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Freakin' Fantastic Fridailies! (Read 15 times)


    Happy Friday!


    RR:  I'm going for a swim after work, probably 1600 yards.  I think it will finally be a bit warmer on Sunday, so I'll go for a run then.  Tomorrow I'm thinking some 30 day shred and some jump rope.


    NRR:  I'm psyched for the weekend!  I don't have many plans, besides hang out with DF, grade papers and go to a get together tomorrow night, but regardless, I cannot wait.


    FR:  Meh, nothing too exciting here.


    Some shouts from yesterday:

    Snowden:  Nice job on the long run the other day!  I think you asked about exercise calories and MFP.  I usually eat most of mine back, unless I did a really long run and have a lot extra.  I feel like the base they have me at (1350) is really low, so I think eating them back is a good idea so I don’t get discouraged (or extra hungry) and give up.   I’m sorry your boss sucks.  I’ve been in that position and it can make you miserable.


    Java:  All this cold weather has me wanting to try out hot yoga.  How hot is it?


    Foco:  Congrats on registering for your first half!  That’s awesome that you’re working on your masters!


    JKR:  Nice job getting out there yesterday!  I love running in the snow, sadly we don’t get enough here!


    Have a great day!




      RR - 5 mi tempo run over lunch today. I was going to do it before work this morning but I think it's still too dark, and the route I like to run by work isn't well lit at all. Tomorrow is an 11 mi long run, probably also in the rain.

      NRR - So glad it's Friday! It has been a busy week at work and also with school, and I am tired and my brain hurts! The weather is pretty gloomy and wet, so I'm not sure what the weekend plan is. Grabbing happy hour with DBF after work this evening, and then maybe bowling or a cozy night playing board games by the fireplace tomorrow. Some time to relax and unwind (and a long run tomorrow) sounds lovely to me!

      FR - Probably some sort of pasta tonight... anything over 10 mi is a good excuse for pasta to me!


      Back in a bit for shouts!


        Good morning!


        RR: ??? Not sure if I'll get in a run today or not.


        NRR: Happy for the weekend! Tomorrow is my mom's 60th birthday, so we have an entire day of relaxation planned - yoga, lunch, shopping, and a massage. I'm really looking forward to it and it isn't even my birthday!


        FR: eh.



        B: 1 egg on ww toast w/ a slice of cheese, grapefruit, coffee w/ ff creamer

        S: kind bar, coffee

        L: probably a PB and honey and carrots

        D: BBQ (promised Big B we'd go to his favorite BBQ place tonight)



        rtr - my hot yoga studio usually is between 95 and 105 - it's hot! hope you have a great weekend!


          java-congrats to DH!!! i am on the design side and work with a lot of contractors, to be totally honest, new houses are typically easier than renovations because there are no 'fit-up' issues. when you knock down a wall, you never know what you might find or not find. he must be very excited.

          mc-wow good for you for finishing your thesis. i did a thesis in grad school, its so hard to write that much. but when the research is done, that is all you can do! will you have to defend your thesis? or you just defend the topic?

          snowed-ugh, sorry about the work situation. that is tough. are there any similar jobs that you could look at?

          jkr-sounds like a beautiful run yesterday. i get nervous on ice though i suppose in VA it melts right after it snows, unlike here where from about dec-march we have ice/snow pack. hope you make it out to DBF's this weekend.

          rtr-love love love those weekends that aren't jam packed. busy but not scheduled. enjoy!

          seattle-boo to rain and gloom. a relaxing evening sounds awesome after a busy week of school and work.

          RR: 10 miles this morning, they felt awesome. i figured i'd be extra tired as its friday but legs felt good. cold again, not sure on long run, prob just do my 11-12 miles on treadmill and call it good. maybe throw in some elliptical to get me more minutes.

          NRR: friday! no plans for the weekend, so that is nice. dbf and i may go on date night tomorrow/birthday dinner. we were busy in dec and were sick our free weekends so far in january haha. it will depend if we have other stuff come up.

          FR: hot coffee is so good in cold weather. also been on a hot cocoa kick.


            Good afternoon!


            I have been so swamped at work the past few days it is horrible!  So glad it is the weekend and that my boss also has all the financials done now so things can get back to normal.


            RR: yesterday was a SRD and today is crosstraining, so I will be hitting the elliptical.  I was going to swap out my 5 mile for tomorrow with Sunday's 3 mile to go outdoors instead of the TM, but now they have changed my forecast to be crap both days, so indoors I will stay.


