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    seattle-wow those seahawks are good. fun to watch.

    mc-safe travels!

    mia-getting excited for your job?

    rtr-how are you feeling these days?

    RR: 7 miles this morning and then 30 minutes elliptical. dbf and i will lift tonight i think.

    NRR: made a great dent in xmas shopping. just need it all to ship! haha, i did everything online and now just need to pick up  a few things. i have never been this organized for christmas in my life. i'm going to try and wrap as i get them so its not overwhelming at the end!

    FR: finally grocery shopped last night.



      RR: Been kind of slacking here again.  Getting out today though with a friend, need to dress for cold weather.

      NRR: Nice T'giving weekend although very different than it usually is.  Spent Wed. night through Sat morning with DBF.  Nice but very mellow.  He/we had people to his house for T'giving but it wasn't typical food.  DBF got the newly fixed body to the car he is refurbishing  back on Thursday morning so he spent some time bonding with it in the garage.  I did some reading and cleaned up from Thanksgiving.  Younger DD got home from NJ (visiting her dad, her GP's and other relatives on that side).  She said 2 days was plenty, it is a household filled with stress.  I drove her back to her school on Sunday, which was a long day since the weather and traffic wasn't so wonderful.  Now just working on school and getting prepared to start my job on Monday.

      FR: My cupboards were quite bare and I went shopping and bought veggies yesterday.


      SJP: Good job getting all shopped for Christmas.  Now you can just ENJOY!

      Seattle: Glad it didn't rain on you Sunday.  That is a hard course, you did a spectacular job!!

      MC: You are doing tons of traveling, that must get tiring - especially this time of year with weather delays, etc.

      RTR: Hope you T'giving meal on Friday went well and you are feeling good.



        Good morning!  I didn't make it back for shouts yesterday but hopefully will be able to today.


        RR- Another rest day from running, I don't want to especially since it's so nice out, but my legs are still pretty tired from the half.  Will lift upper body/abs at the gym w/DBF this evening.


        NRR- Interesting day to be a Seattle football fan yesterday...  first the bummer news that coach Sark is ditching us (UW) for USC and taking most of the coaching staff with him, ugh.  The Seahawks game definitely made up for that more than a bit last night, this team is so fun to watch!  It's not like the Saints are bad either, they just couldn't do anything at all against us.  Tonight will be relaxing with DBF after the gym, and then I need to buckle down and get ready for finals this weekend.  So glad this quarter is almost over!


        FR- Thinking grilled chicken and veggies tonight.  Had some broccoli beef with my brother last night and it was so delicious!


          sjp - it was nice that we played so well for MNF yesterday when so many people were watching!  glad you have gotten a good start on your christmas shopping...  I need to do that soon!  argh haha.


          Mia - glad you and DBF had a nice and mellow Thanksgiving!  what kind of food did you guys make?  I hope everything goes smoothly getting ready for work to start next week, so exciting!