Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on running 4-6 miles after work today.  I also registered for a marathon last night.  It's the Philly marathon in November, which I've run four times before.  I didn't run it last year, so I'm excited to run it again this year.


    NRR:  My birthday yesterday was really fun!  We went to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, came home and relaxed.  Today its just work, running, then hanging out with DF.


    FR:  One of my birthday presents from DF is to take a vegetarian cooking class, which I'm super excited about.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    SJP:  I hope you feel better soon!  Also, congrats on getting the apartment!


    Seattle:  I’m sure with all the running you’ve been doing lately, you’ll smash your marathon pr!


    MIA:  That’s terrible that someone stole your DD’s bike out of your garage.  I can’t believe someone would do that.  Did you file a police report?


    Snowden:  Nice job on your WR!  I’m sure all the running you’ve been doing lately has really helped with that!


    Foco:  Good luck on your long run today!



      seattle-oh nice, homemade pizza dough and cookies. that is an excellent combination.

      mia-ugh, that is so ridiculous dd's bike got stolen, did they take anything else?

      snowed-did you get your boat all equipped? dbf runs a lot he just kind of slacked off during the winter/spring this year and signed up for the half....

      MC-when is your half? that will be a quick trip but fun to see your mom/sister! i bet it'd be easier if you knew you weren't at a conference the next day...

      rtr-woohoo for another marathon! i know you were bummed last year when you didn't run it. oooh a vegetarian cooking class sounds aweosme! what a cool idea for a birthday present.

      RR: 8 miles and elliptical this morning. nothing exciting. i am semi-tapering haha.

      NRR: cold is a little worse today with my throat/cough. otherwise not too bad. i slept like a rock last night also, did not want to get out of bed this morning. had a weird dream that i was on a bus and it was going really fast around corners...strange.

      FR: throat drops. awesome.


        Good morning!  Yesterday was a little bit hectic but I should have more time for shouts today!


        RR - Had a nice relaxing 6 mi run after work yesterday, it felt really good.  Today is 5 mi lunch break run and then a 6 mi hike w/DBF after work (if it rains, we may go climbing instead).


        NRR - Had a busy evening last night - did laundry, cleaned the house, prepped pizza dough and toppings, baked oatmeal raisin cookies, made lunches for the week, and got some reading done for class.  Hoping to keep busy playing around in the new accounting software today - I have a feeling some of our older employees might have trouble picking it up so hopefully I can help them.


        FR - Had a super comfort food meal last night of grilled cheese, broccoli cheddar soup, and wine... yum.  Tonight DBF and I are doing homemade pizzas and beer!


          Looks like it might be another partly sunny day out before the rain comes back... yay!  I am looking forward to getting out there over my lunch break.


          rtr - woohoo for signing up for another marathon!  I love having a race like that where you just do it so many times that you're super comfy with the course and the setting and everything.  (I've done the Seattle half or full for five years in a row now!)  Happy belated birthday!  Glad you had a nice one relaxing and getting some yummy food with DBF.  The cooking class sounds like a great gift!


          sjp - 8 miles and elliptical this morning??  You are such a rockstar!  Sorry you still aren't feeling well... hope the throat drops help a little (and don't taste too bad!).




            RR- Ran a bit under 6 yesterday. Got out on the trail behind my house and ran something really familiar. Ended up turning into fartleks, which are always fun! Hoping for ten-ish today.


            FR- Had an huge cheat day yesterday. I'm sure I'll feel it on my run today.


            NRR- Buying boat gear made DBF and I all excited yesterday. Hopefully it works out to go out tomorrow! I got asked to work today... I would have had fire drill so I wouldn't have had the night off anyways. Overtime will be nice on my check I guess.


            RTR- Yay! Another marathon! That class sounds cool! Is it a one time class or a series of classes?


            SJP- Hope you feel better soon. Adding poor sleep doesn't help.


            Seattle- Nice job getting a bunch of stuff does yesterday. I like to knock it all out at once too. It's so nice have that "all done" feeling, even if it is only for a bit. Hope you get to enjoy the partial sun!


              snowden - just saw your post from a while back about the gym/climbing wall... that is such a bummer that it is only open so little!  however, I am also an avid swimmer (when I have time) so I would totally recommend that as a second choice!  Smile  hope you have a great run today!  I am looking forward to starting some more speedwork after the marathon is over with.




                I made it out for a nice, 4.2 mile run in the wind!  I felt slow as molasses, but it felt good, so I'll take it!


                SJP:  Bummer that your cold is sticking around.  I hope it goes away before you half.


                Seattle:  That's awesome that you and DBF are going for a hike after work. It's great that you have hiking trails so near that you can do that.


                Snowden:  It's a one time deal, but I'm super excited about it!  Your boat sounds so fun!  Is it a speedboat or a fishing boat?  I know you're planning on fishing with it, but can you go fast on it?


                Have a great night!



                  RTR: Glad you had a good birthday.  : ) This is going to be an exciting year for you.  Yeah, I'm a little peaved about the bike being stolen.  I filed an online police report but got an email back saying I had to call it in.  I did and I've been waiting for the policeman to show up for the past couple of hours.  I wanted to go get some plants but I think I'm supposed to stay until they show up.

                  sjp:  sorry about your cold.  They are no fun.  They stole nothing else, probably just grabbed the bike and took off.

                  seattle: How's it going with the accounting software?  I hope well.  It is a great day out today. You are really good at getting things done during the week.  Makes it nice to have free weekends.

                  Snowden: You are going to have so much fun on your boat.  where are you keeping it?  Do you get seasick?  Time to buy stock in Dramamine. : )


                  RR: Got out for a nice run this morning with friends.  THe sun was shining and it just felt GOOD!  We ran about 6.5 miles, part paved path, part  trail.  Then I did some yard work or cross training as I like to call it.

                  NRR: Went up to DBF's last night and had a really nice night.  He was a little bummed about some things and I was as well so we distracted each other and had a nice evening.  He made pork chops, I made risotto and we had a salad and some wine.  It was very relaxing.  Hard part was getting out of bed this morning and heading in our separate directions but we would have to do that no matter what. Less than a month until my river cruise!!!

                  FR: Okay but not great.  I don't have alot of crap in the house so that helps.