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    RR – Had a fantastic 4 mi run after work yesterday (got stuck in traffic, again, and didn’t have time to run over lunch) as the sun was going down over the water… perfect running weather!  Trying to convince DBF to do a sunset run along the water with my after work today, we shall see… he is a very reluctant and occasional runner but if I pretty please enough he’ll sometimes do it, haha.  If not, I’ll probably run 4 tempo over lunch and then gym w/him after work.


    NRR – Had a relaxing night last night hanging out with mom and brother and watching the ugliest win I can remember seeing…  it was seriously hard to watch but I am glad we somehow got out of it with a W (although I still don’t really know how… hah).  I didn’t get any hw done really but it was a nice break.  Need to do some reading tonight and get more done tomorrow but it didn’t set me back too much.


    FR – Had chicken pesto pasta last night, so good.  DBF is making burritos tonight so I am looking forward to that as well!


      Hi Everyone! Got super busy at work!

      Seattle-mmm, you and dbf cook yummy meals. i agree with you, it stinks to have such up/downs with workflow. i saw the highlights of the hawks this morning, whew, they were scrambling in the 2nd half!

      MC-is your back feeling okay these days? i'm sure a margarita dulled the pain after that race Smile

      RR: 10 this morning on the treadmill. did ab ripper x last night. its hard, but quick so what is 12 minutes of your life really?

      NRR: bosox! therefore i am tired today. busy at work though so haven't noticed too much, thank goodness.

      FR: coffee please.


        Hi all,


        RR: Going to do about 3 on the office treadmill tonight in between 5 and 6 p.m., when I need to be on a conference call with people in Singapore. Will be a good  way to kill the time.


        Seattle: Isn't fall running just the best? (Sorry your traffic situation is still bad.) The weather is all over the place here -- really hot Sunday, now it's drizzling, but still not too cold. Regarding the Hawks: Even an ugly win is better than no win!


        SJP: Yes, so far so good on the back. Don't really know what the magic is, but I think it's that I'm not doing a whole lot of any one thing. I run a little. Do a little yoga. The problem is, I don't feel like I'm in great shape at the moment. But my back doesn't hurt! I love your descriptions of PX90, because it seems it get right down to business with very little wasted time.