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    seattle-haha, i like the elliptical a lot, can read magazines and our gym has individual tv's so can channel surf much easier than on the treadmill. the gym does free bagels once a month, so i participate!

    mia-feeling better today?

    RR: 7 treadmill miles this morning and 30 min of elliptical. last night dbf and i did chest/shoulder/arms from p90x, that work out is so hard. i am sore today.

    NRR: shopping after work for a present for my nephew's 4th birthday. i can't believe he is 4. party on saturday, can't wait to go home.

    FR: had crockpot chicken last night, just taco seasoning 1 jar of salsa, it come out so good!


      Good morning!


      RR- Today will be a 5 mi tempo run over lunch.  The weather looks decent but it's been so back and forth lately, hopefully it will hold up!  Had fun climbing with DBF last night, I feel like we hadn't been in ages!


      NRR- Pretty chill night last night - made dinner with DBF, and mostly just relaxed and watched TV.  We are watching the show Wilfred right now (it's on FX), has anyone else seen it?  It's a bit dark and weird but funny and I like it a lot so far.  Tonight will probably just be grocery shopping, reading, and homework.  I might bake an apple cobbler for DBF if I have time!


      FR- Thinking grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and veggies.


      Back in a bit for shouts!


        HI all,


        RR: Did yoga/sculpt last night -- felt really good. Have blocked out my lunchtime run on my calendar, so I'm determined to protect that time. Very happy that my back has been happy lately. Haven't even been to the chiro in a while. I really burned through a lot of my HSA getting the MRI, so I'm trying to manage without the massages/chiro as much. Hope it doesn't backfire. But I think just the minimal core exercises I'm doing is keeping everything in line.


        NRR: Blessedly quiet day at work today -- not so many meetings and conference calls, so I'm grateful for that. Tonight I need to thoroughly clean before we head to Maine on Friday to see DS. DD is house-sitting with her DBF: so great that they are available to do that. It saves us so much money in kennel fees, and the dogs are so much happier.


        SJP: Birthday party for a 4-year-old sounds fantastic! Elliptical sounds like a great way to break up the running to me.


        Mia: Hope your stomach is feeling better! Getting your schoolwork done early in the week sounds like a good plan: leaves more time for relaxing on the weekend.


        Seattle: Hope you find some things to occupy you at work today. Must be so frustrating not to be able to do schoolwork.


          That was a great tempo run!  I decided to run my 5 mi route at a little faster than tempo pace just to see where I'm at comparatively, and I ran it 2 1/2 minutes faster than I ever have before (and ran perfectly even splits out and back) so that's good!


          sjp- one of my roommates got p90x and keeps wanting me to try it with her, it sounds like a great workout!  I will have to check it out when I get some more time (ie, between quarters at this point... hah).  I've read about that crockpot chicken recipe and people just love it for how simple it is...  I'll have to try that sometime!


          MC - so glad your back is feeling better and that things are quieter at work today - hope you can enjoy your lunch break run!  It's so nice to have a break in the day and just come back refreshed.  Awesome that your DD can house-sit for you, I'm sure that saves a ton of time/hassle/stress!  It is kind of frustrating, I understand that they want me to work at work but when there is no work to do I'm just sitting here thinking of all the homework I could be doing... oy!