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    Good morning!


    RR:  Yesterday I swam 1600 yards, then I met up with a friend and ran 3.2 miles.  Both the workouts felt pretty great.  Today I'm running after work, somewhere between 4-6 miles.


    NRR:  Not too much going on here.  Work, running, then hanging out with DF.  Just a typical weeknight around these parts.


    FR:  Also, nothing too exciting here.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    MIA:  Do you run on a lot of trails?  I love it, but I don’t love having to drive far just to run so I don’t do it very often.  DF hasn’t been running too much.  He’ll run once a week or so, leading up to the race, then he’ll probably run faster than me.  He’s more of a gym guy than a running guy.  Does TLC run?


    Snowden:  You are speedy!  That’s awesome that your boss left you some beer.  Having different types of restaurants around is definitely a big perk to living in a city.  I’m from a smaller town and it’s the same way you described.


    Foco:  Wow, you really are close to being done.  Once you give it to your advisor, are you done or are there rewrites?


    Have a great day!



      MC-on the downhill slide! ugh, i remember finishing my thesis, that last week was rough. glad you are still able to squeeze in some runs, good for the mind and body!

      snowed-i think you can not follow a plan as long as you build up to your long runs smartly but otherwise, i think the plans help people learn how to build mileage, want to hit a specific goal etc.

      mia-sounds like a good amount of races planned. that is nice to take TLC some food. things seem to be going really well with you two--so happy for you!! and that salad sounds delicious, did you just throw stuff together, or follow a recipe?

      seattle-I'm sure you'll keep up just fine with the boys while hiking. the diet sounds like its working out well for you guys.

      rtr-me too, same old same old!

      RR: 8 miles and lots of foam rolling this morning. nothing exciting. looks like rain/snow showers until next monday...awesome.

      NRR: eh, nothing exciting. packing tonight to head to my parents this weekend. i'm really excited. haven't seen them since xmas. otherwise, thursday night tv!

      FR: eh, feeling really puffy.


        Good morning!


        RR- Rest day today!  DBF and I signed up for the climbing gym last night so I think we are either going to start tomorrow or Sunday.  It looks really fun and there is even an intro to climbing class for women only that is free for members, so I think I will do that at some point too!


        NRR- Had fun last night w/DBF, we went out to dinner at our favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, then checked out the climbing gym, then stayed up way too late watching Argo.  I thought it was really good!  I feel like DBF and I have just been getting along better and better lately, so that's nice too.  We've always been pretty good but there were a few rough patches in the past that I'm glad we worked through, I think it just made us stronger together Smile  Hoping to get some more homework done tonight and then I will be in good shape to get ready for the final in a few weeks...  it will be nice to have a week or two off school.


        FR- Had the best chicken quesadilla ever last night...  I love that place.  DBF is not a big quesadilla fan but even he couldn't stop talking about it.  Tonight will be chicken cordon bleu (from skinnytaste!) w/roasted red potatoes and veggies.


          good morning!

          RTR:  I haven't run on many trails bUt I'm planning to do that more this year. TLC  used to run but stopped dive to knee issues. He actually ran a 3 hour marathon when he did run. Now he's a cyclist and is training for a 200 mile ride, he does lots of 100 mile rides also.

          SJP: things are going well with us but we are still taking it showily since we both came out of long relationships with bad endings. The last thing we want is for the other to get hurt.  I followed a recipe loosely which is what i do often.

          SEATTLE:  where is y our hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. There is a really good place in Bellevtoo where TLC took me.  How long have you and DBF been dating now?  Does he like his job?


          RR: yesterday one of my TPs decided we should do speed work, so we ran a pretty fast 6.5  miles. I thought I would puke at some points.

          NRR: dentist yesterday, always fun. I go back next wefor to get a filling fixed. A friend called me yesterday and asked me to help her out, her nanny is leaving and she hasn't found a replacement yet so I'm going to be a nanny for a little while.  TLC is taking tomorrow off of work so Joe is heading this way tonight.  I know he has a car repair to do this weekend and if the weather is good he'll go for a ride but not sure what else we'll do.

          FR: okay yesterday until I had too much ice cream. tonight TLC wants pizza.



            Mia - the mexican place is called Tiko Riko, it's up in Greenwood near Carkeek park.  It's definitely lacking on ambience, and it's tiny, I thought it was a pet store the first time we drove past it haha.  The food is absolutely delicious though!  DBF and I have been dating for about 2 and a half years next month Smile  He really likes his job and I like mine too, so I think it helps that we both sort of transitioned into "career" mode at the same time (literally within a week of each other!).  Yuck on the dentist...  I need to go but I just keep putting it off!  Enjoy pizza tonight, that sounds yummy!


            sjp - aren't rain showers so much fun... now imagine if it was like that for 25 days out of the month for 8 months in a row... yuck haha.  DBF and I are both starting to get tired of it!  I'm glad that at least it's staying light (albeit gloomy) out longer and earlier.  Enjoy going home this weekend, hooray!


            rtr - way to go on the double workouts yesterday!  Enjoy your relaxing weeknight!  I love having those occasionally.  I keep telling myself it will be so nice when I am done with school (even though that won't be for a few more years) because then I will be making at least double the $ and not have to study every evening... it will be worth it!  (I hope Smile)


              Hi all,


              RR: Going to try to squeeze in 3 at lunch today, but lots of people in the office from out of town today so it's kind of crazy. I'm just so glad I ran yesterday. It made all the difference for my outlook and concentration.


              NRR: Same thing.


              Mia: Yes, I will feel like I have so much time when the thesis is done, not to mention the psychic time that I spend brooding about why I haven't been working on it faster!


              RTR: I probably will have some revisions but I'm trying to make this version as good as I can so I don't have to do too much. My adviser warned me not to obsess over it.


              SJP: Well, I haven't squeezed in too many runs the last two weeks and I should have ... don't know why that hour a day seemed so precious, I probably would have gained back two a day in productivity. But I'm back on the train now!


              Seattle: Love hole-in-the-wall Mexican! We have so many great Mexican restaurants in town, and DH pretty much only likes to eat Mexican, so I've learned to look for some lower-cal options. Tortilla soup at once place is my go-to, with guac.




                RR- Yesterday I did not run. I sat on the couch for a while and it was wonderful. But I did walk the dog and go to fire drill which to compare last nights drill was basically the toughest circuit training I've ever done with full gear and and air pack on. So I did get some workout in. I'm feeling a longer run today- whatever that means.


                FR- Went to the store yesterday and stocked up on fruit. Had yummy stir fry with lots of veggies in a ginger curry sauce and chicken and brown rice.


                NRR- I'm in the process of brain storming my March goals. My February goals were a bust and I don't think I kept a single one of them the entire month.


                rtr- Nice job on the workouts!


                sjp- You must be within driving distance of your parents? That's nice. Far enough away to really do your own thing yet still close enough to see them when you want to. That's kind of what I figured about training plans. I look at plans and just don't really like them. But I do take them into consideration for mileage building and speed work ideas. 


                Seattle- That intro to climbing class will be a godsend! Men and women climb sooooo differently! Especially if you are going to be climbing mainly with DBF. It's nice that things are going so well with you and DBF. I find it really interesting how relationships evolve over time. What used to bother me and now doesn't. What bothers be now.. Smile


                Mia- 6.5 miles is quite a ways to do speed work! Good job!


                MC- Power through that thesis! It'll be so nice when it's all finished. Hope you get that run in!