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    Happy last weekend of 2012!

    RR: Ran 16 this morning and I am tired!  We ran it at an 8:20 pace. I haven't run further than 10 recently so probably did more than I should have.

    NRR: After running older DD and I went out to lunch and then did some shoe shopping.  She needed new running shoes, so to the running store.  I needed some dress shoes for NYE, so off to DSW - we both got what we needed and more.  OOOPS!

    FR: Had a really good Turkey panini for lunch today at the restaurant.  My TP's brother owns it and it is a really neat place.  Coffee shop/wine bar/small bites type place.


    Tomorrow I take older DD to the airport @ 4:30 am and then I'm going to head up to TLC's house.  I think we're going to see a movie (Lincoln) at some point, he'll go for a bike ride and I'll go for a run and we'll see what else we end up doing.



      Okay so here's something interesting about my foot problem. It comes with a list of bad decisions.

      I got new running tights and fleece pullover in the mail.

      I got out of bed the next morning and was able to walk 5 steps before my foot hurt.

      Decided that makes it okay to try going for a run.

      Put on my finger shoes that have always felt good for my feet and off I went!

      I stayed around the neighborhood and kept it really slow. At the beginning I was kinda sore/stiff. At one point a was going up a hill and it hurt.  And did I turn around and walk? No.

      On the way down that hill my foot just seemed to loosen up. And then it didn't hurt really at all.

      So I ended up running at a very slow pace for 20 minutes and came back feeling good. Took the dog for a good walk and felt good. Stood on my feel all day at work and only have some soreness at the end of the night,

      Yesterday I went for a 6-7 mile easy hike and basically went through the same succession  Little sore, hurt, loosen up, felt almost normal, little sore at the end of the work day.

      So I did everything I wasn't supposed to do and I'm feeling better? Not totally normal but better. I know it was stupid to do all those things but it may have worked out in my favor. Possibly.


      Also- Mia, I did consider a stress fracture but I was trying to push that thought away, at least until the new year starts.


        Happy last day of 2012!


        RR - Been a busy weekend here.  Ran 6 mi in the rain on Saturday, then hiked ~5 mi w/DBF and our younger siblings yesterday (super fun and a beautiful day for it).  This morning ran 3 mi to kick off marathon training (yay!) and swam 800M at the gym.  Tomorrow will be a 5 mi run.


        NRR - Had a great time hanging out with DBF and the siblings yesterday (the siblings hadn't met each other before).  We went to our favorite little pub to drink beer and catch the end of the Seahawks game after.  No idea what the plan is tonight, hopefully doing something low key away from the crazy drunk crowds.  It's been a productive long weekend, getting organized and getting everything cleaned.  DBF's parents also found a house in Seattle that they liked and put an offer in on it, so we'll see if they get it.  If they do, DBF and I can live there if we like it (not for free but for cheaper than market rent!).  Would be very convenient!


        FR - Made zucchini lasagna from skinnytaste over the weekend, I was skeptical but it actually turned out to be quite delicious!  Looking forward to getting back on the clean eating bandwagon for the new year!