Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  I made it out for a glorious 6.2 mile run last night in the snow.  It felt really great after awhile and it was nice to be out while the snow was falling.  Today I'm going for a swim, probably 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Not too much going on around here, but I kind of like it that way.  Work, then a swim, grocery shopping, then a relaxing evening at home.  I feel less stressed at work lately too since I got all those papers graded.  This feeling will last just until I give another test and have more to grade.


    FR:  I'm going grocery shopping tonight.  I want to start looking for some good vegetarian recipes to cook, something new.  Anyone have any easy, delicious recipes?



    Seattle:  Have fun on vacation!


    Snowden:  Nice job on the seven miles in the dark!  I can’t do it, I have to workout as soon as I’m done with work for the day, otherwise I lose all motivation.  Nice job tracking everything to see how it affects you.  Also, happy weekend!


    Foco:  Happy anniversary!  How many years have you been married?


    Have a great day!


      RR - Ran 3 mi over lunch yesterday to the DOL and back, then 6 more after work for a total of 9. Felt great! Looking forward to some sunshine running and hiking and swimming.

      NRR - Heading off to Palm Springs this morning... just wanted to say have a good week to everyone! Smile



      rtr - I don't get the opportunity to run in snow that often here, but I love it!  I agree, sometimes it's really nice when you have a routine week and not too much to do except relax... those are pretty rare (for me at least) so gotta take advantage while you can!

        seattle: must be an early leaving time!  you are up way early for west coast. Have a great time!


        rtr: I love the feeling of being caught up, even if it lasts briefly.  Running in snow is one of my favorites - it's so quiet and peaceful!


        rr: lets see bee a few days so catching up...did an 8K on Saturday - absolutely rocked it.  Had the same pace as my 5K a month before, and had a better time at the 5K point as well.  Awesome when I think about how i was about to die at the finish of the 5K and on the 8K I pulled off a negative split in the final mile!  Sunday's 9 miler was terrible, glad I cut it down from 12, legs were dead from the race.  Did 4 yesterday and 2 hill on the mill this morning with no problem.


        nrr: been super busy between work and school.  My weekend seminar class drowned us with homework between the first and second meeting, I've just been trying to get it all done. I tried being proactive and telling the teacher that he idea of heavy loading the first part of the semester didn't work that well because 14 days to do 5 projects, ready 5 chapters, plus the rest of the classes is just crazy.  She told me to take few hours...I don't think she saw the point.  I've been looking at other peoples projects though (they are all posted on wikis) and they are all just quickly thrown together and not thought out, so I think that everyone is taking the approach of doing the minimum to get it all done...in the end I think the teacher loses because she never gets great work from the students.


        fr: I've been ok...the super bowl was a lot of bad food, but outside of that I've been doing alright.  trying to stay on track this week.


        wr: not doing what I want it to.  still hovering right at 150...


          Good morning.


          Sorry I haven't been around the past week, but I will be honest, I have been having a pity party where my weight is concerned.


          I truly am doing everything right as far as my eating habits, the foods I am eating, the activity I am getting, the amount of water I am drinking, but the weight is NOT coming off.

          I am trying VERY VERY hard not to get discourged, but sometimes it is hard not to.

          I am trying to look at the bright side and that is that my running is going very good and I am eating right.  Why my weight is not with the program, I just do not know.


          So this morning I have been doing some reading and decided to up my calorie intake (I journal on My Fitness Pal) and see if that might be the problem.  Just frustrating as hell.

          I do think some of it is hormone and my thyroid, which that portion is going to be addressed in March when I got for my twice yearly physical.  I go twice a year because I am overweight with cholesterol issues and a bad heart history in my family.

          The last time I went to the Dr in November, she did say my thyroid was boderline and estrogen levels were starting to go downhill due to my having my hysterectomy last year.

          One good thing with the Dr. is her, myself and another mutual friend have our own hidden facebook group to help keep each other accountable, so she KNOWS I am doing all that I need to do.


          OK....sorry I had to go on a rant there.


          So other than that, this past weekend I had my longest run yet at 6 miles and am so so proud of myself for that.  This weekend I have a 5K to run as part of my 10K training.  Also this weekend is my 1 year anniversary of quitting smoking, which is another huge huge milestone that I am just so proud of....especially when DH is still smoking.  I do use an e-cig when I need to(such as work or if we go to a bar), but I would a million times over rather grab that than a cigarette.


          BBL for some personals....

