating leftovers and staying up WAY too late watching "Bones." He didn't have today off from work, so I got up with him, packed him lunch, made us breakfast, and when he left for work I drove home to go for a run. I didn't start running til 8:30am, which is SO weird for me... I don't remember the last time I did that. Meh it was ok. I prefer to run before 7am if I can help it. Then I just ran some errands, unpacked, cleaned, and got ready for the week.


                  FR: So I definitely did not eat enough food the past few days and my body is REALLY letting me know today! I've been absolutely ravenous all day long. It's like I just cannot get full. It's hard to remember to eat enough when I'm doing back to back LRs on the weekends and then going out and doing stuff all day long... the people I'm with usually don't need to eat 1-2x in between meals like I do. Hah. Need to be better about that.


                  Shoutouts next I gotta play catch up!


                    Ou: Nice work on the running this weekend! I think it's always easier for me to keep a faster pace when I'm running with people. My marathon PR was done with a pace group... and I seriously don't think I even reproduced my average mile time for the marathon once during training. At all. Hah. Just goes to show how motivating other people can be! I'm going to try really hard to find a good running group when I move to where DBF lives next year. There's not much around here. Wow I bet the George Strait concert was awesome! He must be great to see live. Congrats on the looser pants that's always such a great feeling.


                    Sjp: Yep I'm in the same boat as you... only 6hr of sleep last night. It hurt getting up this morning. It seems like my internal clock is so much more "dialed in" than others... no matter what time I go to bed, I always wake up at the same time. Maybe it's the early morning runner thing? Glad you had fun last night! Sounds like the missed sleep was worth it. Nice shopping haul from the weekend. What kind of shoes are the Nikes? Is that what you usually run in? Also, honey beer bread sounds really amazing! Maybe I'll have to try that this weekend.


                    Seattle: Glad that you and DBF liked the house! Do you think you're definitely going to move there? I think it will be fun for the two of you to put some work into the place together. Rock climbing sounds like it would be so cool! Also scary hah. Is DBF really into rock climbing, or is he also just starting out? Haha I loved "Magic Mike" I watched it with my mom and sister over the holidays. Mmm Channing Tatum...


                    Java: I absolutely love hot yoga and I miss it so much! I haven't found a good studio that I like out here where I live now. Hopefully when I move I'll find one. You should definitely have a conversation about hiring another employee if you're feeling that overwhelmed. I'm sure it affects the quality of your work and how you feel at home with your family! I know DBF is struggling with the same thing right now, but his company can't really afford someone else right now. It sucks.


                    Snowden: Did you end up taking a rest day? Sleeping in is SO much more tempting in the winter months... I always end up laying in bed having a mental debate with myself about running vs. sleeping in... happens every single morning! So far I haven't let the "sleeping in" win out yet. Mostly because I always have to get up and go to the bathroom, and by that time I'm awake and figure I might as well get out there and run. Hah. As for the snacking thing... yeah, it's a REALLY hard habit to break. I used to eat something after dinner every single night without fail. Whether I was hungry or not. I've been trying to eat after dinner only if I'm truly hungry now. It's tough! But I think it will get easier. Doing anything fun on your work weekend?


                    Runtravel: Bora Bora for your honeymoon sounds fantastic! That's exciting! Are y'all going to go right after you get married, or wait a bit? I bet it was so fun to attend a wedding while you're in the midst of wedding planning yourself. Hah whenever I go to weddings now I'm constantly thinking what I would do differently or the same... what I like and dislike... I'm sure it's much worse when you're actually engaged and planning your own. Hope you enjoyed your day off!


                      Hi Everyone!

                      RR: Ran the AZ RNR half marathon yesterday.  I finished in 1:42:49 which I was thrilled with since I had a major LACK of training.  I hadn't run at all in a week and a half.  When I have been running it's lots of hills, so maybe the flatness of the course helped.

                      NRR: GREAT WEEKEND!!  Had a wonderful time with my friends and TLC.  AZ was so nice and warm, it was very rejuvenating.  We just had fun hanging out and talking and joking.  TLC got along great with my good TP/friend and TP's wife.  I had brought another friend along and she did some really weird things.  SHe had never met any of them before and was really my guest and I was the guest of my TP because we were staying in his family's vacay home in Scottsdale.  My friend grabbed the room with the door, even though TLC and I were there together.  Then she didn't offer to help pay for anything or clean up.  I was really surprised by her behavior and she didn't make a good impression on my friends.  It was weird.

                      AFter running we went to a movie theater where you can order dinner and eat in the theater and they have really nice comfy seats.  We saw Argo and that was a really good movie and fun night.

                      FR:  We had some good food, mexican, had spaghetti and meat sauce the night before the half, flatbread at the movie, got pei wei one day.  YUM!  Back to the healthy eating tomorrow.