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    Good morning!


    RR:  I finally ran a bit this weekend.  DF and I went out to a state park and ran three miles on the wooded path.  We also took a short running detour and visited the place where he proposed, since it was just off the route.  Today I'm planning on running after work with a friend.  I'm hoping for six miles.


    NRR:  Work, then running, then hanging out with DF today.  Nothing too exciting.  The weekend was nice and relaxing.  We picked up our kitten from the vet, hung around all day Saturday to make sure she was okay.  Yesterday I went and saw a movie, Playing for Keeps.  It was awful.  I don't know how they got so many famous people to be in it.  Then I went to dinner with a friend yesterday.  All in all, it was a very nice weekend.


    FR:  I've been feeling unmotivated and off track in this department for the last week and wasn't running.  Today I'm working on being more focused and staying within my calorie goal.


    Have a great day!


      Simon:  Did your DH just go into the woods to pick a tree?  That's awesome!


      FoCo:  Nice job on the run!  What book are you reading?


        rtr.  We get a tree permit each year from either BLM or the Forest Service and then go out and cut one down.  It's a great tree this year!  Glad you've feeling better!  Your comment the other day about only having to work two nights per school year due to your contract made me jealous!  We don't have a master contract and our "union" is terribly weak.  It's always been interesting to me how different things are here than they are out East.


        rr.  SRD today.  I did do 7 yesterday on the 'mill.  It was so dang cold!  Might do some core or yoga tonight.


        nrr.  Besides decorating the tree yesterday it was a pretty low key weekend.  I went to my meeting on Saturday and did a little shopping afterwards.  Found a good deal on the last gift for M.  Still have some gifts to buy and ship.  Hopefully we'll do our Christmas Card picture tonight!


        fr.  The cube steak was pretty good last night - even DH liked it!  M, unfortunately, was being extremely picky and only ate mac and cheese.

          morning all - very cold here this morning too.  So happy I didn't have to get up and run this morning!


          rr: for the second week in a row, my legs hurt worse from my strength routine then they did from running a marathon - really? couldn't even get out of bed last night to let dog out!!!  Got in 8 miles yesterday.  Was working on a paper all day and just needed to get out and move so went out 45 minutes then tried to get a negative split on the back route.  


          nrr: just have to proof read and adjust my paper, turn it in and I'm finished with the semester!!! woohoo!!!  4 weeks to get my life back in order, so much to catch up on!    


          fr/wr: Just trying to keep this under control - seems like it is a constant losing battle!


          rtr: that was interesting on the number of nights you can work per year, I"m not sure if we have that in place here or not.  I would guess not because they make the teachers go to pageants and evening meetings all the time.


          simon: I like the way you guys get your christmas tree - so traditional! do most people around there do it that way?  The treadmill doing good in the garage, or you don't care as long as it is not outside!


            Morning all!

            Quick hello.  

            Working job interview today and tomorrow.  A little nervous but this will help me and them determine if the job is good for me, so it's a win-win essentially.  

            Very nice weekend with TLC man.  He is SO THOUGHTFUL!  I will explain when I have more time. 

            Did I mention that ex and I have sold our house!!!  PHEW!!


            Anyway, good monday to you all I will TRY to check back this evening.





              RR - Ran a PR in my 10K on Saturday, 58:07! First time under an hour, and a 3 1/2 min PR from last spring, so I was really happy with that. 3 mi lunch break run and then lifting chest/tris with DBF after work.

              NRR - Had a nice weekend, it went by way too quickly though! DBF's parents came over on Saturday night, so we got happy hour with them, which was fun. They are thinking of buying a house over here in Seattle just as an investment, and would let DBF and I rent it if they decide to do so, so that would be another interesting option. Got lots of studying done for my final yesterday - I am looking forward to a few weeks off class!

              FR - Thinking of making Guinness beef stew tonight, yum!


