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    Hi all,


    RR: Day 4 of exercise streak: Swimming. I just swam and swam and tried not to rest too much. I just love this swimming group. The coach still has me off in a remedial lane by myself, but everyone's really supportive. They all pretty much swim continuously for 90 minutes ... something to shoot for, I guess.


    NRR: Ended up working on work stuff last night, but it was good to get some things off the list.


    Back later.


      Good morning!  wasn't able to make it back for shouts yesterday but should be around more today...


      RR- Ended up skipping my run yesterday and only lifting, oh well.  My legs needed a rest day!  Today will be 4x1600 repeats over lunch.


      NRR- Hopefully I will manage to keep busy today!  I think by tomorrow or Friday things should start picking back up again and then next week should be pretty solidly busy again.  Need to get some more homework finished tonight and then I will be pretty well ahead for this week!  Had a nice night with DBF after the gym yesterday, just snuggled on the couch and listened to music after dinner, was relaxing.  Also started watching Breaking Bad - I know we are way behind but we just keep hearing that we should!


      FR- Not sure but thinking maybe pizza night tonight.  It helps to have something easy and yummy to eat when I am trying to knock out a bunch of homework.



        MC-that is so great the swim group is that welcoming, you'll get to 90 minutes! its like running can go from 0-90 in the first week! woohoo streaking.

        seattle-do you have any more races coming up? mmm. i'm craving pizza!

        RR: 10 this morning on the treadmill. probably p90x tonight. trying to keep at it!

        NRR: need to do some laundry tonight i think. then just relaxing. i'm tired, didn't get home til almost 8 from the town hall meeting last night i was at for work. its just tough on a tuesday when i have to make it through 3 more days!

        FR: prob something quick after we workout tonight, dbf and i don't like to wait when we are hungry!


          MC - way to go on your exercise streak!  I'm glad that you are loving the swim group, it sounds fantastic!  Swimming stamina takes a while to build up, especially if you are still trying to get the form down!  Glad you got some things crossed off your list last night, that is always nice even if it takes away some relax time.  I have a hard time relaxing if I have things on my to do list!


          sjp - I am running the Seattle half marathon on Dec 1, hoping to get a PR which should be interesting since it's a fairly hilly course!  at least then I will know I have really earned the PR if I get one Smile  I need to figure out some quick weeknight dinners, DBF and I usually spend at least 30 min cooking after the gym and it's tough to wait for food when you have just worked out and are hungry.  Need to get better at cooking up big batches of stuff on the weekends!


            RR: got out for a nice walk on Monday afternoon and I actually ran today.  I'm always pleasantly surprised how good it feels to run even when i'm dreading it because I feel so out of shape.

            NRR: The temp job ended yesterday, so I have some "free" time until the State Farm job starts in December.  Still doing my school work, which was really hard to do with the long hours but I was able to fit it in with a regular work day.  I need  to get some maintenance things done to my car and myself while I'm not working full time.  I know I did it before, but sometimes it just feels overwhelming to fit everything in. (am i making any sense?)

            FR: Yeesh!  I keep saying this but I NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK!  Not sure why I keep sabotaging myself, I know what to do.  I also know I don't want to have to buy any bigger clothes so I have to get my butt in gear.


            SJP, Seattle and OU: You girls amaze me with your dedication to working out and working full time and then OU and Seattle also going to school.


            MC: Nice job on the swimming and being dedicated to the streak.  I was going to sign up for an exercise challenge but I hate failing.  LOL


            RTR: HOw are you feeling ?


            Snow: Where are you????



              Also, MC I think you asked yesterday, once this quarter is done I will have 7 quarters left.  it sounds like a lot but I am just trying to take it one at a time!


              Mia - enjoy your free time!  I am so looking forward to a few weeks with no school and some days off for the holidays... you're right, it's definitely tough to juggle a full or almost full load at school with working full time.  all the little things or non essential things sometimes seem like they just keep getting put off more and more.  I need to keep working on time management!