Weight Loss Dailies


Oh man it's the Mondailies! (Read 13 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I had a fantastic 12.4 mile run on Saturday, so I feel pretty prepared for my 25k trail race on Sunday.  Today I'm planning on running anywhere between four and six miles.  There are supposed to be thunderstorms this afternoon, so hopefully those will stay away while I run.


    NRR:  I had a very nice weekend.  I also got a lot of grading done for work that had been hanging over my head.  Friday I helped set up for the senior prom, Saturday I ran in the morning, then DF and I went out for brunch and went to the jewelry store to try on our wedding bands.  Sunday we went for brunch again and then I did a lot of grading and some reading as well.  Today is work, then a run, and tonight we're going to look at a house.


    FR:  I tried a quaker weight control oatmeal packet this morning because when I went to buy some, they didn't have the flavors I like in the non-weight control packets.  Let's just say I'll stick to the regular oatmeal packets from here on out.


    Have a great day!


      mia-congrats to DD, hope the outlaws weren't too much to deal with. I bet DBF isn't enjoying the time away from you, especially since he drove down to meet your mom. I understand that feeling, but you are awesome, and I'm sure he thinks so too!

      Seattle-is your next marathon the first weekend of june? i bet you will do really well given your quick recovery.

      MC-hope your back is feeling better today. that is tough.

      rtr-nice run this weekend! i love trail races. i have done a 25k the past two years but decided to go home this year for the long weekend. ooh, house shopping is exciting.

      simon-way to go marathoner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      RR: i ran 4 painless miles saturday, yesterday was 2 mi + elliptical and today was 3 miles + elliptical. it is feeling better so just taking it slow and making sure i don't stop healing.

      NRR: sister is gradauted, well sort of, she has 2 classes this week and will be finished. It was good, but we sat in front of a girl that was the loudest clapper in teh world. i had a raging headache after i left the ceremony--then just didn't feel good friday night. ended up with a bad sore throat/cold for saturday and sunday. feeling a  little better today.

      FR: didn't eat much this weekend, bc i couldn't taste anything/have an appetite.


        Good morning!


        RR - Ran 14 mi on Saturday - it was a pretty decent run although I could tell my legs were still tired from the marathon. Didn't do much else over the weekend! Today is a 4 mi lunch break run, and then some climbing w/DBF after work.

        NRR - Super low key weekend here. I got some cleaning, laundry, organizing, and homework done, went to dinner with my mom on Saturday, and pretty much relaxed and read the rest of the time. Didn't do much of interest but I had been needing a weekend like that for a while! Looking forward to seeing DBF tonight! And, let the month end craziness at work commence... yippee!

        FR - Made enough chicken nuggets & sweet potato fries last night to bring leftovers for lunch today... yum. also made some breakfast scramble (eggs, hash browns, sausage, and veggies) to bring for work for a few nights. DBF and I are thinking of having a picnic tonight as it may be the last sunny day for a while :/


          Good morning!


          RR: My lower back has been really sore lately, so I'm happy to have a rest day today.


          NRR: Crazy weather this weekend in Oklahoma! We lost power Saturday night for about 5 hours. Yesterday we were the closest I have ever been to a tornado. Of course DH was at work and had a table saw on top of our tornado shelter, so I left with the kids and Winston and we went to a church nearby and sat in the basement. Yeah, I can get in my storm shelter now.


          FR: Didn't do great over the weekend - just being out and unable to plan my meals. Back on track today!



          rtr - hope you get to run before the storms hit!  I love brunch! I'm jealous you went twice in one weekend!


          sjp - woo hoo for a painless run!! Sorry you caught a cold though.


          seattle - hope you get to have your picnic tonight! Sounds lovely.


            Oh Happy Day!

            RR: Didn't get runs in this weekend, just lots of sllllooooooowwwwww walking.  Planning to run this morning.

