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    Morning! I feel like it should be friday already...


    java-yeah strawberries are tough to grow, but there are several places nearby to me, which is ironic bc its mostly city. lake weekends are so fun! i bet the boys love it. your bro and sil aren't coming? (they were the ones that didn't help last time if i remember?)

    mia-i agree! aug 24th is super popular it appears. are you enjoying the pups? dogs are great, but you can never leave them for extended periods, which is tough.

    seattle-do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

    mc-you'll get those pounds off, a little food tracking, exercise and you'll get the scale in the other direction. those body fat machines seem so cool.

    RR: 10 foggy/chilly miles this morning. it was 55* and foggy today compared with 80* and sunny in 24 hours. gotta love maine weather haha.

    NRR: dbf is packing for fishing this weekend, weather doesn't look great but he'll have fun. helping him pack all the camping stuff tonight. otherwise, nothing much going on. supposed to rain, again.

    FR: making raspberry squares for dbf to take camping, they are easy and delicious