Weight Loss Dailies


What, it's Wednesdailies? (Read 180 times)

    Good morning everyone!  


    rr: got out of bed for 3 miles this morning.  one of my speed work tracks came on my ipod so did some impromtu speedwork as well.  Legs just don't move fast when it's early and cold though.  weather is wacky here, if I run in the morning its tights and long sleeves or sweater - evening is shorts and a tee, so hard to get adjusted!  also got in an arm work out last night as well.


    nrr: presentation went well last night - it was sensory overload, 11 presentations, 10 minutes each - we were trying to cram a ton of info into short time blocks.  then afterwards we had a checkpoint for our thesis work.  Glad all that's over. Just have to take a final and write a paper - almost there!  really tired this morning, hit me about 10 minutes ago, just trying to stay awake and wishing our office didn't use folgers...


    fr: got my apple!  trying to stick to my extra fruits and veggies!



    loves: hi! miss you!!!


    sjp: it's nice to have a day or two to get xmas shopping and wrapping done without having to make up excuses of where you are going or doing!  I'm not a fan of dark running either - although I prefer it in the morning when I know there won't be much traffic to night when it's super busy on the roads.


    snow: how did you end up living where you do?  job or family?  seems like a really interesting place to live - i took a cruise there this summer...




      RR - 5 mi lunch break run this afternoon (hopefully will catch a break in the rain... it has been crazy stormy lately), then lifting legs/abs at the gym with DBF.

      NRR - Hoping to get my last bit of homework done on breaks at work today, then all I will have left is to study for my final. I have a 95 going into the final and I feel like if I study a bit more for the test I will wind up with a really good grade. Nice confidence boost for my first foray back into college! I am looking forward to snuggling up with DBF after the gym - maybe cook some dinner and probably just watch a movie in bed. We've both been pretty busy lately and lots going on so it will be nice to just relax together.

      FR - I have been really craving broccoli beef lately for some reason, so I think we are going to make that and baked potatoes for dinner... can't wait!


      Back for shouts a little later!


        Good Morning and Happy Wednesday.

        RR: totally was a log yesterday because my neck/shoulder/back were in so much pain.  

        NRR: my supervisor came and observed my meeting yesterday since we are doing the new format for meetings.  I did okay, a few tweaks here and there but nothing major.  I was able to get in for a massage yesterday which helped my neck/back quite a bit.  It's still a little sore today but at least I have movement in my right side.

        I like Wednesdays even though they are my longest day.  At the end of the day I get to go see the man.

        FR: Another hormonal munch night, I ALMOST went out and got some chocolate or ice cream but was too lazy when push came to shove.


        Loves: Hey baby, sending hugs your way!!!  Been thinking about you!


        Ou: Good job getting out and running today.  Can you see a light at the end of the tunnel for this semester?


        Seattle: I like a night of relaxing and snuggling in bed.  Do you go to his place or does he come to yours?  Is he liking his job?  Hey I may be doing some runs along the water there, I may have another change coming in my life soon.  I'll find out on Wednesday next week hopefully.



          Good morning!


          RR:  Ugh, another rest day.  I was going to swim in between work and conferences, but I woke up sounding and feeling like crap so rest is for the best.


          NRR:  Busy day at work today.  We have a half day with the students, then afternoon conferences until 3:00 and evening conferences from 5:30-7:30.  The evening conferences will probably be really packed, but I think the afternoon ones won't be so bad so hopefully I can get some work done.  Since I'm not swimming after work, I might try to find a coffee shop to get out of the school for a bit before the evening session and grade some papers.


          FR:  I have decided on Chipotle tonight finally.  A veggie burrito bowl with extra fajitas and guac, please.



          OU:  Nice job on the morning run!  Ugh, 11 10 minute presentations sound miserable.  Do you have to retain the info from the other presentations for any reason or was it just a sit and watch and wait for your turn sort of thing?


          Seattle:  Nice job on the 95!  That's awesome.  What movie will you and DBF watch?


          MIA:  Do you find observations by a supervisor to be nerve racking?  I always do when I get observed by my principal.  Are you in the running for a new job perhaps?


          Have a great day!


            Good morning!


            RR: Hopefully a few miles later. Had a good run last night - finally.


            NRR: Had some excitement last night. After my run I picked up the boys and since DH wasn't home decided to shower with little b (I was pretty sweaty and needed a shower). Little b fell in the shower and busted his eye open. It wouldn't stop bleeding and I was worried he needed stitches. So after I rinsed us both off faster than I ever have and tried forever to get in touch with DH (he was laying tile and couldn't answer his phone) I finally got ahold of my mom and step-dad who came out and bandaged it for me. My step-dad is a doctor and was able to just patch him up with some steri-strips. Little b is my dare-devil, so I know this is the first of many scares with him - hoping the next one doesn't bleed so much.


            FR: Fast food last night - bad mommy.



            B: ww homemade bread w/ lf cream cheese, grapefruit, coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

            S: mini luna, coffee

            L: either leftover soup or a turkey sandwich and apple

            D: the meatball sandwiches and salad we were supposed to have last night.



            OU - glad the presentation went well. Good for you getting up early today! At least one of us did!


            seattle - I think 95 IS a really good grade. Great job lady!!


            mia - sorry your back is hurting. I hope it feels better soon. I think it was you who asked about DH's back - he is a lot better. We ended up doing some injections and they really helped. He's still doing PT and we are hoping to avoid surgery for many years.