            NRR: I am so excited to get my house back to myself today - hope that doesn't sound awful.  I take mom to the airport for a 1 PM flight today.  SO MUCH outlaw time this weekend - OMG!!!  We got there Friday at lunch and I texted DD that we were there, she was going to have lunch with the outlaws so we went to have lunch at a place near her house.  We got our food and who should come walking in DD and the outlaws, so we ended up changing tables and sitting with them of course.  Then we all went back to DD's house and made some small talk.  She had planned a dinner out with one of her friend's family so we ALL went to that and I had to sit next to FOL and across from MOL.  Of course ex wasn't there yet, so it was all on me.  Saturday was ALL day with them since it was graduation.  They sat down with me at graduation and then we all "hung out" after at a reception and then went to dinner together.  It was wonderful seeing DD graduate but it was such a long day.  Ex was there on Saturday as well.  My son put it well, Friday and Saturday it felt like we were herding cats and extremely slow cats at that.

            So proud of DD she was beautiful and graduated magna cum laude and with some other honors.  Also a professor wants to buy a portion of her senior art project!  It's a professor she doesn't even know but that's pretty cool.

            Going up to see DBF tonight, very happy about that.

            Interview tomorrow morning!

            FR: eating out all weekend, not good.  I feel very bloated.


            RTR: Lots of exciting stuff for you going on!  And looking at houses now?  Very cool!!

            SJP: Sorry you weren't feeling well this weekend.  You need to kick whatever it is you've gotten in the butt.  It seems like you've been sick a lot lately.

            Seattle: Great job on your run this weekend!!  I can't believe May is almost over, it has flown by.

            Java: Sorry your weekend was so stressful with the tornadoes.  Glad you are okay.  Hope your back feels better soon.



              Hi all,


              RR: Got  out for some walking this weekend and throwing balls for the dogs. Back is still not 100% but I'm working on it.


              NRR: Great weekend -- a few house chores, Miranda Lambert concert Saturday night with my sis, then DH and I met DS at the airport on Sunday. He was coming back from college and headed straight down to southern Colorado to try out for a whitewater guide position. He was extremely excited and didn't want to linger with us too long, but it was great to see him so pumped up! We do lots of river trips in the summer, and DH used to be a guide, so I think DS will slot right in to the position. After we left the airport, DH and I were thinking about a Rockies game, but then just went home, had a mid-afternoon margarita and read the Sunday paper. It was a great chill-out that we both needed after traveling so much.


              RTR: So great that your 12 miles went well Saturday. Sounds like a productive weekend all in all. House-hunting sounds so fun. Do you have a good feeling about the house you're looking at tonight?


              SJP: Great to hear that you're starting to run again. You have been so patient with healing. I need to be that way about my back. Sorry you ended up being sick over the weekend. Hope you start feeling much better today.


              Seattle: I am learning to relish those low-key weekends! Probably exactly what you needed right before the month-end work stuff. Hope the sun stays out for your picnic with DBF.


              Java: Hope your back feels better very soon ... I literally feel your pain. Very scary about the tornado. This seems to be a bad storm season already. Were the kids scared?




                RR- Ran 8+ yesterday on the trails and got my butt kicked! But I'm ready to go again today so I think it got me back into the groove of things.


                FR- Doing okay. Getting back into it after my trip. I haven't been logging and really enjoy not logging, but we'll see if I lose weight this week.


                NRR- Completed my EMT orientation with the FD. Even though I had passed my EMT tests to certify I needed to get some things checked to learn how our specific fire dept operates. ...meaning I can FINALLY go on EMT calls!


                rtr- Nice 12! It's great you're feeling prepared for your 25k trail. That sounds really fun! I run trails 90% of the time. I'd love to enter an all-trail race, but there is only one in Sitka(so far) and I'll be out of town for it this year.


                SJP- Congrats to your sister! Glad you are healing up!


                Seattle- Nice job getting 14 in on tired legs! Enjoy having DBF back!


                Java- Scary about being so close to tornado's  I've never really been in tornado country. We had drill for it in school growing up in CO but that's about it.


                Mia- Congrats to DD! Enjoy your house, I totally get that. ..And good luck on your interview!


                MC- Hope your back is 100% soon.


                  Java- I hope you and your family are safe from the Oklahoma tornado's.  The news is showing devastating footage.


                    We are ok. Still waiting on word from 3 of my extended family members. I think OU is ok too.


                      Oh man, super busy at work...  I swear I just looked at the clock and it's almost time to go, eek!


                      Just came back and so glad to see that Java is ok and hopefully OU as well...  thinking of you guys!