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    seattle-have fun on your trip with dbf! hope the weather holds for you.

    mia-oh man, really? do you have to go back to the same drug testing place?

    RR: 10 miles this morning on the treadmill. didn't lift last night bc i felt awful. maybe tonight.

    NRR: ugh, had the worst stomachace/nausea last night, it was so bad my back was hurting. i curled up with a heat pack and blankets after work and fell asleep. i am feeling a little better today but still not great, its there, just not as bad as last night.

    FR: um not much yesterday, had a tiny bit of leftovers and some ritz crackers last night.



      RR: ended up getting really into the cleaning yesterday, vacuumed and then mopped all the floors (whole house is laminate), then I rearranged my younger DD's bedroom in hopes to make it into an office area.  I have a desk in the garage I want to move in there.

      NRR: see up above.

      FR: Made chicken tortilla soup yesterday.  Turned out amazing.


      sjp: Sorry you don't feel well.  I'm surprised you didn't take the day off of running today after not eating much yesterday and feeling so bad.


      Seattle: enjoy the backpacking!!



        Hi all:


        RR: Made it to the top of Katahdin -- it was a tough hike! It wasn't so much the altitude gain, although it was about 5,000 up (I think it's 5,800-something), but the footing after the first couple of miles was terrible ... lots of scrambling over boulders and "trails" (ha) made mostly of sharp-edged rocks. I have a bit of trouble with my left eye (macular degeneration), so I found it hard to trip lightly over the rocks like my DS and DH did. More up and down for me ... was so sore the next day!


        NRR: Aside from the hike, we had a great time seeing DS's campus, going to the school's new museum, seeing friends in Belfast, etc. Came back yesterday and did a little bit of work. Today back into the grinder at work, band practice tonight, birthday dinner for DD's DBF tomorrow night, then we're headed to Kansas for a band gig Saturday night and Sunday. Busy few days coming up!


        SJP: Wonder what’s causing your stomachache? That sounds awful! Did you work today? Sounds like a day in bed might be good to make sure you completely recover.


        Mia: Before we left on our trip, I finally got motivated to do a thorough house cleaning and some rearranging – it felt really good! Determined to keep some semblance of order now. I love chicken tortilla soup, but almost never make it – I should.