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    It's Boston time!!!!  Would love to run that race one day!!


    rr: well I wasn't able to get in a long run last week so I did several 5+ mile runs throughout the week.  Still ended up with 28 or so miles so good enough.  This week is the official start to taper.  Can;t believe it is here already!!!


    nrr: went to Dallas this weekend - friends went to the NASCAR race so I went along.  Spent Saturday night chillin at the hotel, swimming, doing homework, went to dinner solo - it was kind of nice. Just relaxing and away from my dirty house and taking care of the dogs.  Sunday we spent way to much money and ate some awesome food.  Nice to just get away sometimes.


    fr: didn't do too bad this weekend.  Tried to pick healthier options where ever we went.


    wr: i haven't moved in weeks.  Been right at 149.  Some is that I haven't eaten that healthy - but the rest is just the miles from training and I don't think I can loose any!  Hoping when I start crossfit it jump starts me.  thinking my body is just in a rut.


      Good morning!


      RR - Had a great 20 miler on Saturday, managed to beat the rain and nasty weather that came in later in the day and my legs felt great the whole time and recovered really well. taper time now! Climbing at the gym w/DBF tonight. I have been doing my long runs on Saturdays but the marathon is Sunday so I'm taking today off to shift my schedule to match!

      NRR - It was a fun but tiring weekend! DBF and I drank some rum and watched the storm outside (tons of hail and some thunder and lightning which we don't get much around here) and then went to a lovely delicious Italian restaurant for dinner. Some of his high school buddies came over after that so we hung out with them as well. Sad news, there was a big avalanche on one of DBF and I's favorite hikes (and favorite snow hikes as well) and two people died. Good reminder to always check the avalanche forecast before we go :/ Not sure what we will do after climbing, probably just cook dinner and watch some TV!

      FR - Doing a mini "cleanse" until the marathon, which pretty much just means cutting out alcohol and trying to eat as healthy as possible!


      Back in a bit for shouts!



        RR: 12 on saturday it is still cold and windy and i was just over it. i have been inside/running in 25-30* for 6 months now. 7 yesterday which was a little nicer. Today i am having a heel thing, base of my calf really, so taking it easy. ran 4 then did elliptical and then bike.  hopefully its nothing, i'm going to ice it and be crazy haha.

        NRR: sorry i've been a horrible forum friend. i was so busy at work last week, we had a project ramp up and a couple deadlines so running around to meetings and such all week. could be in for it this week again as my coworker is off this week (we do most of the design/details/dwgs) so hopefully none of his projects pop up with any issues. otherwise, counting down the weeks until we move (2.5) hopefully just 2!

        FR: nothing exciting, pretty much out of snacks. which may not be bad Smile

        ou-i am watching the marathon right now. i would also love to run it someday. can't believe its taper already!

        seattle-you are killing this marthon training cycle! that is so scary about the avalanche.

        marathon monday is so inspiring


          Happy Boston Marathon Monday!  How is the weather there today?

          OU: definitely nice to get away on the weekend sometimes.  A change of scenery is always refreshing.

          Seattle: Wow, fantastic job on your 20 miler.  How does it feel to be tapering?

          SJP: Are you getting all packed up?  Do you have alot of things to move?  What is the apartment like?


          RR: I didn't run this weekend due to allergies.  I did do lots of painting though.  Trying to get it all done, almost there.

          NRR: Great weekend for the most part.  Went to DBF's Thursday night and on Friday morning we got his house ready because he was having some of his really good friends over for lunch.  He's known them for 35 years and they met running.  The wife used to be the race director for a big race in Spokane called Bloomsday.  They were super nice and it was so easy to talk with them.  I think DBF liked how well we got along because his ex was very anti social.  After they left we watched an old cult movie called "Harold and Maude" - very funny.  Went out for dinner and then came back and fell asleep on the couch watching TV and cuddling.  Saturday I went home mid morning because BF had work to do.  I came home and started my next painting project.  Wasn't feeling great - allergies showed up but I don't have a stuffy nose, it has all settled in my ears so I'm really dizzy, nauseous and feel floaty.  Probably up and down the ladder wasn't the best idea.  Felt awful when I woke up Sunday morning and had to go back to bed mid morning.  I forced myself up and the decongestants worked okay.  I did more painting.  NOt sure if I mentioned that I was going to start taking an online program for medical billing and coding.  That starts on April 22nd, so I've been doing my financial aid stuff and getting oriented.  So I put in some work on that as well.  The interview process to get accepted there was almost more intense than a job interview.