              Will make it back for shouts later in the day!


                rtr-sorry to hear the movie was bad, but sounds like a nice weekend! hope you get in your 6 miles today!

                simon-saw your xmas tree--that is fun you get to go into the woods, though i imagine its a little tougher to find one. we do cut your own, but its a christmas tree farm. hope M smiles for your xmas card photo!

                ou-yay class is done!!! that is nice you get a 4 week break. prob lots of holiday prep to do!

                mia-i'm sure your dinner will be delicious. and that is great you sold your other house! must be a big relief.

                seattle-where do DBF's parents live now? GREAT job on your race, that is fantastic!

                RR: 14 saturday in the drizzle at my parents, 7 yesterday and then 10 today on the mill bc its pouring! and bc i'm pretty much on the t-mill for the winter now. at least on weekdays.

                NRR: home was so much fun, my niece and nephew are so cute. nephew talks so much and is funny to hear what comes out of his mouth. he was super excited about the christmas tree, put all of his ornaments in one spot, haha. otherwise, DBF is coming back from a weekend away so i'm excited to see him, haven't seen him for more than a few minutes in about a week!

                FR: need to hit the grocery store. i am out of food!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Planning some on the TM at work this evening. Ran 7 yesterday and it was  cold!


                  NRR: Weekend seemed to go by fast and I don't feel as if I have much to show for it.


                  RTR: Running in the state park sounds cool! Movies are so sketchy this time of year: Some great, some just awful. I was reading "Broken Harbor." I'm not really a mystery reader typically, but I love Tana French books!


                  Simon: Your tree sounds wonderful! Not sure what to do about that this year since we'll be traveling over the holidays and DH doesn't want a real tree sitting in the house drying out (and turning into a tinder box). It will be me and the 'mill tonight ... 14 degrees when I drove to work. 


                  OU: Great job on the 8 miles! I'm in the same boat with WR/FR -- seems like I'm not making much progress but I just have to have faith that I'm in general eating better than I ever have and finally doing some weight training--so something great is bound to happen eventually. It is frustrating for me when I go for a run and I feel like I'm still recovering from my weight workout so my running is compromised. But I'm thinking that the tables will turn at some point, and the additional strength will make me go faster.


                  Mia: Good luck on the job interview--that sounds exciting! Sounds as if you have a good one with TLC Man!


                  Seattle: GREAT job on your PR -- that's so exciting! I'm hoping to do some of that in 2013. Guinness beef stew: YUM. There's a restaurant here that does that so well. I should try it myself.


                  SJP: Wow, you are just burning through the miles. Niece and nephew sound adorable--that's fun!


                    Good morning!


                    RR: Will do a few miles after work with the new dog.


                    NRR: As you can read in my RR, we got a new dog over the weekend. He's an almost 1-year-old weimaraner and he's huge! We adopted him from the local weimaraner rescue and he needs a lot of work. Apparently the people how owned him before drove 10 hours and paid over $1,000 to get him from a top breeder and then did nothing to train him. Well now that he weighs 90 lbs they decided he was too much for him. Seriously, he doesn't even know how to sit. I just don't get going through all that trouble and $$ to get a dog and then not spending the $150 to take him to obedience school. So I have my work cut out for me with him - but he is beautiful! His name is Winston, but I want to change it. Any suggestions? Big B wants to call him Max, but I'm just not feeling it.


                    FR: made a pot roast with all the trimmings yesterday - yum!



                    B: nutrigrain waffel, pb, banana, coffee w/ ff creamer

                    S: mini luna, coffee

                    L: Probably a turkey sandwich with an apple

                    D: leftover pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, and peas



                    rtr - glad you were able to get out for a run! You must feel better. DH and I saw Life of Pi this weekend, but we almost went to see Playing for Keeps - I'm glad we didn't now!


                    Simon - sounds like a great Christmas tree tradition! How's M doing with the tree? Little b keeps bringing me ornaments.


                    OU - woo hoo for being almost done this semester!! Hope you can take a much deserved break for a few weeks.


                    mia - I'm so glad TLC man is being so sweet to you! You deserve it lady! And congrats on the house! I know that must be a big relief for you.


                    seattle - great job on the PR!! That is amazing! Glad you had a great weekend! I'm guessing you get along with DBF's parents? They sound like they're pretty cool.


                    sjp - sounds like you had a great weekend with you family! Do you watch tv when you run on the treadmill? I don't know if I could do 10 miles inside!


