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    RR: I did 6 on the treadmill last night! That was an accomplishment considering I was really close to skipping it. I did skip weights this morning to get to work early and will try to squeeze that workout in later today.


    FR: I had a bagel with egg and cheese from my favorite bagel place ... first time in a long time that I've had something related to bread. I had to have it this morning.


    NRR: Work party tonight, should be low-key. DH comes home from long week in western Colorado, so that will be fun to catch up. Not much planned for the weekend but we'll probably go hear some music and I'll try to get the dogs out for a long hike.


    Back later for shouts ... 


      Morning MC!  Yay Friday!!!


      RR: Not sure what's going to happen with this today - nothing planned yet.


      NRR: Work until about 2 PM then going out to get a drink and catch-up with a good friend/co-worker I haven't seen in ages.  We used to work together but now we're not scheduled to work together which is sad.  Younger DD is getting home from her first qtr at college today.  I'm sure she'll bring a pile of mess with her and the house will be noisy again.  Yay and not yay at the same time.  TLC Man is coming down here tonight, I think we're going to a movie but it depends on how tired we are etc.  Younger DD's dad is picking her up and TLC Man doesn't want to cross paths with ex so we are trying to work out timing on his arrival.  


      FR: Making Chicken Mole tonight because TLC Man said he liked it.  This is going to be an experiment for me, I hope it turns out.  He always does such an awesome job cooking for me, I hope I can do as well.


      MC: Enjoy your work party tonight!  Will DH be going with you?



        Good morning!


        RR: Nothing today. Going to get some errands done before I get Big B and then we will got get DH's Christmas gift. Skipped hot yoga yesterday - good thing I'd already thought about it because I realized I had brought my clothes but forgot my mats, towel and water bottle! Must have been my subconscious telling me I really wasn't feeling it.


        NRR: Big B is headed to an indoor water park with my mom this weekend as part of his birthday gift from her, so DH and I got a sitter for little b on Saturday so we could have a date! Thinking about seeing Life of Pi - one of my favorite books so I'm a bit nervous about seeing the movie.


        FR: Nothing exciting. Had Red Robin last night - yum!



        B: scrambled egg on ww toast w/ cheese, coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

        S: mini luna, coffee

        L: probably a lean cuisine

        D: nachos (ww tortilla chips, 2% cheese, vegetarian refried beans, guac, sour cream black olives, tomatoes, etc.)



        MC - we have a great new bagel place here that we frequent for breakfast on the weekends. Nothing like a good bagel sandwich! Enjoy the work party!


        Mia - sounds like you and the man are really enjoying yourselves! Good for you!


          Oh man, I must not be as young as I used to anymore...  got home from the company party around midnight and I am tired this morning!


          RR - 4 mi lunch break run today, running a small local (flat!) 10K tomorrow.  My 10K PR is 1:00:30, so I'd like to get under an hour!  


          NRR - Had a lot of fun at the company Christmas party last night... more than I expected at least!  There was an open bar with really good alcohol, and delicious food.  Pretty much everyone was there and it was fun to see people in a social setting, meet significant others, etc.  I wish DBF could have come with, but oh well.  Probably playing catch up with laundry/cleaning and start studying for my final this evening... rockin Friday night!


          FR - Probably some sort of pasta w/chicken and salad.


            Oh, and I almost forgot...  they apparently put in a gym w/treadmills, weights, and showers in the basement of my building, and it's free (for employees only).  awesome!!!  No more dry shampoo!

              quick morning post!

              rr: another typical bad Friday morning run.  Legs just don't have Friday's in them.  Oh well got the miles cranked out.  also did 10 minutes of abs last night (for whoever asked, i do either Nike Training Club or P90X abs - so a 15 minute quick ab routine.  I mix it up).  


              nrr: test is over - not sure how well it went but it's over.  JUst have to write a paper and I"m done!  so much cleaning and catch in life I have to do when it is finished!!!  Getting a pedi at lunch today - so excited.  The feet need some pampering after marathon training!  Also scored suite seats to the NBA game tonight - so excited, we play the Lakers so I had so many "friends" who wanted to go!


              fr: didn't eat much yesterday - probably reason for bad rr...i did manage to eat 4 christmas oreos however...


                Good morning!

                RR:  I'm not sure on this one.  I think I'll play it by ear.  If I do run, it'll be short, probably three or so miles.  I know its alright to run with a cold, but I can't find the motivation and I'm tired.  Maybe I'll take a nap this afternoon, then go for a short run.


                NRR:  It's almost the weekend!  DF and I are hanging out tonight, then tomorrow we can go and pick up our kitten from the vet.  She had to stay two nights because she was spayed and declawed.  We don't have any major plans this weekend, just some relaxing.


                FR:  Meh, nothing exciting here.



                Foco:  Your breakfast sounds really good.  I love breakfast sandwiches with egg and cheese.  Have fun at your party!


                MIA:  I like "TLC Man"  for the title of the new man in your life.  You deserve someone worthy of that moniker instead of someone worthy of the SH name.


                Java:  That's funny how yoga worked out last night.  Confession:  sometimes I go to the gym after work hoping I forgot something essential to swimming so I have an excuse to skip.  It hasn't actually happened yet, though.


                Seattle:  That is awesome about the gym and showers at your work!  Why couldn't DBF make it to the Christmas party?


                OU:  Enjoy your pedicure, you earned it!  Also, an NBA game sounds fun! 


                  Kinda funny, there is only one other person at work so far and everyone else has called in sick/hungover/tired... think it will be a quiet day!



                  MC - way to go on your treadmill run yesterday...  it always feels so good to get a workout in that you were close to skipping.  I love bagels...  I've tried to do low carb occasionally but I just am unhappy that way.  Have fun at your work party and with DBF!


                  Mia - that is sweet that you are cooking dinner for the man, I'm sure he'll love it.  love the TLC man nickname, so awesome!  Have fun spending some time with younger DD again!


                  Java - I love Red Robin... those steak fries are so good.  Hope the movie is good - I've heard good things about it.  I haven't read the book but it might be fun to see anyways!


                  ou - enjoy your pedicure!  I love getting them.  I know what you mean about playing catch up - I have been so busy with studying, work party, etc that I have piles and piles of laundry to do.  I am hopefully going to get lots of studying done at work today so I don't have to worry about it over the weekend... I am glad that my job lets me study/do hw on down time!


                  rtr - yay for having kitty back, that will be nice!  I kind of love having weekends with nothing planned, especially in the winter... it's nice to just snuggle up inside and relax.  DBF's work Christmas party was at the same time as mine last night but an hour in the opposite direction, and since we both haven't been at our jobs for too terribly long we figured it was important to each go to ours.  Hopefully next time though!


                    Where on earth did this day go?


                    rr.  That's about to happen right now.  M is down for bed and I have a date with the TM in the cold garage.  4 miles on tap


                    nrr.  Crazy busy day.  Training at work then trying to figure out what was up with my car.  I dropped it off to get a part of the door replaced and when I went to pick it up the shop was closed and my car was locked!  Didn't know what to do!  Finally got a hold of the owner and he told me he left the keys above the door.  Phew.  Got M and came home.  We made a "star cave" together.  She's not to sure of it yet, but, I think she'll warm up to it!


                    I have a GOTR meeting tomorrow, for the better part of the day.  


                    fr.  Meh.  In a rut.  Not enough time to cook at the end of the day.


                    Have a great weekend all!