Weight Loss Dailies


Hooray for Fridailies! (Read 9 times)


    RR - Rest day yesterday was nice and productive and I am raring to go again! Up early for 7 mi run before work this morning. First 20 miler of the training cycle tomorrow morning and looks like it will be absolutely perfect (sunny and upper 50s/low 60s) weather for it!

    NRR - I have been really productive at work this week so I am all nice and caught up and even a bit ahead, which is lovely. The new accountant seems nice, and she is around my age so maybe I will even wind up making a friend out of the deal! Got lots of stuff done around the house last night too, including finally filing my taxes (was waiting on a W2 from a past job still). I am getting a decent return so I am happy about that! Didn't get my oil changed yesterday so I am going to do that after work tonight. I am so exciting the night before long runs... haha. Not sure on weekend plans, think we may go hang out w/DBF's parents after I finish my run tomorrow.

    FR - Skinnytaste chicken nuggets last night, amazing as always. Spaghetti and french bread tonight!


    Now that work business is mostly over with I should have more time to keep up with shouts!



      MC-my sister isn't really a runner, she has knee problems from growing too fast. she wants to run a 5k though and have a goal to workout more.

      snowed-haha i had beer and popcorn last night too. oops. stomach is a little off this morning so paying for it.

      mia-haha that is funny you mention dbf's parents. they are actually in town tomorrow night for a concert, but we are going to our sisters again i guess. our plans are up in the air still. i imagine 21 y/o's will eat a lot!


      seattle-yes, long runs are the best!!! a good refund is always good news.

      RR: 8 miles this morning on the treadmill felt good. cutback week is feeling good for my foot.

      NRR: my sisters fiance is feeling better so easter is back on. watching lots of basketball the next 3 days also!

      FR: beer and popcorn for dinner, not ideal. bad sjp.


        Happy Friday!

        Seattle: Wow you got lots done this week!  Awesome that you have good weather for your 20 miler, that'll make it more pleasant.  Did you get the big thunderstorm yesterday afternoon?  My house shook it was so close!

        SJP: Glad your Easter is still on.  Any word on the apartment yet?  I bet DBF's mom is in a tizzy since you won't be seeing them when they are in your neck of the woods.

        MC: Sounds like you are really enjoying time with your DS.  Are a lot of his friends still around?  Has he adjusted well to college life?

        Snowden: Isn't the sunny weather glorious!  Everyone just has a better attitude about life.


        RR: Hoping to run with my TP today.  It's his birthday so I made some choc chip cookies and have a box to give to him.  Yesterday we ran/walked 6.5 miles.  Both of us were tired which is why we walked some.  We also talked quite a bit and solved some of the worlds problems.  We're good at that. : )

        NRR: DD texted me yesterday that I needed to get LOTS of food, the boys eat ALOT - I'm sure the girls do as well.  So I went shopping.  She also said they wanted an Easter Egg Hunt and baskets.  So I went shopping.  LOL  DBF came down here for dinner last night and I made him fish tacos with some of the fish  he had caught a couple of weeks ago.  They turned out quite yummy.  Then we just snuggled and talked and talked and talked.  : : :happy sigh: : :  He may come down here again tonight or not depending on DD's crew schedule.  He was going to help me transport them but he also wants to get in a bike ride so we have to see if it all works out.  I am planning to do more digging today.  It's supposed to be nice all next week so I'd like to get the patio done.  Then I'm going to start on painting - I have some really great colors picked out.

        FR: Made chocolate chip cookies yesterday and only had a couple.  I told DD I made them so she will be expecting lots - that gives me some will power.  DBF had a few when he was here and said they turned out well.  Yummy fish tacos last night. Today I'll make the chili for the chilluns. : )





          RR- Yesterday I ran a bit over 13 miles. I went on a trail to a waterfall. I've only hiked it once about 2 years ago. It was mostly flat with some slight rolling hills and then a climb near the end. It was tough for me. I was about 1/3 done when I started feeling tired and realized I ran a lot this week. Lots more frozen snow that I was anticipating. At some point I felt like I was running like a drunk slipping all over the place from the snow. But it was tons of fun and really beautiful! Today is probably a rest day. If I got up and got in gear I could have gone.


          NRR- DBF and I officially own a boat! So today before we both go to work were going to buy the ball for my truck and move it to our place and then go to the fishing store in town and get some necessities. Very exciting!


          FR- Did pretty good yesterday. I'm still focusing on less carbs, and now more protein. Soon I'll try for less sugar, though a lot of my sugar intake is natural from fruits.


          Seattle- Hope your run tomorrow goes good. Awesome that the weather should be so great! Your marathon must be soon?


          sjp- Sometimes beer and popcorn is just so hard to pass up. I still need to learn to eat in moderation. Hope your foot continues to get better with cutback week.


          Mia- When the sun comes out people really act like they are on drugs. Myself included I'm sure! A good run solves lots of problems. A good  friend solves lot of problems. Put the two together and the world is a better place!


            Had a nice 7 miler before work this morning, and the sun is out now... hooray!  I have been running a little slower this week but I guess that's to be expected in the peak week of marathon training...


            sjp - glad your foot is feeling better after the cutback week... those really do help!  I think I will be watching some basketball as well... hopefully some underdogs will win!  My mom has a habit of wine and popcorn or cereal for dinner like on a regular basis... I am trying to break her of it!  Once in a while is fine but 5x a week, not so much!


            Mia - yeah, I am so excited to get some nicer running weather!!  We didn't get a thunderstorm last night... bummer, I love those and they don't happen often enough here!  Glad you have such a good TP and some lovely time with DBF!  Smile


            snowden - my marathon is on May 5, so yep, not too far away!  I feel like the training has gone by so fast.  Way to go on your trail run!  I am looking forward to doing some more techincal trails this summer when they aren't buried in snow.  Enjoy your rest day, it's important to keep those in when you're building up a lot of miles!