Weight Loss Dailies


oh OH we're halfway there, oh OH, Wednesdailies.... (Read 8 times)



    rtr-i got a few books--one about daughter-in-law upsetting family balance (hah), a solider's family dealing with coming home from a tour in afghanistan. I love Monday night chipotle night, that is awesom.

    mia-haha i wish it was with friends. we are going with dbf's parents, and his sister/bil. it will be fine, i just have to spend the days with his mom (shoot me) while every one else fishes. glad you are feeling less stressed, your trip sounds amazing!

    seattle-that is a great bday gift. does he like to cook also? yes our nights all the sudden are dropping into the low 40's and i run in the morning, so brrrr.

    mc-have fun in seattle. glad you are getting in some miles, i agree, weight lifting is easy to let go while building mileage.

    RR: 10 chilly miles this morning, not as breezy as yesterday so it didn't feel bad. it was really quiet/serene with no wind and you can't be the sunrise over the ocean. also lifted arms/shoulders last night.

    NRR: packing tonight. we leave after work tomorrow to head up for fishing. there is barely internet there...so mapping runs beforehand/printing them so i don't get lost like last year.

    FR: homemade salsa on veggie burger w/salad last night.


      Good Morning.

      RR: Not sure I'll get one in today either.  Oh well, I'll just say I'm tapering for the hike this weekend.

      NRR: Drove younger DD back to school yesterday.  About 4 hours RT due to construction on the highway - only added 30 minutes but that was enough.  We left a little after 10 AM and didn't get home until 4ish.  Got home and had to buckle down and do more school work.  Today include babysitting again, schoolwork and have to hit up the grocery store for a few items. Have to pack tomorrow for my trip and then leaving fairly early Friday morning.

      FR: Had Subway for lunch, okay but not great.  I'm really not a sandwich fan but it was cheap.  Picked up a box of Honeycrisp apples on the way home.  $13 for a BIG BOX.  They are pretty expensive in the store so happy I got so many for so cheap. YUM!!


      SjP: I think I would go out fishing with everyone so I wouldn't have to spend the whole day with the "mom".  You are brave.  What happened when you got lost last year?  I got lost running near DBF's when we were first going out and felt really dumb because I had to call him to rescue me.  I was going in the completely wrong direction.


      MC: Enjoy Seattle, although you won't really be here long enough to do much.  My DS just started working in Bellevue this week.  Also that's where DBF works.



        Morning!  Think I will have Bon Jovi stuck in my head today now...  Smile


        RR - My arms are sore from lifting yesterday!  Will be nice to get back into a consistent routine with that again, I feel like it helps a ton.  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run.


        NRR- Trying to get as much done as I can because we are leaving on Friday morning for a camping trip in eastern WA.  The weather doesn't look super awesome but hopefully we won't get rained on too much!  I need to finish DBF's b-day present, do laundry, clean out my car, go shopping, get an oil change, and get my driver's license replaced before we go since I lost it over the weekend... whew!


        FR- I want grilled cheese and sweet potato fries for dinner... yum!


        sjp- DBF likes to cook a lot, probably even more than I do!  We usually wind up cooking together most of the nights we spend together.  Last night and the night before were the first nights that I actually woke up cold...  I guess summer really is going away!  I love fall but it's always a little bittersweet.  I love quiet/calm waterfront runs like that, so peaceful!


        Mia - maybe I missed it, where are you hiking this weekend?  Honeycrisp apples are so good!  I have been eating a lot of sandwiches recently, that was the thing I missed the most on whole 30!  they are just so convenient.


          Seattle: going to go hike north rim to south rim of Grand Canyon. 



            Hi all,


            RR: Was so rushed packing this morning that I forgot my running shoes for my quick trip to Seattle. It is beautiful here -- nice and sunny! I'm planning to do some in-room yoga stuff and then walk to my dinner meeting tonight to make up for not running.


            NRR: As mentioned, was in a terrible rush this morning because I just couldn't wake up. Barely made the airport shuttle in time.


            SJP: Well, most of your fishing weekend sounds fun. I sympathize with you: sometime I just have to make the best of it with my MIL. I just resign myself that she's going to drive me nuts, and then anything more positive that happens is a super double bonus!


            Mia: Wow, that was a long trip taking your DD back--I am really done with summer construction. It's funny, I'm not really crazy about Subway, even though it's the healthy choice among fast food options. I travel to Bellvue/Redmon a lot and all I seem to see are hotels and restaurants. Someday, I'm going to spend more time in this area! Honeycrisp apples are my very favorite, lucky you got a good deal on them.


            Seattle: Being sore from lifting always feels so good/virtuous! Hope the weather holds for you. Today sure is nice here. It's cool that you and DBF cook so much: I'm trying to do that more because we have been eating out way too much, especially with DD and her DBF back in town for grad school. Either they or we are always proposing to meet somewhere for dinner ... because it's so fun! But we're all going broke, so I need to bring the party over to our place more often.