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    mia-that is fun DD goes to running group with you. does she run a lot?

    java-that is great DH is so busy, even if its tough to see him, at least his business is doing well! does he have a big crew?

    snowed-glad to hear your legs are feeling good. do you always have thursdays off? or does your schedule rotate?

    RR: 13 miles this morning, it was dark to start so i didn't run any more than that. I am pretty tired so probably same thing tomorrow then cutback week/taper for a race. I have a race next Sunday which I'm pumped about.

    NRR: finally friday! office is empty except for me and 1 other person that is only here for a little while. we share with architects and there are only a couple over there too. haha. nothing much going on this weekend, we are going to golf tomorrow with friends and just relax. haven't had a 'free' weekend in 7 weekends so we need it.

    FR: dbf got some cool beers for us to try, a blueberry one and a plum noir beer. fun!


      Happy Friday and long weekend!

      RR: DD and I went to the running group last night.  They meet every Thursday at a different bar in the area.  It is about 30 to 40 minutes away from me depending on where they meet.  Lots of people were there but truthfully none of them were too friendly.  They run 3 miles and then have drinks.  It was fun running a different route than usual, but it was super humid.  It was pouring off and on last night and we hit a time when the rain had just stopped.  We stayed after and had a drink and dinner but like I said they were all in their little groups so it was awkward trying to talk with people.  I'm glad I didn't go alone.

      NRR: Yesterday, I worked on the garage a smudge, had to go have my car serviced for a recall (that took 2 hours!), and then was on the phone getting insurance until my job starts for another hour or so.  Felt very unproductive truthfully.

      FR: No sweets which is good.  I had lots of veggies and fruits yesterday, but still felt I ate too much.


      SJP: DD has been pretty athletic this past year, she runs some, was doing crew, lifting and lots of dancing.  Her DBF loves to dance so they would go out dancing once or twice a week.  She is getting back into exercising now that she's feeling better after being sick.  Any weekend plans other than golf?Do you have Monday off?



        Good morning - ish!


        RR: Just didn't get in much of this in this week. Tomorrow!


        NRR: Cooking tonight and apparently having a talk with Big B about keeping his hands to himself. I got a call this morning from the assistant principal at his school (second time this year) that he was playing too rough. She seems to understand he isn't intending to hurt anyone, but he is so much bigger than the rest of the kids, if he plays rough he can really hurt them. Just not sure how to handle this one....


        FR: Cooking a lot tonight for the party tomorrow, so we will probably have sandwiches LOL!!



        sjp - DH has a crew of of 5 regulars and then various independent contractors (probably 10-15) he uses depending on the job. The party tomorrow is just for the regulars and their families and a few of the other guys who have been around a lot lately.  Hope you enjoy your quite day at work and the long weekend!!


        Mia - Sorry the running group didn't work out. Glad DD was there to keep you company!!


          Java: I remember getting calls like that as well . . .DS is now 6'4" and was always been big for his age.  I wish I could remember how we talked to him about it.  So hard for kids that age when the smaller kids are starting the rough housing.  He just wants to have fun with them.