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    morning all

    snow: i have no clue what the VO2 scale is or how it relates.  I tried just searching 37 VO2 to see if it said good or bad but all i got were info sites, so I guess I just need to read them!


    rr: did VO2 study last night - which wrecked my quads, they were in some serious denial afterwards last night.  the test last night had more sustained lengths at different watts so it felt harder then the first one. Ran home after that, a little over 3 miles.  Today is  a rest day.


    nrr: busy day today, meetings all morning, lunch with a friend,  a tour with architecture group tonight (I get to tour the Devon tour Java).  So ready for the weekend.


    fr: staying good this week - proof that if I have a plan and stick to it, I don't crave the crap as much!


      Happy Thursday!  Where is everyone?


      OU: When I did the VO2 test they gave me a whole little book showing me where I go anaerobic in my running (speed) and where I burned the max calories, etc.  I did it about 5 years ago.  It was quite interesting. It is amazing how planning and eating the proper things helps with those cravings.


      RR: Didn't end up doing anything yesterday except my yard work.  Today I'm running with friends about mid morning. 12K on Saturday morning.

      NRR: Have one more paper to write today for the week.  Hoping to knock it out this morning.  Today it's beautiful outside.  so AFTER I RUN, maybe some more yard work.  I have friends taking me and DBF to dinner tonight to pay me back for babysitting.  Yes, DBF is coming here which he usually doesn't during the week.  Happy to see him.

      FR: I'll go light today since we're going to the Italian place tonight.



        Good morning!


        RR- Went on a nice long walk over lunch yesterday, and then went for an impromptu swim in the lake last night.  DBF and some friends were slacklining near the lake, and I saw a bunch of people swimming and wondered how the water was.  It was actually pretty warm and perfect for open water swimming...  so I took off my dress and swam half a mile in the lake in my bra and undies.  Felt great!  Thinking of trying a 2-3 mi run over lunch break today - legs are still a little tight but really feel pretty dang good overall and eager to get back at it.


        NRR- I have pretty much nothing to do at work today...  hopefully I can find some things to do so it doesn't drag too much!  Had a fun night with DBF last night, except we forgot to eat dinner until almost 10 PM, so the bit of whiskey we drank at the lake made me more tipsy than it should have and I have a headache this morning, hah.  No real plans for this evening - I have lots of chores/cleaning to do but I want to enjoy the sunshine and lovely weather as well!  Might actually go back to the lake and go for another swim.


        FR- Probably stir fry chicken and veggies with rice.  I am with everyone else on here who is feeling "fluffy" lately!


        Will be back in a bit for shouts!


          Hi all,


          RR: Ran 6 yesterday and it felt great! Was very happy about that. Went to PT this morning, and I just love her approach. She is really focused on counterbalancing the running with specific exercises, and I think we're getting to the root of my problem. It's amazing how some of these exercises seem too easy and somewhat useless (clamshells, really?) but they are making a world of difference in how my lower back feels. I feel like I can ask her specific questions, like "What stretches should I really be doing after a run" and she has a specific answer, instead of "Well, why don't you try X and such and just see if it hurts."


          NRR: Was really restless yesterday but determined to buckle down today and knock out tons of work so I won't be scrambling tomorrow to get dogs dropped off, get to airport, etc. for beach trip. I went to TJ Maxx (a discount outlet for name-brand stuff) yesterday and had a more successful swimsuit shopping trip. Plus got some North Face running skirts that can double as beachwear. All at very good prices!


          Snow: We're going to North Carolina to Topsail Beach for a week. Yay! Hope you continue to recover from your cold. And I hope the extra work on the new plane goes well.


          Mia: DD is coming to the beach with us, but DS made the cut for the rafting job in Colorado, so he's going to stay in CO and run rivers. We will see very little of him this summer, which is unfortunate. But I don't blame him for wanting to run whitewater all summer! I know he'll get some days off here and there, so we should be able to hook up with him at some point. Hope the run and yard work go well for you today -- and the dinner with friends and DBF. That sounds very fun!


          Seattle: Hope the week feels like it's going faster for you now that we've made it to Thursday!


          OU: you do have a busy day, and with sore quads to boot! Yeah, I find that just sticking to the plan with food is so helpful. The more I think about it, the worse choices I make.


            Think I have decided to run around the lake and swim after work... it's gonna be a hot one but that will make the swim after feel even better!  Love summer here... it's perfect.


            ou - you have been rocking it with the eating healthy and all the workouts, it's so inspiring!  You are making me want to be even better at planning and eating super healthy.  hope your day being busy means it will go by quickly... and then we'll be one day closer to the weekend!


            Mia - maybe everyone is playing hooky today?  I kinda wish I was, it's so nice out and I have not much at all to do at work!  so glad you get to see DBF tonight, that's such a nice treat during the week!


            MC - woohoo for vacation coming up soon!  Always so fun to shop/plan for them.  That's fantastic that your PT is working out so well, it sounds like she gets you and your goals and is knowledgeable enough to help!  I am definitely glad it's Thursday...  next week should be at least a little busier!  Such is the nature of the accounting cycle I suppose!