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    mia-we were hoping to do the talk with dbf's parents but they are busy this weekend i guess--however we are almost thinking about not doing it. i really don't want to see them. and yes his mom was the same, its more the fact that 2 days after we leave there they tell us we were 'rude or didn't behave right'. um, i'm an adult, deal with it, you know? its all so crazy. glad you are feeling like your house is back to normal. i agree, eating lunch out is so expensive, i always bring mine to work.  

    ofs-do you ski a lot?!

    RR: total body x2 last night was hard but not impossible so that was nice. 6 miles this morning and 45 min elliptical. gym was busy, all the resolutioners...

    NRR: nothing going on here, just grocery shopping and then trying to stay warm. ready for this week to be over. sort of slow right now so the days drag.

    FR: grilled cheese and tomato soup last night for dinner. was yum.


      Good morning!  Never got a chance to post yesterday.


      RR- DBF and I did the first fit test for Insanity last night and then the Day 2 workout before work this morning.  It seems like a great workout, I am already starting to be a little sore!  Planning on a 3 mi lunch break run later today.  I am hoping to be able to juggle running and Insanity but I'm sure it will be rough sometimes!  My goal half isn't til May so now seems like a good time to do something like this.


      NRR- Pretty slow day at work today I'm guessing, then meeting up with a friend for happy hour after work.  Then I need to do some homework and start packing!  My family and I + DBF are headed down to San Francisco Friday morning through Sunday for my uncle's big gay wedding, should be super fun!


      FR- DBF and I made a ton of burritos/enchiladas last night, so nice because they freeze well and are such an easy meal to have and make ahead of time.  Yum!


      sjp - grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds awesome!  Definitely one of my favorite winter dinners.  I know what you mean about the slow days dragging on...  I am betting today will be one of them.  Oh well, I try to focus on the fact that I am lucky to have a job that is mostly awesome!  Smile  I hope that you and DBF can come to terms on how to deal with his parents soon - it sounds super stressful and a bummer!

        RR haven't run since Sunday.  But did calisthenics yesterday morning, and this morning!  I HAVE to run tonight.  I'll ziz zag to avoid the ice.  Distance doesn't matter, just need to get in at least 30 minutes of aerobic running type movement outside.


        sjp, I used to ski a lot, when I was a part-time ski instructor.  I still like it, and have taught my son.  But we only go once in a while, as resorts are expenisve and there's always other stuff to do, also.  Instead of trying to maintain an XC ski trail this year, I decided to snowblow a running trail.  Works pretty good!  Except when ice visits.


        FR  I ate my lunch, and my cookies, but still have a banana left.  Have to make it until dinner time!