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    How is taper going Seattle?  Mine is going fairly well so far...excepts my quads are killing me like I just decided to do a new weight lifting routine...I think this is why I hate taper, your body goes nuts!


    rr: did 8 on Sunday morning and it was terrible.  I had been sick the day before and earlier that morning (TTOM and allergies) so it was a lethargic run, plus it was like 75* which is at least 25 degrees warmer then I was use to. Atleast I got in some heat training.  Probably do 3 tonight.  Stretched last night to try and work out some of the stress in my muscles and tendons.  I am getting really nervous about race day and how good I will do.  My plan is to start with a 10:15 pace through at least mile 8 (big hill) then decide if I want to hold that through 13 or speed up a bit then.  Goal is to be between 10 and 10:15 pace for the race hopefully.


    nrr: just finishing up some papers and homework to turn in then school is over.  I finish class with a test on Thursday then its over!!!! woohoo!  And why do our playoff games have to start at 8:30, I have to stay up way past my bedtime to watch the games!


    fr: trying to be smart about food this week.  Last night had fish, broccoli, and rice. yum!



      OU: It is so weird how our bodies tease us during a taper.  That's great that class is over before your weekend. One less thing to think about.

      Are you taking any summer classes?


      RR: run this morning with buds.  Probably mow the lawn at some point also.

      NRR: I'm feeling less stressed today.  I finished most of the classwork for the week yesterday.  Have one more chapter in one of the books and an essay to write.  I still need to get my software up and running so I'll see what they can do about that today.  I got most of my packing done last night. Hoping to see DBF for lunch today.

      FR: Pretty good yesterday.   I had a big salad with fish on it last night.  I did end up with a piece of PB Toast before going to bed though.



        Good morning!


        RR:  I'm planning on a run today, probably around six miles.


        NRR:  Yesterday was a really busy day at work, then we had a meeting after school which took a while, then I had to grocery shop and never found time to do much of anything else.  Today should be less crazy.  Work, then a run and then I think a friend and I are supposed to get together to watch Downton Abbey.


        FR:  I took most of last week off from tracking because I was really tired of it, but I'm back at it this week.  I hate to sound vain, but my wedding is a little over ten weeks away and I am not where I want to be weight wise, so I'm very consciously working on it now.



        OU:  Happy taper time!  Are you suffering from taper madness at all?  It sounds like you have a great plan for the race!


        MIA:  I'm sorry to hear about the jobs.  I'm sure this course you are taking will help immensely and you'll find a job in no time.


        Snowden:  Nice job on the weekly mileage!


        SJP:  Happy moving day!  Are you working today and moving after work, or did you take the day off?


        Foco:  Do you normally have back problems?  I hope the chiropractor can fix what's bothering you.


        Seattle:  It sounds like you had a great weekend away!  Do you have any taper madness at all?


        Have a great day!


          Good morning!  My current marathon worry is the weather...  it is supposed to get up to almost 80 degrees in Seattle the day before and 70s on Sunday and I haven't really even run in 60s that much... I hope it cools down a bit!


          RR- Had a great 8 mi before work yesterday, and then did some easy climbing/working on technique last night - probably won't climb again until post-marathon.  Today is just a 3 mi lunch break run in the sunshine.  I think I am going to try to run at the hottest parts of the day this week so I can at least get a little acclimated to warm weather!  Normally I'd be thrilled to have a weekend in the 80s so early in May, but come on... couldn't that be next weekend??  Hah.


          NRR - I feel like not much is really NRR right now...  haha.  Just finishing up month end stuff at work today.  DBF and I snuggled up and went to bed super early after dinner last night, so that was super nice.  Planning on doing some homework, laundry, cleaning etc tonight.  Fun fun!


          FR- Chicken quesadillas and spanish rice for dinner.


          I will be back in a bit for shouts!


            Ahh, now the forecast is sunny and high of 82 for race day...  it just keeps going up Sad


              Hello all!


              RR: was sick over the weekend, so I gave myself yesterday and today off.


              NRR: Horrible weekend! Little b thew up all night Friday night, he was fine Saturday, then he and I both threw up all day Sunday (poor DH had t o take care of both of us). So I wasted a whole day Sunday and got nothing done. The good news is that I get to have dinner with some friends tonight! Also, DH and I have decided on a summer vacation to Mexico. At first we weren't going to take the boys, but my sister is going to go and bring her daughter so we can switch off watching the kids. Big B is going to be so excited when I tell him!!


              FR: Meh.



              OU - I've been wondering how your taper was going. It has been so warm her that it's probably a good week to take it easy. Can't wait to hear how the race goes!


