Weight Loss Dailies


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    rtr-i don't really follow the entire program bc it has some cardio/kickboxing type videos on the non-lifting days and i still run. i use the strength rotation which is 2-3x a week, and i just fit them in when i can.

    mia-thanks! i did like the dresses a lot, very comfortable. they went to st. lucia for their honeymoon, they'll be back on labor day. do your DD's go back to school soon?

    java-i like p90x bc the workouts don't take forever, they work and i like the cycle of them and the switching up of the routines. i've done them enough that i don't need to listen to him, so dbf and i mute it and just put on pandora--follow along with the video.

    snowed-boo, sorry about your truck, how old is it?

    RR: 10 miles this morning, it was a little foggy but was a nice run. i stretched a lot also, which felt great.

    NRR: nothing much going on, just cleaning and relaxing tonight i think. still trying to catch up from the weekend.

    FR: i think dbf and i are grilling tonight.


      Good morning!


      RR:  I ran 3.1 miles this morning.  It felt pretty good!  Yesterday it was too hot to run by the time I got around to it so I went for a long walk instead.


      NRR:  Today I need to get a bunch of packing done, so it will be nice and easy to move on Friday.  We're getting a moving truck, but not hiring movers.  Other than that, not too much going on.


      FR:  Last night we went to a nice restaurant and had veggie burgers and milkshakes.  Clearly not super healthy, but we're enjoying the restaurants in the neighborhood while we're here.



      MIA:  Hopefully someone will back out of the September training!  I feel like there’s a good chance that could happen.  Packing is going alright.  We’ve already taken a few carloads out to the new house, so I don’t think moving should be too bad on Friday.   I’m going to pack up a bunch of stuff today so its ready to go.


      Java:  I can’t remember, is Big B at a new school this year?  From what I recall he didn’t really like his class last year.  How does he like kindergarten?


      Snowden:  Sorry to hear about your pickup!  That’s the worst that you tried to buy a nice one but still have to put a bunch of money into it.  I got a clunker a couple of years ago and was constantly putting money it in, including a new transmission (yikes!), then I got in an accident and it was wrecked so I bought a new car with a good warranty.   The accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


      SJP:  That's a great idea to mute the P90X and listen to music while doing it.  Tony Horton can be kind of annoying.


      Have a great day!

        hey all! Long time no chat.  I think I have almost dug myself out of the massive hole I have been stuck in.  I am still incredibly swamped at work, but I can atleast sit back and breathe a bit now!


        rr: been doing around 15 miles a week, a long run and 1-2 shorter runs.  Supplementing that with Crossfit 2-3 times a week.  Half marathon is mid October so we will see how it does for me being prepared. it is nice not to have to run in the heat.  Also nice to change things up all the time.  I've managed to stay injury free with my back for almost a month!Woot!  I bruised my shoulder the other day though, so trying to take things a little carefully in case it was some type of tendon damage.  Had coach at gym look it over and he didn't seem concerned that it was muscle or tendon when he did a mobility test.


        nrr: work has been kicking me.  I have just been up to it and can't find a way out.  Seriously work from 7:15-5:30 everyday without a break, which is why I haven't been by.  Started school last week as well.  Taking 9 hours which isn't bad compared to last semster.  I am ready for a 3 day weekend, why isn't it friday yet?????


        fr: back and forth.  I will eat really healthy then splurge my heart out.  Need control.


          SJP: Only 1 DD left in school.  She heads back in mid Sept.  Older DD just got a job designing logos for a company but it is a free lance job so she is working from where ever she is located.  She'll be starting to travel on Sept 25th and then gone until Dec.  She's talking about moving back to Portland when she gets done traveling.

          RTR: isn't packing fun . . . NOT!  Although at least you won't be moving for a long while.  How big is your house?

          OU: Nice to see you!  Sorry you've been so busy but sounds like you are keeping up with the running etc.  Good job!


          RR: 5 miles this morning. It was humid out but I could feel fall in the air.  Planning to go to a running group tomorrow that meets at a bar, goes for a run and then hangs at the bar for a bit.  Older DD is going to go with me.

          NRR: Lots of school work yesterday, more today.  Contemplating working on straightening up the garage some today  and tomorrow . . . we'll see.

          FR: My mind just isn't into this lately.  I do eat healthy for the most part but like I said with DD home some stuff is around that I usually don't have around.  I have had no will power.  UGH!





            RR- 4.5 yesterday. Slowly making my way back up in mileage.


            FR-. Eating like a walrus. Needs to stop.


            NRR- Work-weekend. Really nice out today. May take the dog out for a hike. Hazmat/fire drill tonight.


            sjp- Pickup is a 2000. So older, but was in really good condition when I bought it about a year ago.


            rtr- I remember when that car accident happened. How do you like your new car now that you've had it for a while?


            ou- I hear ya on the busy life! Your 3 day weekend is almost here!


            Mia- That's my kind of running group ending at a bar! I hear ya on the eating/ will power. I have been TERRIBLE lately. And it's sooooo freaking hard to change.