          Goals for 2013:

          Run 10K Race- ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

          Run HM



          2-9 Kittanning Rotary Club 5K 44:38 on ice UGH

          3-9 New Port Richey, Fl Pasco Challenge 10K- 1:22:55

          5-12 Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure 5K

          7-6 Ford City Heritage Days 5K

          8-4 Pittsburgh Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

          9-29 Richard S.Caliguri City of Pittsburgh Great Race 5K




            rtr-stay warm while running!!!

            seattle-hope you are enjoying your time away with DBF! enjoy some fun in the sun.

            snowed-don't beat yourself up too much about food, i know its tough, but general trends are that you are running and making efforts to choose healthy foods/control portions. i agree, logging intake is a huge help! i find that i transition fine from indoor to outdoor, i think it acutally helps me to run 'easy' miles on the treadmill and i keep my base up. even if i was slow when it gets warm enough to run outside, i don't care that much about pace--especially initially. plenty of time to get fast before races.

            MC-sometimes a quiet night is the best celebration! we are supposed to get pounded with snow this friday--could be in the 14" range. could put a damper on the whole hike thing...

            ou-WAY to go on your 8k that is awesome.

            jen-rant away! sorry you were feeling so lousy about weight and such. just keep at it, nothing happens overnight. ugh, hormones just kill us females when it comes to losing weight. nice work staying away from cigarettes.

            RR: 10 miles this morning on the treadmill. feeling pretty good even with the fast-ish pace for the 10 miler. otherwise, just same old thing.

            NRR: hiking could get axed as we are supposed to get a lot of snow friday night through 12 saturday. i know DBF really wants to go, but i don't want to force it bc of bad conditions. winter hiking has enough risk without a winter storm warning...

            FR: did a 10 second grocery shop last night, just got enough for lunches and whatever i normally have...was not feeling meal planning, haha.


              Morning Everyone!


              RR- I think I'm going to take a rest day from running. I plan on getting the dog out for a good while and wearing her out. I can feel the increase in mileage in my feet a bit. Not painful or anything, just new aches and pains. I ran 8 trail miles yesterday. It took me quite a while to get into it and my body felt heavy, but it was a great 8 miles!


              FR- ...why can't I just say no to myself? Its easier to turn down food I don't feel hungry for when other people are around but when I'm by myself all bets are off.


              NRR-There is blue in the sky! Thank god for that, I was beginning to think I was color blind.


              rtr- I love snow running. Where there is enough for traction and its falling on you, just wonderful! And I'm with you on new recipes. It would be really beneficial to me to make meals more often.


              Seattle- Have fun!


              OU- Some awesome running! I love when I notice how much my running has improved, that's great about your race!


              Jen- The weight issue sounds frustrating  But I think you answered it yourself the best anyone can. You know you're doing things right and you're working hard at it. Stress can be a HUGE factor in everything. And look at all the great things you accomplished this week. 6 miles! An entire year of no smoking! Think about how much healthier your lungs are. Healthy enough to run 6 miles! And you have a race coming up what you will rock.


              sjp- enjoy all the snow!


                Hi all,


                RR: No running today but already have a lunch run tomorrow with co-worker on the books, so happy about that. I'm really in a yoga deficit right now, which is bad for my lower back. I can feel it starting to grumble. I know what to do, I just need to do it.


                NRR: Not much excitement here. Need to get groceries and might get some treats to ship off to the college kids. DS is craving some real Colorado salsa.


                RTR: I like Deborah Madison's cookbook "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone," I'll try to look through that in the next couple of days to remind myself of my favorite recipes. I love a good, hearty black bean chili ... garlic, onions, fire-roasted diced tomatoes, black beans, green chiles, salsa, couple of cans of corn. DH and I have been married 26 years ... wow!


                Seattle: Have a fantastic time in Palm Springs! You have stockpiled so many miles, it'll be good to relax and enjoy.


                OU: Congrats on your race. So fantastic when running fast feels so comfortable. Excellent work! Do you think your hill work was a big contributor to your success?


                Jen: I absolutely feel your pain on the weight. I am at the point now where I've decided not to weigh myself very often because it just wrecks my psyche too much. If you're doing all the right things, your body is probably going through a composition change, gaining muscle and losing fat, and so the weight change isn't showing up much. Stick with it -- it will happen!!


                SJP: Well, a ton of snow sounds kind of fun. I think I'll make my grocery store stop a 10-second one tonight, too. Just not feeling like shopping, but I think all we have in the house to eat is some frozen blueberries.


                Snow: Getting out with the dog sounds great, and not exactly a rest day but good cross-training. On the food thing, I think if you're focusing on good food, maybe not worry too much about quantity. I'm not always great at that myself, though. It's a constant struggle ... I sympathize.