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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on heading to they gym after work for a 1600 yard swim.  I didn't end up swimming on Friday, so it will be good to go today.  This weekend I ran 3.1 miles on Saturday and 5.5 on Sunday.


    NRR:  I had a nice, relaxing weekend, now its back to the grind.  Not too much going on today other than work.  After work I'll go for a swim, then tonight DF and I are going out for Ethiopian food.


    FR:  Ethiopian tonight, otherwise nothing too exciting today.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts later.

      Happy Monday all!

      rr: did 13 yesterday, legs are certainly feeling it today.  really took alot out of me...


      nrr: well it was a crazy weekend - ended up with either the stomach bug or food poisoning or something.  started wednesday afternoon, so stayed home on Thursday to sleep, and didn't eat much from Wednesday lunch to Saturday supper, so didn't have much fuel for the long run this weekend.  On the mend and trying to eat normal again.  Have a 10K this weekend, it's the end of a series race and I'm in top 3 for my AG, so I want to have a good race...


      fr: let's see egg white omlets, tortilla chips and mac& cheese, about all I've eaten since Wednesday.  Slowly working more food into my diet...


      wr: I saw 145 during the whole thing.  come on, who can't weigh themselves when they are sick - it's always a good number!




        RR - Only got one run in over vacation (5 mi), but it was a cutback week and I got some good running in before we left so I am ok with that. Today is 4 mi lunch break run.

        NRR - Vacation was so nice! We had an amazing villa at the Westin in Palm Desert, and it was sunny and 70s for almost the entire time. Lots of nice relax time at the pool, wandering around the resort, etc. We went out for Mexican food and burgers, and cooked stuffed salmon and grilled lamb chops the other days (the villa had a grill as well as a stovetop), and drank a lot of beer and rum haha. It was a great trip and it is going to be tough to get back into the routine up here! Work is promising to be pretty busy this month (and pretty much from now on) so that should keep me occupied. Tonight DBF's friend who is back from traveling (DBF doesn't know yet that he is back or was even planning on coming back) and I are going to surprise DBF at happy hour.

        FR - Back to clean eating today... lots of salad, veggies, lean protein, and water!


        Be back in a bit for shouts!


          Hi guys! Found you thanks to runtravel. I'm back, sort of. Haven't done crap since Nov 20th.


          RR-30 min run/walk. Covered 1.80 miles. Bah, good thing i know this won't suck this bad for long.


          FR- Back on mfp. Been eating anything and everything. Gained back all i lost last year in like 3 months..Sad


          WR- See above.


          So glad I'm back at it, though! Back later to catch up


            Hi all,


            RR: Got an 8-miler in before our little tiny snow incident on Saturday, so ended up with 20 for the week--more than I expected considering the crazy week it was. Still in a yoga deficit.


            NRR: Making big progress on the thesis despite DH wanting me to help him rearrange the house yesterday (not really the whole house, but once you start on one room it seems to involve the whole house). DH and I are going to Montana over Prez Day weekend to ski, which is an annual trek for me.


            FR: Realized over the weekend that I've drifted into eating some bad stuff so need to recommit to lean protein and veggies.


            Seattle: Glad you had a great time, sounds wonderful! I am with you on needing to get back to good eating! I stocked up with fruit and veggies this morning, so I'm ready to go.


            RTR: Good mileage this weekend. Ethiopian sounds terrific!


            OU: Wow, you are tough to get in 13 on a weekend that you were so sick. It is fun to see those low numbers sometimes no matter how you got them. :-)


            Rerun: Welcome -- back!


              Good morning!

              RR: I have been getting in 5 to 6 miles daily since leaving the job.   They really help my mood immensely.  The DR had said to me that after the marathon (really a half) I ran she could tell my hormones were out of whack and I needed to stop running so much.  I think part of the reason was because I wasn't running as much as I had  been due to the job.

              NRR: Had a nice weekend, pretty laid back.  Other than running, TLC came here on Friday night and i made him dinner.  On Saturday he headed out for a long ride(60 miles) and I went for a run, then met my younger DD at the mall for some shopping.  Her roommate and roommate's mom were there also, ummmmm the mom was a little different. It was interesting.  Then I headed to TLC's because we were meeting a couple of his friends for dinner and to listen to a gypsy jazz group TLC likes.  We had a nice night.  Sunday morning I went to the Seattle Bike Swap Meet with him and another of his friends.  It was really good people watching.  Then he kicked me out so he could get some work done.  I came home and went for another run, and did some things around the house.

              Today meeting friend for a run, another for a walk later and going to start (possibly finish) my taxes.

              FR: I am trying to use up stuff in my house before going shopping .  I had a big free turkey from T'giving that's been in my freezer so today that is going to get cooked since it's finally defrosted.


              RTR:  enjoy your swim tonight.


              OU: sorry about being sick, did you have to miss class?  Good job getting in the long run still.


              Seattle: Your vacay sounds awesome!!  Can't wait to hear about how surprised DBF was.


              Rerun: welcome back!!


              MC: Are you getting your masters?  What is your degree?  Isn't it funny how the redecorating thing works.





                RR- Friday I got a great 10 miler in when my plan was 5. It felt great so I kept going. Saturday I had zero time. Last night I got 5ish in after work in the rain. I kept it slow and easy. Today I have zero time again unless I run at night.


                FR- Ate ... a lot. Getting back on track now that the ice cream is gone. Smile I need to get more organized with food for these days where I'm not home for 12 hours. I end up just snacking all day and not having any really meals.


                NRR- Just another busy Monday. DBF got the flu pretty bad for 24 hours. I haven't got it yet. Here's hoping I'm in the clear.


                Have a great Monday everyone!