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Hello Mondalies? (Read 11 times)


    I'm never the first on writing. It is Monday right?


    RR- Ran the marathon and really enjoyed it. Taking a couple rest days. Should be back at it tomorrow.


    NRR- Work just keeps getting stupider and stupider. The company lost a HUGE contract. A contract that basically keeps the business floating. Rumor was going around about possibly loosing it, but we never heard anything. Then one day it shows up in the local paper. My boss didn't even bother to tell anybody. Not even an email. Just let us all read it in the paper. LAME.


    FR- Okay back on the healthy bandwagon.


      Hi all (posted this on Snow's other thread, so this is a repeat):


      NRR: Yes, I am alive! It's been a whirlwind the last few weeks with work trips, fun trips (2 river trips and a music festival), helping DD and her boyfriend move into their new place. Plus, not surprisingly, I got some kind of crud along the way and ended up with an ear infection that I still don't think I've shaken completely. Still have ringing in my right ear and I can still hear that sloshing, fluid-y sound. I've been through 2 successively more aggressive round of antibiotics, and I feel much better except for being somewhat deaf in my right ear. :-)


      RR: Well, here I am with a half marathon coming up in less than 8 weeks and haven't run much in the last few weeks. But I did 3 on Saturday and it felt OK. My goal is to run 3 miles every day this week just get the motor running again. Will do 3 tonight as it's really cooled off here now so the evenings are fairly pleasant. My back feels great, so I think all systems are go.


      FR: Have really cut back on alcohol throughout July ... pretty much didn't drink anything the first 2 weeks, and then only occasionally since. Which I think has contributed to ...


      WR: I've lost about 9 pounds since the high weight that made me so depressed at the end of June, so I'm back in the mid 150s now ... was 155 yesterday. This makes me sound like I was a total lush before to have lost so much just by cutting alcohol: But I think the 2 or so drinks almost every night led to eating way more without thinking about it. However, I feel kind of blobby from the lack of running, so looking forward to getting tightened up, getting back to yoga, etc.


      Snow: Congrats on your marathon -- that was an impressive push through some tough conditions. And you had a great finish time, too! I really hope things get better for you at work -- that sounds miserable to have such a horrible boss.


      Mia: You are so speedy in the half marathon -- I so want to get under 2:00 in the one I have coming up Sept 22. Really need to do some speedwork to make that happen. So did you make a decision yet about continuing CrossFit? So glad your daughter is on the road to recovery ... she must have been in pretty bad shape for them to do antibiotic shots! Also hoping you hear positive news on the job front soon.


      Seattle: How’s your cutback going? Sounds like work, school, family is really keeping you busy. Good that there is a break in sight for school. It’s cool that you and DBF both have work anniversaries at about the same time—and you have both progressed so much in your careers in the last year!


      SJP: How many days a week are you doing P90? I’m thinking of getting some of the videos to fill in the yoga/sculpt gaps when I can’t fit a class into my schedule. Do you have any races coming up this fall?


      RTR: Congrats on your marriage! So fun to hear that the wedding went perfectly. Your honeymoon sounds fantastic – just the sort of trip I like, too. I am with you on struggling to get back into running. It’ll happen!


      Java: Your Mexico trip sounded amazing – but it is always good to get back into the routine, too. I’m living that this week. Honestly just really glad I don’t have to pack up gear for a river trip this week or pack for a work trip. How was the lake trip?


      OU: Good job on getting the running back up post-marathon. Are you still doing CF a few days a week?


        Also posted this in the other thread.


        Woooohoooo  CONGRATS SNOWDEN!!!!  You look awesome in both the pics you put up.  How wonderful to have the fire station supporting you like that.  What a fantastic time also.  I know some of the areas you were talking about because my Alaskan Marathon Cruise we ran around Sitka with the HS Cross Country team.  We only ran a 10 K though.


        RR: Ran my half on Saturday morning - definitely not my fastest but I finished in a little over 1:49.  I ended up getting 3rd in my AG, first time racing as a 50 y/o.  It was super humid, about 65 degrees.  I was so sweaty at the end that my car seat got soaked on the way home, ICK.

        Sunday I ran 7 miles, it hurt at the start, legs were sore but when we hit 7 miles I felt like it went fast and I could still run further.


        NRR:  Older DD was pretty sick on Saturday.  After the half I came home, took a shower and took her straight to the DR.  They gave her 2 shots of antibiotic, a prescription for penicillin and a prescription for prednisone.  She is starting to feel better. PHEW!  I stayed home with her Saturday night, and then she went with her brother to a renaissance festival on Sunday so I went to DBF's last night.  We watched Shark Week for awhile.  He made me dinner, fish sandwich with wasabi sauce.  MMMMM!


        FR: Pretty good, not being as strict as I was.


        Snowden: Yikes!!  What do you think is going to happen with your jobs?  Are you worried?


        MC: You have been busy!  wow!  I didn't continue with CrossFit at this point just because I didn't get a job offer yet and really can't afford it w/o a job.  Kinda sucks!  Hoping to get a job offer soon!  When I look online it says they are still reviewing resumes.  Companies are never in as much of a hurry as the potential employees.



          Whoops didn't see the other posts!


          MC- Glad you have a little time to breathe! Nice job on the weight loss. Especially while you're so busy! I need to cut back on the alcohol too. I said I was going to and then never did. I bet you can get your running up in time for the half.


          MIA- Nice job on your half! You are speedy! When is your full again? How cool that you could picture some of the race course! About work... I'm really mad/over it/ hope it all goes to hell so I have and easy out/ hope it doesn't fall about because I like my work, just not my job/ it all sucks. I guess I'm indifferent. I'm on the fence to wait and see how it unfolds or leave and be done with it.




            RR:  I ran 3.1 perfectly mediocre miles this afternoon.  They weren't fantastic, but they weren't awful like my only other two runs since being back, so I'm quite happy about it.  I think this means I'm slowly getting back in the swing of things.


            NRR:  I had a nice relaxing weekend with DH.  We went out to brunch, hung around the apartment and read, went to a Phillies game last night.  It was really nice.  Today I went to Barnes and Noble to read for a bit, went for a run, went to the grocery store.  In a bit I'm meeting up with a friend for some cards.  Tonight I'm making dinner and just hanging out with DH.


            FR:  I'm back on the tracking wagon today.  After the wedding I stopped tracking for awhile.  Obviously on the honeymoon, and then being back it was nice not to have to worry about fitting into my "perfect fitting," ie snug, wedding dress.



            Snowden:  Amazing job on the marathon!  That's a fantastic time, especially since it sounded challenging with the hills!  I like your power hiking reference!  The 25k trail run I do every May has some big hills that I always say I walk up, but now I'm going to say I "power hike" up!  Honestly that's probably faster and better for conserving energy than running up the hills.  That's awesome that they turned on all the lights on the trucks for you!  I can't believe you had to go to work after!  That's pretty badass!


            Foco:  Welcome back!  It sounds like you've been busy!  I have a half marathon coming up around the same time as you and clearly I'm not prepared (see my RR).  I'll probably play it by ear and see how my running goes between now and then.  I like your idea of running three miles every day this week to get the motor running.  I think I'm going to join you!  At least through Friday anyhow.


            MIA:  Amazing job on the half!  You're super speedy!  How many women were in your age group?


            Have a great day!