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Long weekend fridailies! (Read 12 times)



    java-does the weather look good for the lake?

    seattle-hope you had fun with mom and grandma last night. that is so great you get to see them so often.

    mia-i think the guys will fish in the rain, but not if its downpouring. tomorrow looks like a washout so probably not a lot going on then. have fun celebrating dbf's birthday! i'm sure it'll be a blast. and enjoy your extra long weekend together.

    rtr-I am going to build up fairly slowly but if i have no pain, then prob increase a litlte more than 10% a week or whatever. i've done up to 5 miles with no sign of pain. do you have big plans for the long weekend?

    snowed-glad you got to enjoy a run in good weather. it seems like a rare occasion these days. mmm, belgium beers are so delicious.

    MC-tis the season for graduation parties. hope you get to kayak, there must be a lot of options for that in CO.

    RR: 5 miles this morning and no pain. this is a good trend, and i'm happy. also did 45 min of elliptical afterward. looks so rainy this weekend, will probably be on the treadmill at my parents house too.

    NRR: going home today. i'm so excited! wish the weather would be better, but oh well. haven't seen my niece and nephew in a couple of months so excited to play with them.

    FR: stomach is a little off this morning, not sure what the deal is


      Good morning!


      RR: 3 very nice miles with Winston this morning. I think both of us wanted to keep going, but I had to get ready for work.


      NRR: Half day of work then off to the lake! DH is taking me to see The Band Perry in a little town near our lake house on Saturday night (my dad is coming for tonight and tomorrow night so we have a built-in sitter). So excited!


      FR: Weird smoothie this morning - banana, oats, chai seeds, a mix of spinach and kale, Better 'N Peanut Butter, skim milk, and a little chocolate syrup. It tasted like peanut butter so I liked it, but DH sat there and looked at me like I was so strange.



      sjp - supposed to have a few thunderstorms at the lake, Hoping none are severe because our lake house is a double-wide trailer - not safe at all in a tornado.  I'm sure you will have a wonderful visit with your family!! Hope you get at least a little good weather!


        Good morning!


        RR - This week has made me realize how much I enjoy running 5 days out of the week instead of only 4... I feel so lazy and sluglike haha. 4 mi run over lunch today and then 10 tomorrow morning. DBF and I will possibly do some short/easy hiking over the weekend as well.

        NRR - I have been a bad forum friend this week, work has just been busy and exhausting! I am pretty well caught up right now and have been super productive, but I just hit a wall yesterday afternoon and just wanted to go home and sleep. Which I did, after dinner with Mom and Grandma! DBF and I aren't sure where we're going to camp yet but I'm sure we'll find a good spot! Looking forward to the long weekend very much!

        FR - Had gnocchi in garlic alfredo sauce last night... it was good but so rich! Back to the stir fry chicken & veggies w/a baked potato tonight. that's one of my go to meals whenever I want to really get back on the clean eating wagon.


        I will try to make it back for shouts today, hopefully work isn't too crazy.




          RR- No run yesterday and probably no run today, though good walks with the dog.


          NRR- Spent a long while on the couch yesterday being lazy, then I fell asleep reading my book. Today I slept in until ten. It was so wonderful, I haven't done that in months.


          FR- I haven't been logging. I may(??) being going over on my calories quite often, but I feel that I'm getting my portions under control and am making small improvements over the week. I think if I notice a chance of feeling or number on the scale I'll keep not logging and see how it works, if I completely gain weight I'll most likely start again. I think I was just ready for a break from having MFP be in my life all the time.


          sjp- woo hoo! 5 miles!


          Java- Have fun at the lake! That sounds really nice having another place to use as a get-away.


          Seattle- Are you feeling rested and back to building up some more miles for your next marathon?


            Hi all,


            RR: Keeping it short, slow and easy again. Maybe 2-3 miles. Back still feeling better every day!


            NRR: Grad parties, maybe going over to the mountains? I dunno. We don't have much conviction for this because the traffic will be horrible. It should be a beautiful weekend, so we might just stay home and enjoy it (and go to the grad parties).


            SJP: Your mileage is getting up there again, slowly but surely! Have fun playing with the little ones!


            Java: Your smoothie sounds delicious to me. Band Perry will be very fun, I bet. Let's hope the thunderstorms stay at bay for the weekend.


            Seattle: You're never a bad forum friend! Glad you were able to see your mom/grandma and get some sleep. Hope work goes fast today and you get through it all so you can enjoy the weekend.


              Not sure anyone will see this but Happy Friday/ long weekend!

              RR: Went for a short run/walk yesterday with my friend but haven't done anything today except mow the lawn.

              NRR: Wine dinner was nice last night and DBF seemed to enjoy it.  The only problem is the acoustics in the restaurant was awful so we couldn't talk with each other very much because it was so loud.  It was a nice evening though and some of the people there got pretty drunk.  DBF and I just had our dinner with our wine pairings and nothing extra.  The guy next to me almost fell off his chair at one point.  I hope he wasn't driving.  We slept in a bit this morning and then went for a drive and stopped for b'fast at a popular place nearby (Black Diamond Bakery) which we really didn't care for too much.  The drive was nice though.  DBF left and he has a "date" with a friend of his that shares the same birthday tonight.  They've celebrated together for quite a few years.  Tomorrow DBF is deciding if he wants to go for a long ride or not.  If he doesn't we'll head to Portland tomorrow for a getaway, if he does we'll leave Sunday morning instead.

              FR: Haven't been snacking which is good, I've been concentrating on fruits and veggies and I feel much better doing that.


              SJP: Have a great time with your family this weekend.  I know you will since you always do.

              Java: enjoy the lake house and the night out.  I've never heard of that band.

              Seattle: enjoy your long weekend.  Hope you find some sunshine.

              Snow: Your lazy day sounds perfect. I have been falling asleep by accident when I'm reading my textbooks.  Now I set the alarm when I start reading just in case I fall asleep.

              MC: Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend, whatever you do.