          DBF drove down to check on me in the evening and we went to dinner and then he headed home.  It takes him a good 45 minutes to get here and another  45 back so I thought that was very nice of him.  I think he might like me. Smile

          FR: Need to go shopping a I have to scrounge for food when I'm home.  Saturday I made spaghetti with frozen veggies and some cheese and sauce on top.  That was ALL I had.  LOL



            Hi all,


            RR: After having a great 8-mile run on Friday, I didn't run on Saturday or Sunday. It was really windy and cold and bitter (no excuse, I know) and I just couldn't drag myself out there. I went to yoga instead. Today we have an all-out blizzard going on, so I'm going to have to run on the treadmill here at work. It's a good thing that I'm considering this half marathon coming on Sunday to be a practice run. All in all, though, I've run more at this point in the year than I did last year, and I did OK last year.


            NRR: I had a great, relaxing weekend but not as productive as it should have been. This week, we'll have work people coming in from our other offices so every night this week is taken up with socializing with them. I have to fly to NY right after the half marathon this Sunday (in fact, it might make me run faster ... I'm barely going to get it done before I have to go to the airport). So I think I was subconsciously factoring all that in when I did pretty much absolutely nothing on Saturday but read and play with the dogs.


            OU: Your night at the hotel relaxing sounds great. Kind of similar to my Saturday except I was home. It will be interesting to see how your body responds to CrossFit -- that will be fun!


            Seattle: I can't wait to hear your time for your race, you are so prepared! I think for me getting lots of rest and backing off on the alcohol will also help me next weekend. I hate avalanches -- we've had a really bad season for that in Colorado, and lost some really young people.


            SJP: I am done with winter, too. They keep getting our forecast wrong, so last weekend we were all prepared for a big snowstorm that never hit us, and then we were surprised this morning. It is really piling up. Hope your heel gets better soon. What kind of work do you do? What's a dwg? Hope things don't get too crazy at work for you this week with your co-worker gone.


            Mia: Ugh, allergies. Yours sound pretty brutal. Be careful on the ladders! Sounds like another great weekend with DBF -- does he still run at all, or does he mainly bike now? The online course sounds like a great thing to do -- so are you still in the running for that job?


              MC: What a PITA that you have so much snow still.  Yes, I should find out whether I get the job by the end of this week.  Fingers and toes crossed.  I also have an interview with another place this morning.  Seems like when it rains it pours.



                MC-ugh, you are definitely getting worse than us with the snow. that is terrbile. I am a structural engineer, so dwg is drawing, in autocad, I didn't mean to use shorthand typing my post--totally spaced!

                mia-Allergies are the worst. Glad you got to spend a lot of time with dbf this weekend, sounds like things are still going really well between you two. Dbf and I don't have a ton of stuff to pack since most of the stuff is still packed from when dbf moved in...and most of the bigger stuff is our roommates. We both have random stuff to outfit an apt, mine is mostly at my parents from when i graduated. so we'll have to fill in here and there and make trips to get essentials. for the most part, the actual move shouldn't be too bad.


                  Good Morning!


                  Edited to say Hi to Fran50. We don't do too much over the weekend around here, but are pretty consistent through the week days.


                  RR- No running for me over the weekend. Planning on something today. Do I ever know how far I'll go?


                  NRR- Boston Marathon! I should look up the live stream during my breakfast and coffee.


                  FR- Bad eating week again. Been slowly falling back into that terrible night time snacking.


                  OU- Oh taper! How did it affect you last marathon? I agree that your body is probably focusing on the marathon as much as you are. Things will probably change once you can focus less on high mileage. Good job eating healthy away from home!


                  Seattle- That is sad news about the avalanche. That happens around here too quite frequently with back country skiers and snowmobilers. Awesome that your second 20 miler went so smooth!


                  sjp- Marathon Monday is so inspiring! I hear ya on the weather. 6 months is a long time to put up with crappy weather when you just want a break for your running.


                  Mia- I LOVE Harold and Maude. Great movie, one of my favorites. DBF must like you Smile How sweet of both of you to drive that far so regularly. How'd you two meet?


                  MC- Ah Colorado weather! You never know what you're going to get. Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend.


                    Explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line!  People hurt.  Just awful!



                      Ugh, I can't even finish my lunch right now....... wtf Sad


                        This is just horrific ... It's almost like we can't gather in large groups anymore without being afraid. What a tragedy.


                          Oh my god.