Weight Loss Dailies


No Weekend Dailies? (Read 55 times)


    Wow!  We all must be busy being "merry and bright"!


    rr.  Didn't run yesterday, SRD, but I'm planning on 7-8 when M goes down for her nap.  Unfortunately it'll be on the TM since it's freezing outside today.


    nrr.  Went to "the city" yesterday for a GOTR Board meeting.  Good stuff!  Did a little Christmas shopping afterwards.  I found a play kitchen for M at Kohl's and got a great deal on it.  Also tried to buy DH some new shoes but of course they don't fit right.  Those will go back next week when M and I go to visit Santa. 


    M and I went to the pool this morning and we're hanging out eating some lunch right now.  DH took the dogs out with him to get our Christmas tree.  Of course he waited for the coldest day of the year to go and get the dumb thing.  We'll hopefully decorate it later this evening.


    fr.  Had a huge lunch at the meeting yesterday so dinner was just oatmeal.  Tonight will be cube steak in the crock pot.  Smells great!


    Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


      Hi all,


      Quiet here this weekend!

      RR: Finally got out for 7 late this afternoon. Missed yesterday's run because of other silly things that came up so ended up with only 12 for the week. Darn it. So starting this week with 7 feels like a better start!


      NRR: Sort of unproductive weekend in general. Capping it off by reading a novel and trying to shake the chill I got running out in the finally cold weather!


      FR: grilled sweet potatoes, baked cod, carrots, and a bowl of berries. Yum!


      Simon: How did the TM run go today? Sounds like you got a LOT done this weekend! Cube steak sounds great!