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    seattle-low key weekends are the best. i love doing something active, then relaxing until i'm bored and want to be active again! makes it not so bad when you are caught up and ready for a another week.

    mia-nice job on the healthy eating over the weekend. that is not easy! yum, fresh cherries are so good, but so expensive. hoping you hear from the jobs soon. waiting it the worst part.

    snowed-oh, it wasn't a trail race--we have 'trails' that are flat wide paths that are along the coast, some are dirt, some are paved, but they are smooth! we did have some hills in the frist half of the race though. great job on the run yesterday! that is fantastic.

    RR: 10 miles this morning, it was 76* when I started running but was cloudy the whole time so not as hot as yesterday.  the sun is out now and it is sticky!

    NRR: last night our propane tank (outside) was hissing and could smell gas, so i called the gas company, the answering service was useless and they sent a tech out even though i JUST wanted to talk to someone to see if it was normal bc I know there are release valves and propane expands in heat (thank you google). anyways, they overfilled it, so now we need an overflow tank, good to know it was a legit call at least, bc the tech was a little 'youseemlikeanotherdumbgirlidiot' attitude on the phone to me.

    FR: super hot last night, so ate leftover chicken on salad with some pasta salad. was delicious


      Good morning.

      RR: run this morning, my usual 5 (wish I could be like sip and run 10 daily), Crossfit this evening.  Sore again from last night's workout.  Tonight is weigh in and measure.

      NRR: More schoolwork today and going to head to a job fair this afternoon.

      FR: Went shopping yesterday and stocked up on tons of veggies.  Salmon again, I had a salmon steak thawed in the fridge so grilled it on the foreman grill.  Felt like I had a good eating day, got a watermelon and ate some of that for dessert last night.


      SJP: waiting is DEFINITELY the worst part and I hate that so many companies don't ever get back to you, even after an in person interview. What is your propane tank for?  Your grill or gas into your house?  That could be super dangerous if they hadn't have taken you seriously.


      Hope Java is having a great vacation!

      RTR is having an awesome honeymoon!




        Good morning!


        RR- Supposed to be a hot one here today, mid 80s.  My mom is coming up to go on a 3 mi lunch break run with me (she's a teacher so off for the summer) so that should be fun.  I may do some lifting/abs after work depending on how tired I am and how stuffy the gym is.  My arms are a little sore from climbing two days in a row!


        NRR- Had a nice relaxing night w/DBF yesterday - pretty much just cooked dinner, snuggled up and talked and went to bed really early.  I think we were both really tired for some reason.  Tonight I need to get groceries, do some homework, and not much else.  Hopefully it will be a productive work day and a relaxing night and sometimes that's all a girl needs.


        FR- Thinking orange chicken & rice w/stir fry veggies.


        Back in a bit for shouts!


          Man I can't seem to wake up this morning. Come on coffee!


          RR- Ended up not running yesterday. We'll see what I do today. And I'm hoping for one last long run tomorrow.


          NRR- FINALLY a new mechanic was hired. He starts today. Now after...since I started 2.5 years ago we are fully staffed. I hope he doesn't suck. See my huge amounts of optimism? My job seems to be a never ending story of BS.


          FR- Really, really need to start cooking a lot more.


          sjp- Some men really sucks. I get that crap all the time with my job. The most common response I get when people ask where I work and I tell them the air taxi is "you're not a pilot are you???" I generally just say no and file them under "jerk" in my brain. Normally I don't bother telling them I'm the one fixing the place. ...BUT back to you..glad you called! That was a smart move. A blowing up propane tank is not a good thing!


          Mia- You seem to really be rocking it with great eating habits and consistent running and CF!


          Seattle- Enjoy the run with your mom. That sounds really nice! I'm going to Texas for firefighting training. It'll be a great break from work, but it wont really be a vacation.

            hey all!

            rr: did 4 miles this morning, but was very sluggish and not enjoyable at all.  hips and back are sore, and just overall blah.  definitely ready for some vacation time!


            nrr: started packing last night.  got a new smaller hydration pack so tested it out with some clothing and food tucked in it.  works really well.  weather is suppose to be raining while we are there so hopefully we can get our hikes in!!!  Running store is having a girls only party/ night in that I am going to today.  very excited.  Also get to model running clothing (team perk) and get some free gear from that.


            fr: trying to keep it cleaner. had a run in with a chocolate chip cookie and a rice krispy treat yesterday...


            sjp: i hate when the people on the phone act like I'm a dumb girl.  seriously - just makes me want to tell them something they wouldn't expect and throw them off!


            mia: I am sore as well right now.  The squats really get to me.  My hips are constantly sore!  Have you gotten to take a real class yet?


            snow: yea for having a full staff, but I agree that usually atleast one person doesn't hold their weight when that is the case! Where in texas are you headed? good luck staying cool!


            seattle: I finished "Unbroken" this weekend.  Wow what a good book!  Now I have to find something to take on vacation. Any other suggestions?


              Back from a toasty but cloudy lunch break run - glad it clouded over because it was already in the low 80s when we started running!  My mom and her friend ran for 40 min straight so I was super proud of them!


              sjp - yes, I think a balance of active and resting is so awesome on the weekends.  the resting is so much more enjoyable when you've worn yourself out first!  I love salads when it's hot out... never feel like cooking/being in the kitchen over a hot stove!  Bummer on the propane issues...  I hate it when people are condescending like that just because we are females.  I'm sure they deal with a lot of idiots but it's probably not the best customer policy to just assume everyone that calls is one...


              mia - what is a salmon steak?  I am really wishing that I liked seafood more and I keep trying it occasionally but I'm just not there yet.  It can be so good for you though!  Do you buy it at the store or is it all fish that DBF has caught?  Good luck with your schoolwork and the job fair, hope it is helpful!


              snowden - the thing that has helped me most with eating healthy is to cook a lot one day a week (usually Sundays) so that I don't have to cook a ton on weekdays, since I'm usually busy and low energy/not motivated to cook on those days!  Cooking in bulk is great, especially if you have a decent amount of freezer space.  Hope the new employee works out well!  Have you thought about looking for a different job at all?  Sounds frustrating!


              ou - woohoo for vacation coming up soon!  It's so nice to have something like that to look forward to.  have fun at the running store tonight, that sounds like a blast!  Someone left some delicious looking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and iced brownies in our break room that I am trying very hard NOT to have a run in with... I hope they disappear soon!  Hmm, it will be hard to top Unbroken as a book recommendation... let me think a bit and see if I've read any other ones that I really liked recently.  Have you read Seabiscuit (same author as Unbroken)?  that one is really good too.