              MIA - glad you are less stressed Big grin


              rtr - Only ten weeks!! So exciting! And I don't think it is overly-vain to want to look your best on your wedding day. That is the one day you are allowed to care about that stuff! You will look at those pictures for the rest of your life - so why not want to look your best?


              seattle - I'm so sorry about the weather for your race. I'm sure you will be fine, but I know that is hard when you haven't acclimated. Good for you paying attention and creating a plan.


                Good Morning!


                RR- Took a rest day yesterday and I think it was a good call. When I was out walking the dog I was moving at a pretty good clip and I got a side stitch and my body felt a bit tired. I think today will be a nice easy, slower run.


                FR- Terrible. Today is new. I have my goals for May that I might as well start right now.


                NRR- One week til DBF and I go home to Colorado!


                May goals:

                -Less ice cream

                -More vegetables

                -Consistent running

                -One strength training a week


                OU- You're going to do great at the marathon! You training well for that hill. Don't let that 8 miler get you down.


                Mia- It's understandable to be stressed. you've got a log going on right now. How long is your trip?


                rtr- You don't sound vain! Sometimes I thinking it's good to take time off from tracking. You can accomplish a lot in 10 weeks if you stick to it!


                Seattle- You can change a lot of things, but you'll never change the weather. Smile Hopefully it's not crazy hot! Glad your last 8 miler went well.


                Java- Mexico! What part? Sorry about the bad weekend. Enjoy your dinner with a friend.


                  Just had a lovely lunch break run... 3 mi seems so short!  I am trying not to obsess too much about the weather as I know I can't control it!  Hopefully there will be some shady spots on the course and whatnot.


                  ou - taper is going well, I feel pretty strong and some of that speed is starting to come back!  I just hope the weather doesn't screw it up, I'd be kinda bummed to have such an awesome training cycle and then not be able to run a fast race due to weather... but what can ya do!  I think if it's still supposed to be super hot I will probably just run it for the enjoyment of it!  Woohoo for class being over this week, then you can concentrate on the marathon this weekend.  Smile


                  Mia - glad you are being productive and the classes are going well so far.  PB toast is so yummy!


                  rtr - woohoo for your wedding coming up so quickly, how exciting!  Definitely a motivation for tracking as well Smile  I get tired of it sometimes too but I just keep making myself at least log in every day so it's in the back of my mind.  I am starting to go a little marathon crazy right now...  I'm glad I had the weekend away to distract me or it probably would have been worse!  Smile


                  Java - oh dear, sorry about the sick weekend... that does not sound like any fun!  Hopefully this week will go more smoothly and you can get back on track.  How fun to go to Mexico!  I need to get a passport...  I think that would be a fun vacation!


                  snowden - yay for a Colorado trip coming up soon, it's always nice to have something like that to look forward to!  Is it bad that your post about May goals made me want ice cream...  haha!


                    Hi all,


                    RR: Need to get my 6 done today but hasn't happened yet. Weather is getting colder ... yuck. We were teased with such great weather this weekend. Went to chiro yesterday and she adjusted my back -- feels so much better now! I'm almost nervous to run and set it back again, but I need to get a little running in before the half this weekend. I'm seriously thinking about downgrading to 10K.


                    OU: Ugh, sorry your 8-miler felt terrible. I'm sure the heat was a significant factor. You are so close to being done with school -- that's terrific!


                    Mia: Great that you're feeling less stressed now--sounds like your classwork is well in hand. Have fun running with friends.


                    RTR: I started having back problems about a year ago and now I do the chiro fairly regularly, yoga, massage. For the most part, I've kept my back feeling pretty good but I had a setback when I ran that hilly HM a couple of weekends ago ... I hadn't done enough hill training, the lift I now wear in my left shoe was causing my toes to go numb, and I probably just didn't have enough miles logged in the weeks coming up to the race. So now I'm trying to get my mojo back for my next half marathon coming up this weekend. Regarding the tracking, I'm sure once you start tracking, you'll get where you want to be weight-wise.


                    Seattle: I hope the race weather cooperates for you! I am so affected by the heat. I typically don't sign up for any races in the summer. And I almost always carry a small water bottle in my hand when it's hot just because if I don't have water with me I start to obsess about it when it's hot out. Good idea to try to acclimate a little bit this week in the heat. Is the taper driving you crazy?


                    Java: So sorry you all were sick--sounds absolutely miserable. But Mexico sounds great -- I love vacationing with other families and trading kid-watching. Such a great plan.


                    Snow: I like your May goals. I think after I get through the half (either by actually running it or switching to the 10K), I'm going to focus on running more days a week but shorter runs. I'm just traveling too much to fit in the long runs, and it's making the the race thing more stressful than it needs to be. More vegetables, less ice cream -- sounds do-able! :-) I just discovered a new flavor of gelato at the store, and it reminded me of why I try not to buy ice cream/gelato and bring it home. I ate the whole thing in 2 days. But it was salt caramel with coffee and so incredibly good.