            NRR: Tomorrow night DH and I are going to a "Night at the Races" fundraiser for our HS hockey team, so that should be fun.  He then leaves Sunday morning for California for a few weeks and not sure when he will be home from there.  He does maintenence in power plants so he is gone almost all spring.  Not bad though! LOL


            OK.....I have to run....I was just told to go home because of the snow.  BBL

            Goals for 2013:

            Run 10K Race- ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

            Run HM



            2-9 Kittanning Rotary Club 5K 44:38 on ice UGH

            3-9 New Port Richey, Fl Pasco Challenge 10K- 1:22:55

            5-12 Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure 5K

            7-6 Ford City Heritage Days 5K

            8-4 Pittsburgh Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

            9-29 Richard S.Caliguri City of Pittsburgh Great Race 5K



              Woo Friday! That means nothing to me lol


              RR- Went out for a run yesterday wanting to do 4-5 easy miles. Started out and felt like going fast so I decided to turn it into a tempo. Felt sluggish the first part, tired half way through. Thought about how people say doing longer runs helps with your shorter runs getting faster. Thought BS. Then I got a down hill and I got into the motion of the run. Anyways I got home checked my time (47 min) and then mapped my run. 5.9 miles. So I was pleased. It ended up being 8 min miles. It turned into a great tempo run. Now today I think I'll try to make myself go slower.


              FR- Eh. Logged again on MFP yesterday. Did good for me through the day. What I didn't log was the one million pistachios I ate at midnight. At least it wasn't ice cream. But supper salty. Live and learn I guess. I should go back and log them just so its there if I ever want to look back.


              NRR- My EMT class starts tomorrow. I'm really excited about that. My Saturdays are going to be insane. I have EMT class from 9-5 with a lunch. Than I have to go into work right after. And I'm encouraged to work til midnight so I can get most my hours. I hope to do that, just hoping I have the energy. I'll have to pack some good snacks.


              rtr- I'm glad you said you think your MFP base is low. They set me at 1250(i think) for one lb a week. So for now, I'm not really focusing on staying at that low calorie limit, but just trying to be consistent about logging and realizing how much I eat and cutting back from there.


              seattle- Enjoy your weekend and recoup! Sounds like you've been busy! Hope your long run goes good. I'm mentally ready for my next one, but I don't think my body is there quite yet.


              Java- Can I come to your moms birthday? Big grin That sounds like a perfect day.


              sjp- there are no other aircraft mechanic jobs in my town. Sometimes I'm so upset(okay a lot of times) that I look for other jobs in this town that would pay the same. But its really hard to give up work I love. I'm trying to just be patient, but its been months! DBF hears me complain a lot.


              MC- Your thesis sounds really interesting. And like a lot of work!


                Went for my "easy" run. I kept it to 30 minutes. I really don't know how to run slow! I went over 7mph for 3.75 miles. I felt like I was running easy and I tried counting breaths to steps to slow down. I guess if it still felt easy... but I know I couldn't have kept that up for a lot of miles. I'll have to learn to pace.


                  Hi all,


                  RR: 6 miles at lunch, another sunny day. Planning 7-8 tomorrow, which will bring me to 23-24 for the week. I have a yoga deficit so will try to pick up a class over the weekend.


                  NRR: Happy hour with a coworker coming up soon, yay! Big thesis plans for the weekend (get transcriptions done Sunday) and our band is playing a party Saturday night, so that should be fun.


                  RTR: The April half will be my first for this year. I did 4 last year and 2 the year before. Yes, I can't wait to get this master's done, I just need it to not be hanging over me.


                  Java: Sounds like a terrific day with your mom coming up -- enjoy!


                  SJP: Enjoy date  night and birthday dinner!


                  Jen: Good job on juggling around long runs, weather, cross-training, etc. Wow, that's a long time for DH to be gone, but sounds like you're used to it.


                  Snow: You are so fast! I can't do anything close to 8-min miles. I think you deserve those pistachios!


                  Seattle: Hope your 11 miles tomorrow isn't really in the pouring rain ... maybe just a bit of fog? Have fun at happy  hour!


                    Argh, I am kind of grumpy.  My quads are still so sore from doing squats on Weds that I ended up skipping my run this afternoon.  hopefully they'll be good by my long run tomorrow but I hate missing runs.  I need to figure out how to balance lifting so that I'm not so sore I can barely walk two days later!



                    rtr - I know what you mean about being psyched for the weekend even if you don't know what you're doing yet... a weekend is a weekend, and sometimes the ones with no plans end up being super nice and relaxing.  Glad it's supposed to start warming up for you soon!


                    Java - wow, your mom's b-day sounds fantastic!  How great that it will be fun for both of you Smile  Your dailies always sound so healthy and delicious, it's motivating to me!


                    sjp - I have been drinking so much coffee this winter... and eating so many carbs... and drinking lots of wine...  I need to clean it up a bit but I find it so much more difficult to eat healthy in the winter!  Hope you and DBF have a great weekend whatever you end up doing!


                    jen - I am with you on the busy past few days of work... the last week or so of the month is always tiring for me!  Hope you can get some good workouts in this weekend!


                    snowden - I am feeling the same way about long run - I am mentally raring to go (especially since I had to skip my run today.... I hate missing runs) but my quads are so sore.  I hope they feel a little better by tomorrow!  I need to get more serious about MFP again...  I have been logging in and mostly keeping on track but I haven't really been super strict about it and I just need to get back on track!


                    MC - nice work on the mileage this week!  Having sunny weather really helps for that I think.  Have fun at happy hour tonight!