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    Good morning!


    RR:  I made it out for a 6.4 mile run last night in the cold and rainy afternoon.  Today is a pool day, probably 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Not too much going on around here today.  Work, workout, then a friend and I are having our weekly Downton Abbey date.


    FR:  The usual.  I think I'm making black beans with mixed veggies.


    MIA:  That cruise sounds awesome!  You're going to have a great time!

      Starting Tuesday out tired...need coffee...

      rtr: running in cold and rainy just isn't fun -good job on getting out in it.


      sjp: ugg that it is still snowing up there! but they are predicting snow for us this weekend also so I guess no one is safe.  Yea the price on crossfit is crazy - I was looking at 2x a week which was $100 at our gym, alot, but I figure it would be like having a personal trainer...figure I have atleast a month to think about it.


      seattle: I should have run 18 last weekend, but I shifted my long runs so I was running 20 with the local group.  worked well because I would have died doing 18.  I agree that training for a marathon is fun, but the time it takes to put in the training is alot with school and work and life.


      mia: sad about the memorial - so tough to go to those when the person is younger...  you cruise sounds fun, how many days is it?  With Jenny?


      snowBlush'm considering getting a pair of the brooks pure project when my shoes wear out.  I have a pair of the connect which are really minimal and I like them but I need more padding!


      mc: did you eat anywhere good in Austin? They have the best restaurants down there!


      rr: tonight is 5 milers.  hoping my muscles recover a bit more during the day because right now they are super tight.  I went to a yoga class to stretch last saturday- was suppose to be restorative but the sub teacher didn't know what that was so she did a regular class, definitely did not help in the stretching department!


      nrr: baby sitting was awesome last night, he is such a cutie.  slept on my shoulder most of the evening while I watched Biggest Loser and the Food Network.


      fr: watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives well attempting to eat healthy is a terrible idea.  Good thing the restaurants weren't close to me!



        MC-you have been busy! congrats to dd's bf on the acceptance. they sound like they are pretty serious in their relationship?

        seattle-sorry to hear dbf is sick, hope you don't get it! way to go on your long runs this weekend.

        mia-DBF and my sisters DF do get along. They are both easy going so it works out. My sister is my best friend so they better get used to hanging out! Smile they have a chocolate lab puppy--read, crazy! she is a good dog, just busy. Already 7 mos old. Cruise is coming up soon!

        snowed-new shoes are the best! i hate when i overdo it on the snacks, it happens. today is a new day!

        rtr-oooh i made black beans last night, i added fajita seasoning to them and put them in the food processor with a little olive oil, whipped black beans were sorta like potatoes. it was delicious!

        ou-awwwww i love to cuddle a baby. they are so snuggly and warm. awesome that you are nearby to do it! yeah, i guess crossfit is like having a trainer...i'm cheap though!

        RR: 10 miles on the treadmill this morning. it was sort of boring, i am just usually not still on the treadmill. i want daylight and no more snow.

        NRR: big snow storm today. its already snowing. supposed to get 12-18". boo. they are also doing construction in our office for some remodeling for people that share our space. holy cow it is so loud in here right now. feels like it'll be a long day.

        FR: made whipped black beans last night in the food processor, had them at a mexican place here once and wanted to recreate it. they were good.


          Good morning!


          RR - Good climbing session with DBF last night! I need to warm up more before I start at it, I tweaked one of the muscles in my booty and was walking a bit funny all night. Up early to get my 5 miler in before work this morning.

          NRR - I decided to just take the final last night and get it over with (it was available from 6 PM yesterday until 11 PM today). I got a decent score on it, but it was harder than I expected and took a while, and I was exhausted by the time I finished. So glad to have it over with though so I can focus all my energy on staying ahead/not too far behind at work - I think everyone is getting antsy about month end and the accounting software change, eek. UW made it into the NIT tournament for basketball, so I think I'll watch that game when I get home and just kick back with a beer or something. So looking forward to 2 weeks of no school!

          FR - Thinking grilled cheese and tomato soup to go with my beer tonight, I haven't had grilled cheese in too long!


            Morning friends.

            RTR:  great job on your run?  Spring break is soon !

            OU: yes the cruise is with Jenny and John. I highly recommend those trips. Your nephew is adorable. I love watching food network and home and garden.

            SJP: you are going to appreciate the spring so much after your winter. Do you have any races coming up?

            Seattle: congrats on finishing another quarter. We joy your break.


            RR:  my toosh is a little sore from yesterday. May just do a short run with DD today.

            NRR:  meeting a friend for lunch today, also need to see what DD. wants to do. She keeps saying how boring it is at home now that she no longer has a boyfriend around.

            FR :  Made spaghetti for DD last night.  DBF asked if he could take DD and I to dinner either tonight or Thursday, so that might happen tonight.



              Hi all,


              RR: Going to do my run after work tonight ... risky because I am prone to getting derailed with evening runs, but I will not be derailed tonight!


              FR: I have not weighed myself for a long time and haven't paid much attention to my eating but I feel like I need to eat more vegetables. I had a big bowl of green beans last night with some curry powder for extra kick. Pretty good!


              RTR: I love to hear about runs in the cold and rainy .. makes me feel like not whining when I have to run in the wind.


              OU: Yes, lots of good eats in Austin. And a margarita or two. :-) One of my favorite places was Eddie V's ... really good seafood appetizers.


              SJP: Yes, DD and her DBF are very serious. I expect that they're waiting until he gets through his one-year applied stats master's program and gets a job and then they'll have a big announcement. I never expected her to get serious with someone so soon, but he's a really good guy so we're pretty good with it. Whipped black beans sounds wonderful! Like refrieds without all the fat.