                      MC-i agree, weekends fly by. can you compromise and get a fake tree? then at least it won't catch on fire if you don't take it down before you leave for the holidays?

                      java-i saw the pics on fb, he is handsome!!!! he'll be  a great running buddy. haha, I think Winston is kinda fun. Maybe something that starts with B, so it can be big b, little b and dog b Smile Blaze? I get used to the treadmill in the winter and have an individual tv/remote so that helps a lot!


                        Java - your food always sounds so delicious!  So exciting about the new dog - I agree with you, how could anyone consider not training their dog at all?  Hopefully he is a quick learner!  I like sjp's suggestion of a name that starts with a B...  yeah, I love DBF's parents, they are so nice/smart/laidback/funny and we really enjoy hanging out with them Smile


                        MC - Nice work on your 7!  I know what you mean about the weekend, they usually go by quick but this one seemed to go even faster for some reason!


                        sjp - great job with the running mileage!  Yay for getting to spend some time with DBF!  It's always nice to have some time to yourself but I start to miss mine if I haven't seen him for a day or two.  Glad you had a nice visit home!  DBF's parents live across the water from downtown Seattle, about an hour and a half away by ferry or driving around the water.


                        mia - congrats on selling your house and good luck with the job interview, exciting!!!


                        ou - I've definitely had times where my legs are crazy sore from lifting...  it's a tough balancing act!  woohoo for having a couple weeks to catch up on everything, I am so looking forward to that.


                        simon - dang, now I have a craving for steak...  I haven't had it in a while!  In M's defense, mac and cheese also sounds delicious Wink glad you had a relaxing weekend!


                        rtr - glad you and DF had a nice run at the state park and a bit of a trip down memory lane too!  I'll make sure to stay away from that movie.. the only one I've really heard good things about recently is James Bond.  Good luck staying on track w/calories today!


                          I had a nice 4.4 mile run after work!  It felt good to make it out for a run.  I was coughing a bit, so I decided to hold back and not go for six.



                          Simon:  That's awesome that you just get one out in the woods.  It makes me think of Christmas Vacation.  Philly is very strong union wise, so its nice to have those perks.  Of course we can work more, but it's either volunteer or paid. 


                          OU:  They make the teachers go to pageants?  Like beauty pageants?  Yikes!  Nice job getting your run in even though you were so busy.  I'll bet you'll enjoy your time off from school.


                          MIA:  Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of good stuff going on right now!  What kind of job is it?  Also, congratulations on selling your house!


                          Seattle:  Congrats on the PR!  I agree, the weekend went by way too fast!


                          SJP:  Wow, that's a lot of running this weekend!  Do you any ideas about another marathon?


                          Foco:  I love mystery novels, I might have to check it out.


                          Java:  Was Life of Pi good?  I actually like the name Winston, but otherwise I agree with SJP's idea for a B name. 


                          Have a great night!


                            Hey everyone!

                            Long day but a pretty good one.  Going back tomorrow for a more hands-on day.  I have the job if I decide I want it.  It's an clinic manager for a naturopathic clinic - 4 DRs, one med assistant, a couple of office staff, they also have a physical therapist and a beautician that does contract work at the office.  Interesting place.  One of the Drs used to be a competitive runner.  I'll meet her tomorrow.

                            Worst thing about the job would be the commute into Seattle, but today it was 1 hr 10 min there and 1 hr home and that's high traffic time.  Tomorrow the office hours are 11 to 7 so the commute won't be as bad.  Thursday will be the worst, have to be there 7:30 and done at 6.  Every Friday is just a half day.  AND NO WEEKENDS!!


                            I'm pretty excited.  Hoping tomorrow goes just as well.  I'm really tired today though even though I didn't work that hard, it was just mentally taxing from the nerves etc.