              Hi all,


              RR: Yesterday's 6 miles went great -- new shoes felt fine, which was a huge relief. Got the weight workout in this morning and had an interesting conversation with my trainer about weights vs. running, food, etc. Summary: It's complicated!


              FR: Going to try some baked cod tonight with veggies. 


              NRR: Big bunch of work to get through today. Other than that, will have a quiet night with DH out all week. 


              OU: Good for you to get out and run this morning. I'm going to try that tomorrow because I won't have time during the day. I agree the weather has been crazy here, too. Freezing in the morning and almost hot by midday.


              Seattle: Good luck knocking out the homework. Hope you do get a break in the rain! Broccoli beef sounds yum.


              Mia: Aren't massages wonderful? Glad the meeting observation went well. 


              SJP: Great idea to make my own bars! I hadn't even thought to look up recipes for that.


              Snow: Hope the cleaning/grocery buying goes quickly. I rarely get motivated to do things like that unless we have company coming. How long will your mom be there?


              Java: I think you're right about the Kind bar ... they aren't too bad in the whole scheme of things!


                RTR: Sorry about your cold.  No, it doesn't bother me when I get observed.  I do what I do and if it's not good enough OH WELL!  My members love me. : )  Job - perhaps.  Wink


                Java: Ouch on your son's fall!  I remember my son splitting his head open and going to the emergency room to get it stitched.  They acted like we abused him, it was an awful experience.  Nice that your step dad is a DR.  


                MC: LOL about your conversation with your trainer and it being complicated.  Yes, I love massages and gave them up for awhile due to $ but have now decided they are worth the $.  I will give up something else.




                  Loves-its great to hear from you!!! I hope all is going well for you. Almost done school?

                  ou-So close to being done for the semester. whew, thats a lot of presentations. Any good coffee places nearby your office?

                  seattle-that is an awesome way to start classes, great grades! enjoy your night with DBF, does he like his job?

                  mia-yay, seeing the man! nice reward for a long day! hope your neck gets better, that sounds really painful.

                  rtr-feel better. hope you get some work done between conferences. i typically don't like lulls in the day bc i find myself watching the clock and not being productive.

                  java-yikes, that is scary about little b but glad he is okay. nice to have a dr. in the family!

                  mc-woohoo for comfy new shoes. I've made 'larabars' they are super easy and taste exactly the same. does DH travel a lot for work?

                  RR: 10 miles on the t-mill this morning, it was pouring and i didn't feel like having soaked running shoes for 3 days after.  they don't dry out well in my car while i'm at work!

                  NRR: Got some xmas shopping done last night which was good. Going home friday, and I'm super excited, probably why this week is going so slowly.

                  FR: bought some mint m&m's at target last night, danger zone.


                    ou - the weather has been whacky here too...  it was absolutely pouring and super windy last ngiht, and now it is sunny (for the moment)... makes it hard to plan for running!  Glad your presentation went well last night, that sounds like a tiring class!


                    Mia - yay for getting a massage last night...  maybe the man will give you another one tonight!!  I like Wednesdays too, they are usually my mid-week DBF snuggle day.  We usually stay at his place since it's closer to work, and he has tons of movies/TV shows/etc.  He does like his job, it's challenging but it's a company that he really likes so it sounds like a good fit!  Exciting to hear that you may be up this way soon...  if you do, we will have to get coffee sometime!  I will keep my fingers crossed for you Smile


                    rtr - yuck on the feeling like crap...  I am just finally starting to feel a little better.  Coffee break sounds like a nice relaxing plan.  Burrito bowl sounds delicious also... I haven't had mexican food in too long!  DBF and I have started watching the Wire, so we may watch a few episodes of that, or if we aren't feeling super lazy we might go out and see the new James Bond movie!


                    Java - glad you were able to get a good run in yesterday!  yikes on little b - I'm glad he is doing ok, but it's definitely scary when there's a lot of blood.  Fast food seems totally acceptable in that situation Wink


                    MC - yay for the new running shoes working out well for you!  I agree, it's definitely tricky sometimes to balance running/weight lifting/cross training.  What I am doing right now is M - easy run + upper body lifting, T - mid-distance run, W - easy run + legs lifting (usually have to keep it on the lighter side), Th - rest or cross train, F - easy run + swim, S - long run, S - upper body lifting or cross train.  It's a lot of juggling and sometimes you have to accept that you will be tired for lifting or sore for running sometimes.


                    sjp - I think you asked yesterday, my class usually goes until 9:30.  I like to go to bed early so it's all I can do to stay up for an hour or so of homework and reading after that haha.  I am looking forward to next quarter when it is over at 7:30!  DBF does like his job, it sounds like a good company to work for and it's great experience for his resume!  Yay for Christmas shopping... I love to buy presents for other people.  My bank account doesn't love it quite as much haha.  I know what you mean about soaking wet running shoes... definitely a pain!


                      Fly by today - yikes!


                      rr.  I did a touch over 5 on the TM last night after M went to bed.  Did some intervals so I was done in 45 minutes.  Yeah!


                      nrr.  Same old, same old.  Work, work, work.


                      fr.  Made pasta with meat sauce last night and M would not even look at it.  I think her teeth are really bothering her now.  She didn't eat much at daycare either.  Tonight might be enchiladas?


                      loves.  Will be emailing you soon.  Was just thinking about you the other day...