              Seattle: Good for you to get that final out of the way! I am going to be an avid college basketball fan this March Madness because 1) my hometown team, CSU, made it into the tournament (which NEVER happens), 2) my undergrad school, Kansas, of course is in, and 3) UNC, where my DH and DD both graduated, is in. Should be fun!


              Mia: DD is going straight to grad school -- and coming back here to Colorado! Very exciting. We were apartment hunting with her and her DBF last week while they were here for spring break. It's a tight market, so I'm going to look at some more places for them this afternoon.


                Snowy Morning! We got 5ish inches last night. Isn't spring tomorrow?!


                RR- Yesterday as a SRD for me. Today I don't know. I'm debating with myself. It would be a great day to ST at the gym, or a great day to run in the snow. We'll see what happens.


                FR- Kinda got off track the last two days. I keep messing with my calories on MFP not really sure how much to eat. Then comes Sat and Mon which are my really busy days where I can't workout and feel that 1300-1400 calories is not enough to keep me going, there is no way I can stay within my calories. Sat and Mon are discouraging. I feel like I undo the rest of the good week.


                NRR- Nothing special going on here.


                I forget who asked yesterday about the Brooks Pure Drift being more minimal and how that felt. .. I've been doing all, 100% of my runs in vibrams 5 fingers so I actually bought these to add some more padding. But, they are minimal and if you switched from standard/normal running shoes these would feel much lighter, but also harder sloes and probably less support. But you won't feel every little rock or anything like that like I do with the 5 fingers.


                rtr- you stick well to your pool days, How do you like swimming? I've been thinking about using swimming as my cross training day to get some work on my scrawny arms. I would probably even cheat and count it as ST


                ou- I really liked the pure drift. When I was younger I wore "normal" running shoes and then the past few years I've been wearing only 5 finger shoes so when I put these on for the first time I said "oh wow! running shoes have come a long ways." I'm impressed with them. Also a HUGE relief considering I bought them online and they fit too.


                sjp- Lame on the snow! We got it here too. It's really pretty, but I'm done with snow and want dry ground and sun!


                Seattle- I LOVE tomato soup and grilled cheese. Here's a link to the soup I make if you don't have one. Its cheap, simple and freaking yummy! http://morefruitplease.net/2012/04/23/tomato-basil-and-cheddar-soup/ Much better and store bought stuff. It's good blended or not.


                Mia- Nice job on your run yesterday! You deserve a nice easy run today.


                MC- I'm on the same boat as you with needing more veggies. I like them, but I generally only eat them when cooked in a meal. Yesterday I had 4 pieces of fruit, but I haven't had veggies in a few days.

                  snow: wow didn't realize you've been a 5 fingers runner!!! I always admire the people out running marathons in those things!!!  I love Brooks shoes and I think they did awesome with their minimal line.


                  seattle: Good job on getting the test over with!  Enjoy a few weeks of piece.  I was watching DDD last night and they had a place in St Louis that had grilled cheese and tomato soup - I might have to eat that tonight as well!.


                  Mia: the running cruises do sound like a lot of fun.  Just need to find some friends that like running that would do one with me!  Did DD break up with DBF or is he away at college as well? I remember being super bored going home at break because there weren't all the people and friends that I would do stuff with constantly.


                  sjp: I am totally cheap also, which is why I do all my workouts by DVD, trying to decide if I should take the plunge.  We remodeled two years ago - it is so hard to concentrate!!!  Hope roads aren't bad with the snow, or that at least you get some snow time if they are!


                  MC: haven't heard of Eddie Vs, I like Hula Hut and Trulucks for crab (assuming someone else is buying!)


                    rtr - I wish I liked black beans more, they are so healthy and you can use them in so many ways...  I think it's maybe just the texture that I don't like.  I'll have to give them another try soon!  Have fun w/Downton Abbey!


                    ou - good call on doing the 20 with a group!  I have been doing all of mine alone and for the most part I enjoy it, I love to just space out when I run - but sometimes I do think it would be fun to have someone to talk to on the longer runs or at least part of them!  I love DDD, it always makes me super hungry (usually for unhealthy food... haha).  I hope your legs can relax and recover a bit - maybe just doing some easy miles tonight will help perk them up a bit.


                    sjp - yuck on both the snowstorm and the office remodeling... I am so ready for spring as well.  I would hate to be stuck on the treadmill - luckily it is just barely light out early enough that I can still go before work if I need to.  I feel like this winter has just been dragging on and on and on for some reason!


                    Mia - yay for DBF!  Smile  hope you can find something fun to do with DD while she is here!


                    MC - I know what you mean about the evening runs - I love having that break between work and the rest of the evening but it's so easy to get sidetracked and wind up not doing them.  You can do it though!  I need to eat more veggies too...  I've been kinda busy/stressed lately so slacking on that department.  Awesome that you have so many teams to root for in the tourney!


                    snowden - I feel like now that I am marathon training and rock climbing (both of which burn lots of calories) I have been using MFP just as sort of a guideline and not really worrying about it if I go over.  I think I will focus more on weight loss after the marathon but for right now I need to make sure I am getting enough fuel, and that means eating when I'm hungry even if MFP says I am eating "too much"!  That tomato soup recipe looks amazing, I will have to try that!




                      Also, I just realized that today's 5 miler puts me at 100 miles for the month already!  Smile


                        I just got back from an awesome trail run through a lot of snow. It was a huge mood booster!


                        Seattle- You just explained what I think I needed to hear. I know my goal was to stay within my calories on the days I work out. But I hate seeing that red -300 or so calories. It's frustrating. But you explained it with reason. So thanks! Yes I would like to lose fat weight, but also gain muscle weight. My mom said its called changing body composition and not losing weight. It's tough figuring all this stuff out.


                          And... congrats on the 100 miles this month so far!